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OOC: While you are finishing the gathering at the shuttle thread .. moving things along to the city.

The shuttle did not have far to go. It was mere minutes from firing up the engines and exiting the bay to coming to rest on the pavement. From the air the roads, paths and plazas looked to be of a uniform cream colored pavement, like a smooth, plastic like cement. However, from the ground it looked quite different. The uniform look had an almost cobbly look to them with distinct pieces cleverly arranged both artistically and practical ways. The air felt cool and pleasant with a wisp of breeze. There was a scent that was not unlike almonds in the air. The buildings that looked so crystalline remained so. They possessed a delicate quality to them that was, again, artistically pleasing, appearing to be translucent but in closer inspection, not, through some trick of the eye or technology. The thing that was perhaps the oddest was the lack of sound. There was no machinery or vehicle or other sound beyond the soft murmur of a growing crowd of aliens approaching in twos and threes.

They themselves were tall, nearly 7 feet tall on average, but quite slim. Their faces tended to be a thin oval with wide set eyes, graceful cheekbones and a thin lips. Their chins tended to come to more of a point and their hair was long, even between the genders that were various shades of silver. The women wore diaphanous gowns that shimmered in the pale light. The men leaned toward a simple shift. Both wore sandals or simple footwear but no less delicate in appearance.

The crowd parted enough for two to approach. “Welcome to our world and city.” She glanced up at the ship hovering in the near distance. “You have traveled a great distance. We have troubled you our peril. For that we are sorry.”
- Wookiee

Cochrane stepped forward and said “We harbor no animosity for the circumstances that brought us here. I am Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane of the United Federation of Planets Starship Manhattan. These are some of my crew.” and he turned to each member of the Away Team in turn.

“Commander Shedda Mal’athar, my Second-In-Command.”

Shedda inclined her head while at the same time bowing forward very slightly. She knew that Carpenter would be making scans later, but Shedda was an trained anthropologist/archeologist after all and she was fascinated by the city. The materials, the people, their clothing, body language, the architecture, all of it.

“Lieutenant Commander Max Wynter, our Chief Engineer.”

“Lieutenant Jasmine Wynter, our Chief Medical Officer.”

“So nice to meet you,” she extended her hand not sure if they would return the greeting or not. She knew Celina would be passive scanning them so she did not focus on body but more chemistry and pathology. Stepping into a new world was always a gamble. Things in the air could react differently to different biological beings. If she was caught with the passive scans or Celina, it would easily be attributed to the away team trying to make sure the inhabitants were safe during the contact and nothing more.

“Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Alexander Carpenter.”

When hearing his name, Alexander nodded silently at the civilians and waited.

“Diplomatic Representative Mrs. Revna McKenzie, and her aide Ensign Reil Adami.”

Revna watched the two who had come to greet them, watching their mannerisms and turn of speech. They were welcoming enough and seemed genuinely apologetic for the trouble. Though Revna would withhold judgement until she’d spoken with them more. Body language and intonation didn’t always directly translate between species. She allowed her gaze to travel from them to Cochrane as he spoke and then to each person he introduced as well as casually paying attention to their hosts’ reactions. When introduced she smiled and dipped a very brief curtsey that was mostly a slight bend in the knees while keeping her gaze politely curious and then turning back to Cochrane as he spoke.

“Lieutenant Forgrave, Chief of Security.”

Forgrave’s first impressions were that the two did not move with any urgency. Their motions were slow and with a touch more motion than was necessary, at least to the visitors, though it looked to be universal and cultural.

“And finally Lieutenant Celina Creed, Chief Logistics Officer.”

Celina smiled and waved slightly with one hand after the introduction. The gesture was a sleight of hand trick Jack had taught her and allowed for the other hand she casually moved to her side to activate passive scans of the people. She was not in charge of security but that did not mean she did not support the protection of the crew. The scan was set on wide range and would pick up the crew plus the people around them. It would not be noticed and only record things like body temperature, heights, weights, and basic anatomical systems. It could easily be attributed to her accidentally activating the device if it was ever noticed. The reason was a bit darker. If Celina or the security officers needed to fight their way out, she needed to know how to take them down. As Jack said, hope for the best but always plan for the worst.

Celina Creed CTO

Cochrane, CO

Alexander Carpenter, CSO

Mal’athar, XO

McKenzie, DA

J Wynter CMO

As each were introduced, the two welcomers looked intently at each person.

“Such an auspicious occasion that you have brought such leaders with you for this meeting, Manhattan, Fleet Captain. I am Kela, priestess adept, and this is Thera, master writ-keeper.” Thera was introduced by a fluid, slow gesture of the hand and slight inclination of Kela’s head. “You are all welcome here.”

She made a gesture to the building behind them. “Please, would you join us. This is the Temple to the Goddess. There we may talk and, if you wish, take refreshment.” There was a pause. “And be witness to what has become the Bane of our people, and the trouble which has come upon yourselves. Thera is our master writ-keeper. She of all of us who remain can speak of what has befallen us.”

Kela and Thera, oh and the Wookiee

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