New quarters, and guests already?

Posted July 14, 2022, 8:32 p.m. by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

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Posted by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in New quarters, and guests already?

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Forgrave made his way to his new quarters; occasionally glancing at the PaDD in his hand. The path was straightforwards enough, but it was in his nature to be sure. Not to mention, getting lost on the way to his quarters was a less than flattering story; new to the Manhattan or otherwise.

A large box, compete with an environmental unit and cautions in multiple languages greeted Forgrave as he stepped into his new quarters. He eyed it warily; not having been able to come up with any real guesses about what Bethany could have sent him. Assumin’ it was sent by her at all.... Sure, it was unlikely that the documentation had been forged, but ‘unlikely’ ain’t the same as ‘impossible’. And rarely was caution punished.

“Well, ain’t no time like the present, I reckon…” And with that, he keyed open the crate, standing clear as it opened.

-Forgrave, CoS

There was a hiss of air escaping as the seals unlocked and then a soft whir as the motors folded back the lid and lowered the sides. Inside was a decent sized wire cage that Issac would be very familiar with. A low narrow storage crate was on top, a small message PaDD attached on top. Inside the cage were a feeding tray, water bottle, and various other small animal paraphernalia. A soft gray furry ball moved and turned around in the far corner of the cage. The creature stared up at Issac for a moment and then a strong bang caused the cage to rattle slightly as the bunny expressed her indignation of being locked in a sightless box for so long. Luna hopped across to the front of the cage and pawed where the latch was. She wanted out and she knew Issac was going to let her.

Luna, Traumatized Lonely Bunny

Issac was struck dumb for a moment - sure, he hadn’t known what to expect, but he struggled to imagine a scenario where Bethany would willingly give up Luna. “Well void, I reckon you’re here now, ain’t-cha?” Swiftly, he knelt down and unlatched the cage, obeying Luna’s demands. Gently, he offered a hand to the bun, letting her sniff him before gently ruffling her fur. “Well, I weren’t expecting to have to share a room, but I’d be appreciative if you let me stay here, eh? Don’t worry, I’ll be a polite guest.” He chuckled softly at his joke. But then, in truth it wasn’t too far from the truth; and Issac knew it. He was an absolute sucker for critters; and was already thinking about how to make the currently bare quarters more suitable for Luna.

Luna hopped right out of the cage and sniffed over his hand. Unlike her usual busy self she settled into his lap instead of exploring. Locked in a crate for weeks had made the little bunny nervous.

Sitting on the floor, he reached an arm over to the top of the crate, snagging the PaDD and keying it to life.

-Forgrave, Landlord or Tenant?

The PaDD flashed to life. The first began to play with recognition of his thumb print. Bethany’s red haired, black eyed visage appeared. “Hi Issac.” She sighed and tucked her hair behind her ear. “I’m sorry to drop Luna in on you like this. I didn’t know where else to send her.” A pause. “After Dresden we all got sent our separate ways, and I know how much you hate the ‘spook’ stuff. But…I finally got my orders, and…well I can’t take her where I’m going.” Bethany shifted in the chair, her ever present grin gone, and looking more than a bit worried. “You were always her favorite person. Just… don’t let anyone eat her, she’s too small, even for a snack.” An attempt at humor. Most of the Dresden crew has tried to hunt Luna or feed her to their dogs. Bethany leaned forward as if to stop the recording and paused, leaning back. Whatever could have happened between them, Issac was her friend. She’d worked hard to try and gain his trust and that mattered to her, whatever her orders were. “Issac…whatever you hear about me, I hope you’ll make your own judgements.” Then the screen went blank.

There were a few files contained on the PaDD. Veterinary records and replicator files for food, supplements, and whatnot.

Bethany and Luna

“Huh.” A mix of emotions swirled through Issac’s head, competing for attention. So much and so little had been said, much of it open to interpretation, and none of it incriminating of course. Much as he disliked ‘spook stuff’ - and Bethany was absolutely right about his feelings on it - he could recognize the need for it; and it’s dirty secrets. Nothing was ever as it seemed when those folks got involved; but at the end of the day, people were people - and Issac couldn’t help but try to see the best in people, even as he prepared for the worst. He wondered what, if any, rumors might be carrying her name; and concern swept through him. Well, come what may, least I can do is give Luna a damn fine home.

He spent some time just petting and playing with the Rabbit, just letting her explore and get comfortable at her own pace. Critters had been surprisingly common on the Dresden, but that seemed to vary from ship to ship. He’d definitely make sure things were safe and secure in his quarters before leaving; some pets got awful clever when hungry. “Miss Luna; I’d say you’re definitely a treat, but I’ll make sure you don’t end up as a snack.” He snorted at the lame joke. He hadn’t had any pets of his own since joining Star Fleet, but he’d idly considered it on occasion. He’d always hesitated though - the life of an officer was hard enough on equal partners, much less an animal that was reliant on it’s person. But it seemed the decision was made for him, and he’d be damned if he wasn’t going to make the best of it.

“Besides, your momma would skin me alive if I let anything happen to ya, eh?” He spent a while moving back and forth between Luna and the replicator, piecing together everything he could think of for her. Food, water, and (for now) a small area where she could dig, play, and nest in safely.


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