Checking in with the new Boss (Tag Capt. Cochrane)

Posted July 29, 2022, 11:47 p.m. by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) (William Deaton)

Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Checking in with the new Boss (Tag Capt. Cochrane)

Posted by Lieutenant Issac Forgrave (Chief of Security) in Checking in with the new Boss (Tag Capt. Cochrane)
Forgrave checked the chrono on his wrist and grimaced. He hadn’t intended to spend so much time with Luna, but well… He had a bad habit of losing track of time when friendly critters were involved. And besides, he wanted to make sure she was at least somewhat comfortable before leaving her in his quarters. Granted, as true as that last bit was, as an excuse it was a half-truth at best - regardless of his newfound responsibility to Luna, he had neglected his other duties. It was safe to assume some leeway on one’s first day aboard a new ship, but that was an unofficial thing; not to be relied upon too heavily.

And if the captain’s even partway decent at their job, they oughta know I’ve been aboard fer a while now…
He tried to remember what little he’d read of Captain Cochrane, and came up short. Public records rarely conveyed one’s personality or attitude. He had a good impression of the XO, however - having already met the Orion woman. He suspected they’d be able to have a good working relationship, and in the end that boded well for the captain - worst case scenario, maybe she could smooth things over.

As his thoughts idled along, his feet kept moving at a swift pace; and it wasn’t long before he found himself outside of the Captain’s day quarters. Somewhere in the back of his mind, he was quite pleased with himself - he hadn’t had to check the PaDD for directions. But at the forefront, nerves crept up on him. It was the damnedest thing - he’d been fortunate (or unfortunate, more accurately) to have more than a bit of excitement during his tenure in Star Fleet so far, and it was rare that he ever balked at a task. But new ship, new boss… Void, I reckon there’s worse times ta get sweaty palms! With that cheery thought, he rapped smartly on the Captain’s door.

-Forgrave, New CoS

The door slid open to reveal the office beyond it. The office was organized, but had the feel of both authority… and peace. Two bookcases on one wall stood with shelves lined with actual books behind their glass doors. Pictures had been mounted around the room showing both places and people, many of them featuring the same person. Various odds and ends graced places here and there. Displayed prominently, however, alone on a shelf high up on the wall directly behind the desk that sat opposite the door, was the lone figure of a gold Ox. Lighting had been directed so that it drew the eye of anyone who came through the door almost immediately. Directly below that hung a coat, obviously on display and not being worn. It was a ridiculous combination of black and the kind of red only seen where intimate services were bought and sold. A truly obnoxious fur collar crowned the neckline… it was truly the kind of coat that would… could… only be worn by people going by aliases like ‘Silky Smooth’, ‘Velvet Jones’, ‘Iceberg Slim’, or ‘Huggy Bear’.

Issac stepped into the office, glancing quickly around the room; taking in the sights and general feeling. It had a certain kind of coziness to it; and the smell of books was a welcome note. His eyes were drawn immediately to the diorama behind the captain’s desk; between the lighting and the… extravagant coat, it was damned hard to miss. It was impossible to not be intrigued by the obvious significance of the items, but it was inscrutable without context. I’m gonna have ta ask about that at some point…

The man behind the desk was a human male in the red uniform of Command officers. He had an athletic build, even seated behind the desk. As he stood, he was slightly taller than average. His hair was jet black, making the bright sapphire-blue eyes beneath the well-groomed hair even more intense. He had a youthful appearance, with a thin mustache and goatee of the same black hair as his head. Youthful in spite of the Fleet Captain’s pips at his collar. He smiled warmly and extended a hand.

“Ah, Mr. Forgrave. A pleasure to make your acquaintance… I thought you might have gotten lost after your arrival.” and he smiled slightly.

Cochrane, CO

“A pleasure ta meet ya as well, Sir.” A deep southern drawl returned the greeting, and he sat in the chair opposing the desk. Issac was a sturdy-looking man of average height, with a shaved head and thick mustache. While his uniform was neat, there were tale-tale hairs (or was it hares?) speckled here and there.
“Naw, not lost - ‘least, I ain’t gotten lost yet. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time, big as the Manhattan is.” Issac grinned sheepishly. “I had a uh, unexpected guest in my quarters; of the rabbit kind. I think we’re still figuring out who’s the landlord and who’s the tenant, but I wanted to at least make sure Luna had more ‘n a life support box before I stepped out. Seems a former colleague of mine was unable ta keep her pet; that is, Luna tha rabbit, during an upcoming mission. I’d gotten along quite well with tha both of ‘em, so I reckon I was at the top of the list when it came ta finding a new home for her.”

-Forgrave, CoS

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