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Posted Sept. 27, 2022, 11:07 p.m. by Commander Shedda Mal'athar (Executive Officer) (Jennifer Ward)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in side sim - Dinner with the Songz’s

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in side sim - Dinner with the Songz’s

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in side sim - Dinner with the Songz’s
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“Yes there is yualra and it is wonderful! Food and music tell us so much about each other.” Shedda scooped another bite onto the flatbread. She would have to share this with Maava.


Sair considered that for a moment. “Yes, I suppose they do. The emphasis placed on the arts can tell you a great deal. My mother and I come at it from a health care perspective. How a society treats ill and dying individuals can tell you a great deal. Though ours admittedly goes to extremes out of necessity, I can tell you that despite the sheer number of people we have to deal with on a regular basis, every single one was important.” Her mind slipped back to something the captain had said and maybe that was where Kobliads did recognize the individual. Too bad it was so fleeting and at the end of life, rather than something they could carry with them.

~Sair Songz, CNS

Shedda chewed the bite she’d taken slowly and then washed it down with the juice. “Without a doubt healthcare tells us so much about a culture. Their understanding of the sciences, but more importantly the value placed on people in the different stages of life. Art tells us what the hoped to be or not be, but healthcare tells us a lot about who they are. Of course archeology and anthropology deal with ancient or dead civilizations so it’s all guess work and wishful thinking.”


“Still, I can imagine it to be rather fascinating work,” Sair said before taking another bite. A part of her could imagine how nice it might be to be immersed in a culture that was so old that there were no pressing needs to worry about. There must be a great deal of freedom in that sort of work. Meanwhile, Koro was making a mess of the layered dish, and while he was pretty adept at using his fork he had managed to spread to to every edge of his plate and even over the sides. Without any fuss, Sair reached over with her own fork and pushed it all back towards the middle. “Do you have a favourite culture you’ve studied?”

~Sair & Family

Shedda watched Sair with Koro a little wistfully for a moment. Then she put it aside rather than dwell on not knowing. “Favorite…I hate to say that’s easy, but it is. That would have to be the Akuin of Thoveiturn. I spent a year studying the temple ruins in Carcoln Gap on Thoveiturn. After we discovered it, I spent a month trying to figure out the Slioskiolt. There are these massive rocks that have a refined internal crystalline structure and are filled with water. Once aligned and struck correctly the sound continues until one of the Slioskiolt is moved. The harmony and vibration is the most serene sound…feeling I’ve experienced. I sat there for hours, just listening.”


Kel was fascinated. “I don’t know anything about studying ancient cultures, but did someone think they had a spiritual or religions purpose? Or were they just natural phenomenon that had a beautiful effect?” She had always been a more quiet person during meals, but mostly because mealtimes were more rushed. Her daughter though seemed to have grown chattier, though that made sense given her change in profession.

~Sair & Family.

Shedda rocked her head side to side. “We believe they are spiritual. Spiritual rather than religious because we found no mention of deities or supreme beings carved anywhere in the temple or the ruins. Or at least nothing that we translated to understand meant deity. We know the site was important because we found records at other locations that mentioned the temple at Carcoln Gap and individuals and groups making pilgrimages there. Records mention it as a place that brought peace to those that visited. And based on our study of other cultures we assume that means it is spiritual. But it could also be a place that people went to settle disputes. We have yet to discover a Rosetta Stone if you will that has allowed us to accurately translate their writing. The work on Thoveiturn continues so I hope that one day we will know for certain.”


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