Side Sim - 8 Forward

Posted June 27, 2022, 8:14 p.m. by Ensign Reil Adami (Diplomatic Trainee) (Yvonne Sephiran)

Posted by Lieutenant Alexander Carpenter (Chief Science Officer) in Side Sim - 8 Forward
Tonight the lounge was pretty calm. Although one or two Ensigns were present, talking about their day, Alexander was alone in it, sitting in one of the lounge’s seats. A brandy in his hand, he was enjoying the view. From the pane was nothing but stars in the emptiness of space, filled with undiscovered planets and species.
Alexander finished his brandy, careful not to waste a single drop of the liquid. It was a habit he had since his childhood, not to waste water. Although life was easier on a ship than in the desert he couldn’t help but kept his old habits.

Standing up from his chair, the Lieutenant walked toward the bar and put his empty glass on it. “Another one, please”, he said to the waiter. He saw the man was still looking at him, not used to seeing his golden eyes which makes him uneased. The waiter quickly gave him his drink before doing something else.
This time, Alexander stayed at the bar to drink, instead of going back to his seat, listening to the Ensign’s whispers and to the familiar hum that resonates in the whole ship.

Lieutenant Alexander Carpenter - CSO

After finishing her unpacking and changing out of her uniform (OOC Note: See Adami’s bio for her casual outfit.), Adami decided to go to the lounge to 1. Get out of her quarters for a little bit and 2. Maybe meet some more people in the process. Upon walking into the lounge, she saw that it was pretty much empty save for a few of her fellow Ensigns and a Lieutenant sitting at the bar. Not wanting to intrude on the Ensigns’ conversation, Adami walked over and took a seat beside the Lieutenant, getting the attention of the bartender. “Can I get a Bajoran ale?” she asked. The bartender nodded, pouring the beverage into a glass and handing it to her. She simply sipped on her drink instead of initiating conversation with the Lieutenant. He was of a higher rank than her and she didn’t want to risk starting off on a wrong note.

Ensign Reil Adami, Diplomatic Trainee

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