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OOC: Below you will all find a link for what Memory Alpha has on the Ilidarians. There isn’t a lot there, but they were briefly mentioned in Voyager as having had a successful/peaceful trade mission. Since there aren’t a lot of details other than they were peaceful and open to trade, we thought it might be fun for the crew to take on the species and get to delve into them as well as explore the diplomatic side of Manhattan’s mission.

The Ilidarians wanted to come on board. They had engaged in a very productive trade mission with Voyager very early on when the ship had been stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Now that the Federation had a permanent presence in the Delta Quadrant the Ilidarians had reached out to the Federation. They were interested in another trade exchange, as they put it. However they didn’t venture out much past their neighboring systems. They were not interested, at this time, in traveling all the way to Event Horizon. So Admiral S’Tek had the idea that perhaps the Manhattan could meet the Ilidarians.

The Manhattan was no where close by or in a position to receive these guests immediately. Since the ship was farther out than the Ilidarians were willing to travel that gave Revna some time to iron out the details. After some back and forth a preliminary list of items they would like to trade for and what they offered in return was established. There was one thing Revna found very strange. When Revna requested information on their customs and culture and food so that they could be prepared to greet them properly, the Ilidarians balked refusing to provide such information except for the proper honorary titles. They insisted that because the Voyager delegation had conformed to their customs so willingly they wished to do the same. Conforming to Federation customs, foods, and everything else. Revna did get them to agree to send along any dietary restrictions that might create a medical issue.

With a list of personages and their positions, as well as their requests for trade, Revna said farewell to the Honored Elder. Now armed with enough information to give Cochrane some thing to work with, Revna went in search of Cpt. Cochrane. =/\=McKenzie to Cochrane. I need to speak with you when you have time about a diplomatic contact that has been requested.=/\=

McKenzie, DA

Shedda was touring the decks, as was her habit. She walked with purpose but not in a hurry. She had picked up the habit from her last XO. It allowed her to be seen and accessible. Not always behind the desk in her office or on the bridge. She heard McKenzie as she stepped out of her office and she lengthened her stride. “If I remember today’s schedule accurately, Cpt Cochrane is in a meeting this morning. Can I do anything to help Mrs. McKenzie?”

Mal’athar, XO

Revna stopped and turned with a smile, to the executive officer. “Ambassador S’Tek has has me in contact with the Ilidarians. They want to meet with us. They don’t usually travel more than a system or two outside their own. Event Horizon is farther than they are comfortable traveling, and the Ambassador is hoping that the Manhattan would be able to detour to meet with them. Apparently they were so impressed with the crew of Voyager they want to meet more of the Federation.”

McKenzie, DA

Shedda nodded trying to remember her star map of the area. “Let’s go to the bridge and pull up our route and see where we might be able to meet them and when. We have some surveys and observations along the way. Then when the captain’s done, we can see what he thinks.” Shedda led the way to the nearest lift and stepping on “Bridge” and the lift took off. She’d really come to love the ship, the machine itself. It was a marvel of Federation science capability and she adored it. It was everything she’d hoped it would be and more. Sometimes she wished she was just a science officer, so she had time to tinker and play with all the cool equipment. The thought brought a slight and rare smile to her face.

Stepping onto the bridge she moved over to one of the auxilary empty stations and pulled up their present course and objectives and “Ah there is Ilidaria. Where did you say they would meet us?”

Revna glanced down at her PaDD and then had the computer draw out the circumference of the Ilidarian travel. “They are willing to go a bit further, but if we can’t make it on time I don’t know how they will react to being out in the depths of unfamiliar space.”

Shedda tracked their own course and, “Here would be the most likely place to meet with them. Just over two weeks if things don’t go sideways.”

Mal’athar, XO

Revna leaned forward in her chair and bent slightly from the waist, keeping her eyes on the woman in front of her. “Thank you, High Magister Asidora. We are well honored to receive you and your council. I look forward to our next conversation.” The woman on the screen returned the posture and they both sat up. The screen went blank and Revna stood arching her back and groaning. She’d been sitting in front of that screen for over an hour barely moving. The Ilidarians would arrive in two weeks and they had a whole list of things they wanted to see. The longest was the food. HM Asidora said her people were fascinated by the food of the different cultures of the Federation and wanted to try as many as possible. So a trip to the officer’s mess was in order as was a cup of tea.

Revna walked through the door of the mess and made her way to the small counter between the dinning area and kitchen door. She took a cup, filled it with hot water and put a tea bag and honey into it. “Harv, do you have a moment?” It was between meals which meant he was probably busy prepping for the next one.

McKenzie, DA

“Gimme a sec!” a loud voice bellowed from the kitchen. There was a loud CLANG of metal on metal, and a few seconds later Chef Harv walked out, wiping his hands on a towel. “Well well well… Mrs. McKenzie. To what do we owe the pleasure?” he hacked with a smile. He liked the diplomat, and not just because she was married to one of his favorite musicians. She was good conversationalist and always had an easy going air about her that Harv liked.

Chef Harv

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