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Shedda agreed with Darach, “Transporters would be faster, but a shuttle might be safer. If the away team was caught in a wave mid transport there is no telling if they would rematerialize somewhere safe. This Priestess Adept Kela seems to at least be willing to entertain the idea of help, and meeting with her may be our best chance to stop these waves from messing with space time.”

Mal’athar, XO
Alexander silently listens to the proposition. He was about to step in when Mal’athar talked about the danger of mid-wave transport, and so the Scientist goes back to listening. He was about to do the same remark as Mal’athar and preferred to let the Captain think instead of repeating the same information twice.

Lieutenant Alexander Carpenter - CSO

“Fair point Commander. Another alternative to make sure that the Manhattan doesn’t get separated in time from the away team. If we have enough notice of the wave, we could bring the Manhattan into the atmosphere temporarily over the city, decreasing the distance between us and the away team.”

CWO Darach - COO

“Lt Aevin, can you do it? You know what the Manhattan is capable of more than anyone. You’d have to move her quickly to avoid being hit by the wave. Or would it be better to go ahead and lower into the atmosphere? You and Chief Darach work on that.”

Aevin inhaled sharply. “It’d be easier with a smaller craft. But I can do it. We’re not getting hit again if I can help it.” He glanced back to Darach.

Walker nodded as he stepped out from behind his console and headed up towards the helm.

Shedda turned to the back row of consoles. “Lt Carpenter, Cmdr Wynter is there anything you can do to our shields to protect us from that wave? I will need either yourselves or someone from your department to join an away team if we go planet side. Lt Forgrave we’ll need a security detail/honor guard possibly as well.”
Alexander gathered all the information he had on the wave before saying : “I may have something : we could modify our disruptor to create a wave of the exact same frequency. When the two will collide, they will theoretically negate themselves.” Turning to Wynter, he added : “That might use less energy than reinforcing the shields. What do you think ?”

“If we were to negate the wave, would we risk the Manhattan not shifting with the planet then?” Walker asked as he stepped up next to Aevin.

“Lt Creed, incase we do get caught in another time jump keep an eye on sensors I don’t want to get caught unaware by the ‘Red Hegomony’ or anyone else hostile.”

She turned to Cochrance. He was the first contact expert on the ship, and as much as she loathed to see the captain leave the ship into an unknown, it was his skill set and the best person for the job. “Would you like me to page Mrs. McKenzie to join an away team Captain if you decide to go down to the planet?”

Not having heard from sickbay recently, =/\=Mal’athar to sickbay. Status report?=/\=

Mal’athar, XO


“Well Lieutenant, how confident are you in your pilot skills?” Walker asked with a slight grin. “What do the atmospheric conditions look like? I think the question will be how long will we be able to hold our position above the city. Because we only have a finite amount of fuel.”

CWO Darach - COO

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