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Hey folks,

I’ve been mulling over this for a few weeks and I think it’s time for me to consolidate the number of ships I’m on. In recent months, I haven’t been able to devote as much love and energy to all my characters and ships as I wish I could. It’s unfair to keep going on LOAs to recharge when the fact is that there’s just too much going on to keep up with this many characters (at least in a way I like and feel is respectful to you all).

I appreciate all of you, and I’ve loved reading your posts (even when I didn’t have the energy to write myself). So, stay awesome, and I’ll see you around. :)

— Trin

We understand and wish you the best of luck, Trin. There is always a place for you on Manny, and I wish you luck.


Ttin, we are very sorry to lose you but we TOTALLY get it. And you know you are always welcome back to the Manhattan.


Hi Trinity, I totally resemble that comment and reflects me more than once here on the site. It is always good to evaluate but hard making those choices. Good on you for doing it, but as James said, you are most welcome to return.

I’ve done it myself more than once. You’re a fantastic writer Trin and I’ve loved writing with you every time we’ve had a thread. Take care of yourself first.


I am so sorry to see you go. You are an amazing writer. -Kate

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