Deck 4 - Checking In with Diplomatic Attache

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Posted by Ensign Reil Adami (Diplomatic Trainee) in Deck 4 - Checking In with Diplomatic Attache

Posted by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) in Deck 4 - Checking In with Diplomatic Attache

Posted by Ensign Reil Adami (Diplomatic Trainee) in Deck 4 - Checking In with Diplomatic Attache
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Having finished with her boarding physical, Adami figured it was a good time for her to check in with her Department Head. She looked at her PaDD to see the information she was provided. “Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie…Deck 4, near the VIP quarters. Seems simple enough,” she said to herself, heading towards the turbolift and calling out her destination. Upon exiting the turbolift, Adami studied the map closely to make sure she didn’t get lost. But all of the sudden, she bumped into someone. Multiple someones. She looked up to see a large mass of people outside of the very office she was trying to reach. Those at the front had their ears pressed against the door. Adami was not expecting the Diplomatic Attache to be this popular. Nevertheless, she had a job to do. After sneaking her way through the crowd, she finally reached the doorchime. ‘What is going on with these people?’ she thought as she rang the doorchime.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“Hey what are you doing?!” One of the off-duty crew muttered as Adami made her way past.
An Ops officer, older than most the rest, “You can wait back here with the rest of us. No need to get impatient.”
“You know Mrs McKenzie won’t open the door before 0830.” That was a science officer.
“Hey out of her way. She’s the new diplomatic trainee officer,” a security officer piped up.
“Yeah how do you know that?” the science officer snapped back.
“Because I did what Mrs McKenzie told us to do and not take anything for granted and be informed and aware.” He looked at Adami. “Sorry about that. Welcome aboard.” He stuck out his hand, “I’m Johnson.”

Adami shook his hand. “Thank you. Ensign Reil Adami,” she said.

The copper haired blonde was leaned back in her chair, feet on desk, fingers tapping out the rhythm to the latest list of songs Mike had sent her. Revna was determined to enjoy her tea before the masses over flowed her office. In reality she didn’t mind at all, just today she wasn’t feeling overly social. She would never deny the group this small diversion though. At the chime Revna sat up, dropping her feet to the floor. It wasn’t one of the group waiting to get in, they knew not to press the chime before it was time. A small curtesy she insisted on. She glanced up at the ceiling where Mike’s voice was coming through the speakers, “Sorry Love, I’ll have to turn you down for a bit. My appointment is here,” and she grinned at herself. “Computer lower volume to level 1.” The computer trilled and the music became a soft whispered background melody to the room.

Revna got up and walked to the door opening it to the mass, but spotting Adami immediately. She was a bit early, but Revna respected that. “Sorry everyone, duty first.
You’ll have to come back after lunch.” There was a lot grumbling disappointment, but slowly they dispersed. “Be welcome, En Reil. Please come in and sit down.” Revna had a ready smile and a calm manner. “Would you like anything from the replicator?”

The office was decorated in earth tones: browns, coppers, greens, deep blues and reds, soft oranges. There were paintings on the walls, real paintings, not reprints, of beautiful landscapes of glaciers, deep fjords, snow capped mountains. A shelving unit on the wall held a wide range of mementoes from species and cultures from around the Alpha and Beta quadrants. Above her desk was a large round wooden shield edged in metal. Runic writing adorned it. The wood was painted a deep wine color and the writing was in a deep cobalt blue. In the center was a depiction of shield crossed by a claymore and a traditional Nordic bearded axe. On the wall across from her desk was a small but comfortable sitting area with a couch and two chairs and a low table. Her desk was neat but it was also equally obvious she was preparing her work for the day.

McKenzie, DA

Adami walked in, observing the Diplomatic Attache’s office. It was nice. She could tell Revna took her Nordic heritage and her job seriously. “Thank you,” Adami paused as she pondered what she wanted from the replicator. “Just some chamomile tea, thanks. It’ll help calm the nerves,” she said as she sat down. Upon looking at Revna and listening closer to the music playing in the room, the crowd outside made sense, albeit a bit excessive. She was the woman with Big Mike in the viral video all over the Federation. Adami wasn’t the biggest fan of punk rock, but she appreciated the cultural impact it had. Also, it was impossible to avoid the viral video at this point. But she wanted to keep her composure, so she resorted to making small talk. “Does that crowd appear outside your office often?” she asked.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

Revna walked over to the replicator but instead of tea she came back with a tray. On it was a mug of steaming water, a stainless steel heart shaped tea ball with chain and drip tray, a can of loose leaf chamomile tea, cream, sugar, and honey. The music playing was the same man’s voice for each song, but the songs were from a wide variety of genres with only one or two Punk Rock. Revna grabbed her own mug of black tea and took a seat in the chair opposite Reil. “Every Wed morning. Feel free to avoid my office those mornings until 0930 if you want to avoid the crowd.” She took a sip from her mug. “Someone, some how found out that my husband sends me new recordings every Tuesday when we call. So to avoid them trying to steal the files, hack my communications, or bug me incessantly, this is our compromise. They can come by my office on Wed mornings and listen to any songs he agrees that I can share.” Which was most things. These days Mike was mostly doing covers of some much older music, revitalizing it. He had a few originals mixed in, but those were just for Revna and never shared.

McKenzie, DA

Adami nodded, taking her mug and adding the tea ingredients. She simply added a few drops of honey to the chamomile, wanting to keep the texture while making it a little sweeter at the same time. It was just how she liked it. “I’ll be certain to adjust my schedule to those parameters. They certainly caught me off guard,” she paused as she took a sip. “Let me just say that I’m glad to meet you, Mrs. McKenzie. Starfleet Academy was great and all, but it feels good to finally be getting some real-life experience as a diplomat in training. I can’t promise I’ll be perfect one-hundred percent of the time, but I’ll definitely do my best,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“They are certainly something. I can’t quite get my head wrapped around it.” Revna listened quietly while Reil spoke. “That is all we can expect of ourselves and each other, is to do our best. Real-life experience is much more exciting than sitting in an Academy classroom, but it is also much slower. A lot of the work we do here on the Manhattan is reading and research. Much of our work is focused on paving the way for Ambassador S’Tek to meet with and finalize negotiations. Sometimes that means he comes to Manhattan and sometimes those meetings are held on Event Horizon. If you don’t have your dress uniform go ahead and requisition one.”

Adami nodded. “Already done. I got my dress uniform at the same time I got my regular uniform,” she said.

“And what about traditional clothing from Bajor? I know you are a Star Fleet officer but sometimes your uniform isn’t the go to attire. It is also nice to be able to share our cultures in such a subtle way. As such, I want you to know that I encourage you to wear the traditional earring as you see fit and are comfortable with.”

Revna let that settle for a moment, “I am very excited to have you here. The Delta is vast and we are only one ship and so many people to meet. Cpt Cochrane is a skilled diplomat and has been very successful, so we will make time for you to meet him and learn from him as well. But what made you choose the diplomatic track at the Academy?”

McKenzie, DA

That was a question Adami was more than happy to answer. “I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures and civilizations. It’s what I spent most of my childhood doing. My parents back on Bajor also emphasized the values of peace, tolerance, and understanding. Put all that together and the Diplomat track was really the only option for me. I’ve always felt called to it,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“Out of all the species you’ve learned about or met, tell me about the one that fascinates you the most.”

McKenzie, DA

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