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Snipping down ..

“Captain, I am going to check in with the Manhattan.” Shedda agreed, checking on the sun was necessary, but that would mean taking the Manhattan out of the protection of the city, even for just a short time to launch a probe. She didn’t like the prospect of doing so without the away team back on board. She stepped just outside the building and tapped her combadge. =/\=Mal’athar to Manhattan. Status report.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

=^= Lt Longbottom here, Commander. Ship is holding steady on station. We’re monitoring fuel utilization. We totally lost you once you went into the building. No signal or sensor reading on any of you. The building you are at is the stump of a vast power network extending under you. Most of the energy is staying there. Only a fraction is feeding the city itself. =^=
NL Tanner Longbottom

=/\=Aknowleged. We will make sure to check in regularly. Can you tell where the power source is coming from?=/\= Shedda looked back through the entrance way, careful not to enter the building and caught Cochrane’s gaze and waved him over. =/\=Longbottom let me know when you can read the Captain’s signal.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

Cochrane caught the gesture and moved to follow the XO.

=^= All under you. We are reading strangeness that we are still trying to figure out. It’s like the source is there and big but that there is more. Basically though you are sitting on a kind of geothermal plume where these tendrils or roots tap into it like a tree to water. =^=

After a short wait .. Longbottom came back on. =^= There I have him. =^=

Mal’athar would be able to tell that it was just before or just at the point of the Captain stepping out from the threshold of the temple.
NL Longbottom

=/\=Alright, Standby Longbottom=/\=

Cochrane looked at Mal’athar and said “What have you got, XO?”

Cochrane, CO

Shedda faced him but was studying the building they had exited. “First, the Manhattan can’t read us inside the temple at all. They knew we went in, Nd then nothing. Second, apparently, this temple is above a huge geothermal energy source that feeds the whole city. Everythung branches off from here. The city is only using a small fraction of the energy though. Longbottom scalled it a ‘strangeness.’ They can tell it is there and there is more of it but they can’t pinpoint it.”

Mal’athar, XO

“Any better definition of strangeness,” Celina asked. Unseen power sources didn’t sit well with Celina. If they could not get steady reads on it, one had no idea if they were powering up or down until it was often too late.

Celina Creed CTO

“Alright. Once Mr. Wynter can get his eyes on the device, we’ll have a better understanding of just what we are dealing with. Until then, no one leaves the shielded area. Last thing we need is people scattered across time.” Cochrane said.

Cochrane, CO

It seemed to take some time for the Manhattan to come up with some kind of definition for ‘strangeness’. At last he came back on. =^= The power source is several times greater than it seems like it should be. In exo-science at the Academy they brought up an example from the Enterprise D where they ran across a extradimensional vessel that was like a god to the people below. This seems similar. The scans see it then lose it again and something else is there, or not, but pieced together it is like several power sources merged into this one taproot. =^= A pause. =^= Like I said, only a fraction of the power is being used to disperse to the city but all of it is being used, going into the building you are in and it doesn’t come out but for a small amount. =^=
- Longbottom

Shedda looked at Cochrane, “This is probably how their various cities are connected. It could be one is overloading their part of the powersource and that is what is causing the waves. Hopefully Wynter will be able to tell more. He should be with Thera’s expert by now.”

Mal’athar, XO

“I will go look for him,” Celina said glancing at the people in the room and then at the CO and XO. With the security chief off securing and sweeping the perimeter, it left her to hold things down for now with the group they were with. “You all stay together here on this little field trip,” she made a swirling motion with her finger. “I am going to round out our lost engineering chief.” The CE was not really lost but spending time with Thera’s expert. As Celina moved from the space, she tapped her comm badge knowing there was one way to get Max’s attention and out of whatever console had him scrutinizing. =/\=Hey Max have you seen Jasmine?=/\= Waving her hand at the CMO next to her she shook her head as if to hush her off. The gesture got an eye roll from Jasmine but the play made sense. The last time Jasmine wandered off, Max had to take down an illegal organ trade to get her back. That adventure was still fresh enough to perk up Max.

Celina Creed CTO

=/\= Hey Celina. Have you tried the local shopping mall on Nimbus V? I hear they had a sale going, she’s probably taken leave to go get 10% off her next IFEA doctors set. How can I help Cel, my guess is Jasmine is rolling her eyes at you right now standing beside you and you’re just making sure you have my attention. =/\=

Wynter, CE

=/\=You do know your wife=/\= she teased back.

Celina Creed

Stepping over, Mal’athar interjected, =/\=We have some information from the Manhattan you might find useful Cmdr if you would join the Cpt and I just outside the temple.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

The XO would notice first, a change. In her view - for all roads led to Rome in this sense, down a broad crystalline avenue, the distance beyond the city went from a grey, barren landscape, to something green and lush.
- Wookiee

Shedda turned fully taking in and examining the change in scenery while flipping open her tricorder. “Creed? You see this?”

=/\=Mal’athar to Longbottom. Have you picked up any change in the power readings or sensors, environmental, temperal, anything?=/\=

=^= Stand by =^= came the reply. =^= Scanning =^=

“Captain,” she called and pointed behind him, for Alex to look for himself. Then she finally let her gaze move and looked just inside the temple for Priestess Thera. “Priestess Thera,” she spoke calmly, “What has happened?” She asked indicating the landscape.

Mal’athar, XO

Cochrane looked in the direction the XO pointed and cursed slightly. “The more things change, the more they stay the same. Although I have a strong feeling that particular adage is going to prove irrelevant here.”

Cochrane, CO

“The world changes. Often now,” Thera said. “Ever since Bakkalan has begun their attempts to take control cracks have appeared in the world’s landscape. Sometimes it is this - a prehistoric world that is wild and primal. Other times it is a barren world, devoid of all life but our own city. Still others it is a world covered in ruins of a city that spans as far as the eye can see. In another life and technology teems, yet we are invisible to it and, apparently we to it. Scientist Reauna speculates that it is what the world would be like if the evolution of one or another of the cities had progressed independent of the others.” She paused and looked almost wistful at the green scape. “If any of us leave the city it is as if we are time washed. Gone with no trace.”

Longbottom came on. =^= Commander. We are seeing a prehistoric garden of a world out there. Logs show it just appeared. Not there one moment and there the next. There was no temporal change and no power changes. ish. I say ish as there does seem to be some intelligent life out there - reptiliod it must be because that is all the life we’re scanning - as there are power sources dotting the region. Small generators, but powerful. Fusion. From scans they power each a small town community that is clustered about it. That is it. Wait .. detecting a power spike inside the temple you are outside of .. =^=

Within the temple .. the dark gateway that had been pointed out and which was considered as an avenue of communications turned to a swirl of purple and black before quickly solidifying. A moment later dark figures started emerging. Tall as the native Tramelorin’s they appeared bulkier due to gleaming, faceted body armor and visored helmets. They carried stave like objects in their hands ..

  • Wookiee

Cochrane peered into the temple and cursed softly under his breath. “Commander, we have guests. I’m guessing these are the Bakkalanians.” He tapped his comm badge. =/\= Cochrane to Manhattan and Away team. New arrivals are in play. Manhattan, beam down a security team 50 meters west of my position outside the temple. Fully equipped. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

There was a moment’s pause before Longbottom replied, his voice controlled but an octave higher. =^= Transmitting message to security, Captain. Look for them at the road junction at the end of the temple square =^=
- Wookiee

Celina’s hand dropped to her side and her fingers brushed her phaser. Jack’s old saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight crept into her mind. The individuals exiting the gateway were armed to the teeth and her phaser was not going to do anything of consequence if things went south but she wasn’t just going to roll over and lay down.

Celina Creed CTO

The expressions of the Tramelorians were the first outward expression of surprise and shock - the first real serious emotion the party had seen. There were some Tramelorians with them in the temple area, and along with There, Kela and Reauna, reacted initially with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look .. then a race for the door. In response the force leveled their staves. Purple-red bolts shot out with a deep breathy ‘groo’ sound. Where they missed, they splattered/reflected off the smooth inner walls of the temple, causing purple-red flares of light. Two of the Tramelorians were struck and went down. Reauna fell, injured, with a glancing strike to a leg. As There was nearly out a bolt took her at the shoulder and she virtually fell into Cochrane’s arms.
- Wookiee

Cochrane caught Thera and smacked is comm badge simultaneously. =/\= Cochrane to Manhattan! Transport Security to my location asap! Hostiles have engaged with force! =/\= he yelled as he pulled the Tramelorian woman to cover and laid her on the ground. =/\= Prep medical for incoming casualties and beam CMO back to the ship! I want a full security detail here NOW, Manhattan! Away Team! Find cover and defend the Tramelorians as best you can! =/\= he reached into his tunic and pulled out the Type 1 phaser from its pocket. He looked at Thera and said “I don’t think your new guests like you very much.” and he leaned over to get a look at the figures while remaining in cover.

Cochrane, CO

“No she nee,” Jasmine started at the transported beam caught her mid sentence and beamed her back to sickbay.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Shedda pulled the small type one phaser she had inside her pocket out and scanned the area. People were running everywhere and she didn’t want to hit the wrong person. She waited, rather than shooting blindly and then returned fire. Seeing Reauna go down near her, Shedda rushed across the chaos and, thankful for her innate Orion strength, with one arm lifted the woman up and half carried her to cover.

=^=Yes, Sir=^= was the response from a female on the comm.

A moment later the new Chief of Security materialized and took cover with the Captain. The other security officers spread out help protect the others.

“Captain…” a voice at his left elbow called to be heard above the din. “What’s the situation?”

She popped her head up a moment to fire at the closest combatant. It was obvious, to those who knew what to look for, that her training background was more than merely Security Academy training.

Lt JG Juliet Anders

Shedda looked over at Creed. “Lt Creed, I want you to get back to the Manhattan. If these invaders managed to bring a ship through I want you at the controls. Also get a target on that door/gateway. We’ll destroy it if we have to.”

Mal’athar, XO

“Understood,” Celina tapped her comm badge and waited to be beamed back to the Manny.

Celina Creed CTO

Shedda tapped her combadge, =/\=Mal’athar to Cmdr Wynter and Lt Valharra. Find a way to shut that gate way down. We don’t want them bringing reinforcements.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

A swirl of lights and the Tactical officer vanished. Cochrane looked at Anders and said “Get the injured to cover!” and then he leaned towards the door, staying vover but making sure his voice carried into the temple. “Cease fire! Cease fire! I am a representative of the United Federation of Planets! We are here to assist, not fight! There is a solution here that doesn’t require bloodshed! We can help, but you have to stop attacking!”

Cochrane, CO

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