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Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Main sim Sickbay

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Main sim Sickbay
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“In short, Vulcans lucked out. They live long enough as it is but seems they got a bit younger. Humans were all over the map. Typical,” Nancy replied, but the age range seems to be more consistent.” She chewed on her lip checking the metadata and scrolling. “Most seem to be just a few years in range, and not as a percentage but like the wave randomly jerked our chrono-chain.”
Brian shook his head. “Don’t buy it. I mean it can be but I think there is more to it than that, more telling. I mean if we thought it was just a few years either way then well, chance, but what kind of chance? DNA? Blood type? What they ate for breakfast? Humans are triggered by variability, but random is rarely random. Nature is a big chaos salad but it has laws too.”
Nancy shrugged. “Might be something to that. See what some had in common and why the Vulcans got younger compared to us. Not sure how we’d pull that data though. I can’t do medical records.”
- Nancy and Brian

“It’s all privileged anyway,” Sair said. Technically she could probably get access but it was a grey area and she wasn’t sure their situation qualified for a good reason to break cross that line, even if some people were more at risk than others. “However, people can volunteer information. I mean, myself and my mother alone are good case studies because our genome is already tampered with and altered over the centuries. Now my son on the other hand has received the genetic treatment that allows him to not require dueridium. Couldn’t we use those variables to our advantage?”

~Sair Songz, CNS

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Nancy made a face which was skeptical thought played out. In her teenage visage it looked kinda cute, at least until she blew out a breath. “That is a small sampling but we have to start somewhere. Altered. Non altered. Same time Brian and I both aged but differently.”
Brian slid off the bio bed, peering around for the nurse who wasn’t in line of sight, and came over to join them. “A voluntary call out for those who were noticeably affected would improve the sampling and chance of seeing something in common. Maybe. The body has a lot of things going for it for variables.”

Both of them looked to Sair. “It would give us a start anyway.”
- Brian and Nancy

Sair waved her mother over and Kel joined them. She quickly explained their idea and the Kobliad nurse nodded. “Seems like a place to start. You put out the call and I’ll set us up to gather samples, starting with us first.” Kel glanced at Koro before returning her gaze to the others. “Sair and I have dealt with genetic issues all our lives. Both our own and those of the many, many patients we’ve treated. But I’ve certainly never seen anything like this before.”

Sair was thoughtful for a moment and then just shook her head. “I’ll go make the call.” She stepped away and put out an open call across the ship for volunteers who had experienced any changes since they arrived in the area to come to Sickbay for an examination.

Meanwhile, Kel grabbed supplies and a PADD. Slipping off the coat and undoing her outer jacket, the older Kobliad pressed an empty hypo took a sample of her blood. Then she sat on a biobed and started a series of scans that Sair would have to complete. There was a quietness that had fallen over her as the reality of her and Sair advancing in age even a couple days settled over her. “I know we’re all in this together”- she looked at Nancy and Brian-“and I know that this crew has both determination and resources, but you should be aware of something. I need someone to be aware of the fact that both Sair and I can’t miss doses and we don’t know the effect of compounding them. Our doses are fine tuned to our own metabolism and my daughter had one of the best metabolism of any Kobliad alive. She’ll likely be okay, but I don’t have the same fortune. She won’t say anything, won’t even know how to ask for help, so if things start going worse and we’re affected more, can you make sure someone on this ship helps her through this? I’m not afraid of dying, but she has Koro and she’d sacrifice herself for him. He’s a miracle child and he need to be protected at all costs.” Did any of that make sense? Kel didn’t know, but it was a mother’s plea for someone to make sure her daughter got through this okay, even if she herself did not.

~Sair & Kel Songz


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It did not take long before off duty people began coming in. Intrinsically few noted anything terribly obvious to others looking at them in comparing with their file. It was mainly them saying that this or that had changed, such as a wrinkle here or vision being a little fuzzy, or a grey hair there. But they came in just to get an idea of what happened there.

There was a rumor or two that had spread that they could die from this and that it is progressive on continually getting older or younger. When that began to move throughout the waiting crowd, evident concern and voices rose as more people joined in the chorus of concern.

“Are we going to grow old and die in a day?”
“Will I just get younger till I’m no more?”


Sair held up her hands and adopted a reassuring expression. “Right now we’re gathering information so that we can make accurate predictions. Currently there’s nothing to suggest that this is progressive or fatal. I know it’s hard not knowing for sure, but I need you to be patient with us while we figure this out. We’re all in this together, so let’s work together, yes?”

There was a fair bit of looking at one another then to the Counselor and then to their boots, before a collective nod and okay and will do and other responses. By their expressions they were still scared with a brave face put on.

“Can anyone tell me aside from the outward symptoms if you noticed anything specific at the time of the energy wave? Specific feelings or sensations?” Songz wanted to catalogue those by species too to see if there was a genetic component to how people experience the shift as well.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“Well, I felt a kind of tingling, about my neck and hands and feet,” one said. A few others nodded and said ‘me too’ or another affirmative. “Mine was like my hands fell asleep,” said another. “You know, pins and needles?”
A Vulcan said, “My vision blurred for 7.3 seconds, and affected my balance.” “Mine as well, for balance, but my vision remained clear,” said another.
“Nausea. Wanted to toss my cookies,” said an engineering crewman. That brought up a lot of murmurs of affirmation but the degree of it seemed to vary from a mild unease to close to vomiting - this being logged from a score of human crewmen.
“Nothing,” said a Bolian. “Felt nothing at all.”
- Various folks

Songz documented all the symptoms and plugged it into the analysis they were running, seeing if it changed anything or brought up anything strange they could detect. “So we’re dealing with something neurological,” she said to her mother.

“Sounds like vestibular disruption,” Kel added.

Her mind was hard at work, but then Sair inhaled. “The time factor. Computer, display known symptoms involved in time related illnesses and their related conditions.”

~Sair Songz, CNS

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