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Saving a civilization by going into the past? Shedda’s mind whirled with the possibilities of how it could be done, but also how that might affect their present and future. The possibilities were…profuse. “What went wrong?”

Mal’athar, XO

“Evolution. Competition. Ambition. Jealousy,” Thera said. “Sending a city that far into the past we thought would not affect the present so many millions of years later. We were wrong. One of the cities has, in some renderings, sought to change the ways. Two cities are anchors. Ours and the farthest in the past. These are attempting to usurp that and become the anchor and hold dominion. I fear what you have felt are the struggles they are making to accomplish this. Moreover, their attempts have destabilized the machine causing time flashes where past ages show forth upon the world out beyond the city walls. That is but a foretaste of what we may see happen - a complete time wash should the city be successful in its struggles. We would .. cease to be.”
- Thera and Kela

“Can you communicate with the other cities? Are they aware of the damage they are causing?” Cochrane asked politely. “Or is this a case of, as we have seen so many times in countless other civilizations… our own included… of a small group putting their own desires and wants before the greater good for all?”

Cochrane, CO

Thera shook her head. The Builders did not consider that. The trips were supposed to be one way. Each does have a gateway,” she said, gesturing to the dark patch along the back wall. “that can allow passage, briefly. It takes a great deal of energy to open one. None ever returned who have so made that trip, though that too is in the very distant past. It is as though that .. dimension in time is become dominant over ours. We supposed that we were sending cities back in time to save our people. It appears that we were creating new realities whose city generators linked the dimensions to one another. Time, and realities, are fighting for dominance. We have contemplated how we may .. unhook .. the one from the string to set it loose in its own reality, though we are few and our scientists have lost more knowledge than they have attained about this matter.”

Kela said, “Alas, we know little about the thoughts of the others. But they must have a name. The ancient name of the city was Bakkalan. Our city as the anchor is shielded thus far from when their dimension imposes itself on ours, but to go to them means that one becomes Time Washed. They disappear, any who leave the city. We know not of their fate, but some, in their despair, have thrown themselves outside to whatever fates await them.”

Thera and Kela

“Writ-keeper Kela, has anyone within the city been hurt by these waves? Aged or maybe even regressed and become younger?” Revna was hoping they could get help for their crew affected by the waves. She was sure Dr Wynter would appreciate an opportunity to learn more about the effects these shifts. “Is there anyone with medical training that would speak with our doctor?”


The two cast a look at one another, their eyes widening just enough to be noticed and their heads shifting slowly to a slight angle. Then, as one, they looked at Revna. “There is no effect from the waves in the city. Should one step outside the city then .. they are .. gone. Some call it ‘Washed’, though only those who have given up in their life have chosen that fate. They disappear, temporally, to where we do not know. Each city is anchored in a time and spacial reality. As such the waves that have occurred would share that component, if erratically. We have physician scientists whom you could speak to.”

“I would love that,” Jasmine stated with a smile. Already she was starting to come up with a hypothesis of why the two people in sick back reacted so differently with one getting older and one younger. If the wave sent them each to a different temporal space then this would make much more sense than their bodies reacting so differently to the same external factor.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

“So we are talking string theory and the idea of a multiverse,” Celina asked trying to make sense of what was happening here. The glaring problem she was wondering about was to make sure if they were talking about that, that the Manhattan and its crew got back on the metaphorical right string for the right universe.

Celina Creed CTO

It took a minute for them to process that term, however Thera made a slow tip of the head. “Your thoughts are probably correct. It was not the Builder’s intention. Their intent was preserving our civilization, however, in the end, their intent did not foresee the consequences.” As if guessing her thoughts, Thera continued. “Your ship and crew are safe within the bubble of our city, unaffected by the changes. However, when the.. realities change, they change out beyond our city and, apparently, into the space beyond. In that we were in error once more, thinking it only affected our world - and it did, until recently when Bakkalan began exerting its strength.”
- Thera

“Thera, if you have no communication with the other cities, how do you know it is Bakkalan that is disrupting the time?” Shedda asked. If there was a way to determine where the problem was coming from maybe their scientists and engineers could find a way to send a message through.

Mal’athar, XO

A wan, sad look crossed her features. “For a long time there was little change in the cosmos. We endured. The cities, we hoped, endured. However, recently, the realities have become entwined, and Bakkalan has shown, briefly meshed with our own. We have found that the machine holding the cities in line appeared to be under assault. You may call it an attempt to .. hack this one. In that period we were able to see what they were doing.”

Kela added. “There is more. As they were meshed with our own, they spoke to us, their threats and their abuse, showing their jealous rage at not being dominant and their intent to supersede us. They even tried to attack us, but found the machine able to defend itself. The Makers had that foresight, though perhaps not the specific invaders in mind.”

Cochrane was silent for a moment and then said “I’m confused, Priestess… Writ-Keeper. From what we understand of time-travel, sending your people back in time would more than likely alter their timeline and they would progress on a separate line from you from that point on. Trying to keep those timelines in synch would be an impossibility from our understanding of physics and the laws of nature. If what you say is true, that one of your cities are trying to exert their influence here, then what they are doing… intentionally or not… is attempting to destroy this entire timeline and supplant their own over this one. I hope you do realize that doing so would destroy this entire universe and all life within it. Is that the position we are in?”

Cochrane, CO

Kela replied with a long sweeping gesture of her arm and slow bow. “Captain, my sincere apologies . This began as time experiment to save our people. What is happening now is not time, but space, and co-opting the very reality we live in. However you are correct. The stakes are monumental and the assault on this reality is cataclysmic in proportion. That is our position, alas.”

  • Thera and Kela

Cochrane thought for a moment and then said “Please excuse my ignorance and know I mean no offence by this… but have you considered closing that door and cutting off Bakkalan from access to this time?”

Cochrane, CO

To Celina, this made sense but also opened up another thought. “I have a question that might just piggy back on the Captain’s but you stated the washed throw themselves into this disturbance. Any of them political oppositions or radicals?” It would make so much sense to get rid of those that caused trouble by sending them into another reality or be an easy way to cause trouble.”

Celina Creed CTO

Cochrane held up a hand and said “My Logistics officer is not meaning to be aggressive in her question. We do understand that that those who do so are doing so by their choice, not that they are being forced to. We are not here to cast dispersions on your people in any way. We simply want to help stop the situation that cost us the lives of some of our crew so it doesn’t happen again.”

Cochrane, CO

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