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Whether it was patience or not, there was a response. The first was the ship itself flickering as a sensor wave (again from the central hub) passed over the ship and made a comms connection that itself did rather what they Manhattan was thinking of - probing the systems but focusing on the language center of the computer.

=^= Space Vessel Manhattan. =^= The language was clear, crisp, and, by the computer analysis, utterly AI generated and in a nondescript gender neutral tone. =^= You have entered Marilian Space. It is in Temporal Quarantine. You are advised not to approach further. =^=

  • Wookiee

Cochrane nodded and pressed the comms icon on his armrest. =/\= Marilyn Space, this is Captain Alexander Cochrane of the Federation science vessel Manhattan. We apologize for any intrusion and were unaware of the Temporal Quarantine. I am not sure you are aware, but the temporal disturbances emanating from your location are reaching far past the boundaries of your system. We have been directly impacted by two separate events, one causing the death of some of our crew. We wish to offer assistance in containing these events so as to prevent any further harm. We await your response. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

The AI came back on. =^= Space Vessel Manhattan. Marilia is in self-imposed temporal quarantine. Your presence within the time slip cannot be quantified. It is advised that .. =^= At that, the transmission cut out, crackled, then squealed like a microphone not set right before another voice came on.

=^= By the goddess .. =^= The tone was distinctly feminine and not without a great deal of tension. =^= .. we are grieved at your loss. We had no idea. We .. we can’t stop it. =^= Another voice came in at this time. Again feminine, but steadier. =^= I am Kela, priestess adept. You should not be here, Manhattan. Excuse me, I do not know how you are still here after the time wash. You offer assistance. We will humbly hear you, though, I fear, time has caught up to us. Do you land your ship? Visitors are rare here to us. We offer our hospitality. Perhaps you can land in the central plaza outside the temple to the goddess. =^=
- Wookiee

Temporal quarantine? In truth, Mal had never heard of that happening before but was interested in finding out what caused the need for it. And what did she mean by ‘the time wash’? Could it have something to do with the large waves of energy that had enveloped the Manhattan and changed their position and situation? If it were to happen again it would be best if the ship and all the crew were occupying the same point in time and space so they all would wind up together and not in different realities, but was there really enough room to land a ship the size of the Manhattan in a populated area near the temple they’d mentioned? She looked over at Cochrane. “Is that possible?”


Scans would show the plaza was large but not that large. Suppositions were possible that they did not know about transporter technology or the size of the ship. The scan probe, as the computer could assess did not go much past the language regions but left the remainder alone.
- Wookiee

Walker shook his head. “That’s a negative. At least not without clearing some additional space, and I’m not sure they would appreciate that.”

“Sir, tactically speaking I say stay with the target. Whatever is happening to them is happening to us. It might be better to stick close to them and go with the flow so to speak. If we aren’t caught in another wave who knows where we could be dumped out or if we could ever get back to where we were supposed to be or the point at which the Temporal variation occurred. My thought is stick with the wave instead of fighting it. Hopefully once we figure things out we can use it to get back. I need to confer with science but my guess is if we move to a low orbital position we can beam down and not have to land. If this wave took us way out here it should take us being closer. If you don’t want to beam in we can take shuttles. Since they asked us to land that means they either don’t have beaming capabilities or they want us to land. It’s much faster to beam out and zip out if we need to move in a hurry as compared to a land take off.” Celina had no idea if the slurry of info was needed or useful but it was there to do with as anyone wanted. All she wanted to do was get as far from this place as possible. Temporal matters made her head hurt.

Celina Creed CTO

“Captain we did have several seconds warning before the wave hit us last time. Being significantly closer to the planet, which looks to be the source, our warning would be significantly less. They might have an idea of how long we’d have if we would need to pull the team out in an emergency.”

CWO Darach - COO

Shedda agreed with Darach, “Transporters would be faster, but a shuttle might be safer. If the away team was caught in a wave mid transport there is no telling if they would rematerialize somewhere safe. This Priestess Adept Kela seems to at least be willing to entertain the idea of help, and meeting with her may be our best chance to stop these waves from messing with space time.”

Mal’athar, XO
Alexander silently listens to the proposition. He was about to step in when Mal’athar talked about the danger of mid-wave transport, and so the Scientist goes back to listening. He was about to do the same remark as Mal’athar and preferred to let the Captain think instead of repeating the same information twice.

OOC : Had to find a way to introduce my character into the sim. Also hi, the hell is happening ? :)

Lieutenant Alexander Carpenter - CSO

OOC: Isn’t it more fun not knowing? <G> .. Er, The Manhattan has experienced two separate waves of an unknown energy that in both instances affected time and space .. a star becoming a red giant and back again, a mysterious alien race from the ‘crimson hegemony’ appearing and attacking the ship but a wave passed and they disappeared. Some crew had mysterious aging changes in the process .. two died from it, but most looked to be only a difference of a few years plus or minus. From the second wave they managed to triangulate to this world which, when arrived, finds it mostly desolate but for a single city.
OOC : thanks for the recap !

“Fair point Commander. Another alternative to make sure that the Manhattan doesn’t get separated in time from the away team. If we have enough notice of the wave, we could bring the Manhattan into the atmosphere temporarily over the city, decreasing the distance between us and the away team.”

CWO Darach - COO

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