Deck 4 - Checking In with Diplomatic Attache

Posted June 7, 2022, 8:27 p.m. by Civilian Revna Freya McKenzie (Diplomatic Attache) (Jennifer Ward)

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Adami knew the earring would come up. She sighed. “I actually don’t wear the earring as I don’t believe in the Prophets. It’s the one thing that sets me apart from my family and my community. Through all my research, I’ve learned about other religions, particularly ones on Earth. I’m still trying to figure out what exactly I believe in, but I’m lucky that my family is supportive of me being open-minded. Plus I still go to temple with my family out of a courtesy for my community and to be able to understand the religion. As for traditional Bajoran clothing, I’ll look in my wardrobe to see what’s there. I haven’t fully unpacked just yet, honestly,” she said.

Revna smiled softly, “And that’s why I say it is up to you. It is part of your people’s culture, but is not necessarily part of your culture. You may be asked questions about it, but you should not feel obligated to present yourself other than as you are. As long as you can represent all aspects with an open mind. It is often our own cultures that we have the most difficulty doing that with. I have found though, that if we can step back, for a moment, from how passionately we feel about our own cultures and traditions, to examine them academically, it helps us to understand that passion in others. But that is no easy task, which is why we have trained and specific people for diplomatic relations.” Revna grinned then and waved a hand in a circular motion, taking in the décor which so obviously showed off her passion for her own culture.

Revna let that settle for a moment, “I am very excited to have you here. The Delta is vast and we are only one ship and so many people to meet. Cpt Cochrane is a skilled diplomat and has been very successful, so we will make time for you to meet him and learn from him as well. But what made you choose the diplomatic track at the Academy?”

McKenzie, DA

That was a question Adami was more than happy to answer. “I’ve always enjoyed learning about other cultures and civilizations. It’s what I spent most of my childhood doing. My parents back on Bajor also emphasized the values of peace, tolerance, and understanding. Put all that together and the Diplomat track was really the only option for me. I’ve always felt called to it,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“Out of all the species you’ve learned about or met, tell me about the one that fascinates you the most.”

McKenzie, DA

Adami laughed. “This might sound a little odd, but I have to go with the Borg. Even though I’d never want to be assimilated, the whole concept of a hive mind is just fascinating. I’ve always wondered how the Borg don’t go insane from hearing every single voice in the Collective all the time,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“Mmmm, a telepath might be able to explain it some, but they still have the ability keep their individuality. But it is a very fascinating culture, and it is a culture. Not one we were able to come to peace with. But perhaps will we get some answers out of the work the Romulans are doing with the Artifact ( ).” She took a sip of her tea before speaking again, “If you could participate in any celebration of a culture of your choice, not your own, what would it be?”

McKenzie, DA

“Ah yes, the Artifact. I covered that during my research of the Borg. It’s very interesting,” Adami paused, thinking about Revna’s second question. “Anything related to Vulcan culture is something I’d love to participate in. I’ve always been intrigued by their strict adherence to logic and reason as well as their candor. Plus the idea of one’s katra is quite compelling. I would love to sit down and meditate with a Vulcan sometime as well,” she said.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

“Next time we get to Event Horizon perhaps you’ll get the chance to ask Ambassador S’Tek about it.” Revna knew that Cochrane’s step-mother was Vulcan and they were particularly close. He might have some insight for the young officer about what to experience first on what to experience first. “Tell me what you love about your people, about being Bajoran.”

McKenzie, DA

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