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Posted by Fleet Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Main Sim - City

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Main Sim - City
Cochrane peered into the temple and cursed softly under his breath. “Commander, we have guests. I’m guessing these are the Bakkalanians.” He tapped his comm badge. =/\= Cochrane to Manhattan and Away team. New arrivals are in play. Manhattan, beam down a security team 50 meters west of my position outside the temple. Fully equipped. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

There was a moment’s pause before Longbottom replied, his voice controlled but an octave higher. =^= Transmitting message to security, Captain. Look for them at the road junction at the end of the temple square =^=
- Wookiee

Celina’s hand dropped to her side and her fingers brushed her phaser. Jack’s old saying about bringing a knife to a gunfight crept into her mind. The individuals exiting the gateway were armed to the teeth and her phaser was not going to do anything of consequence if things went south but she wasn’t just going to roll over and lay down.

Celina Creed CTO

The expressions of the Tramelorians were the first outward expression of surprise and shock - the first real serious emotion the party had seen. There were some Tramelorians with them in the temple area, and along with There, Kela and Reauna, reacted initially with a ‘deer in the headlights’ look .. then a race for the door. In response the force leveled their staves. Purple-red bolts shot out with a deep breathy ‘groo’ sound. Where they missed, they splattered/reflected off the smooth inner walls of the temple, causing purple-red flares of light. Two of the Tramelorians were struck and went down. Reauna fell, injured, with a glancing strike to a leg. As There was nearly out a bolt took her at the shoulder and she virtually fell into Cochrane’s arms.
- Wookiee

Cochrane caught Thera and smacked is comm badge simultaneously. =/\= Cochrane to Manhattan! Transport Security to my location asap! Hostiles have engaged with force! =/\= he yelled as he pulled the Tramelorian woman to cover and laid her on the ground. =/\= Prep medical for incoming casualties and beam CMO back to the ship! I want a full security detail here NOW, Manhattan! Away Team! Find cover and defend the Tramelorians as best you can! =/\= he reached into his tunic and pulled out the Type 1 phaser from its pocket. He looked at Thera and said “I don’t think your new guests like you very much.” and he leaned over to get a look at the figures while remaining in cover.

Cochrane, CO

“No she nee,” Jasmine started at the transported beam caught her mid sentence and beamed her back to sickbay.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Shedda pulled the small type one phaser she had inside her pocket out and scanned the area. People were running everywhere and she didn’t want to hit the wrong person. She waited, rather than shooting blindly and then returned fire. Seeing Reauna go down near her, Shedda rushed across the chaos and, thankful for her innate Orion strength, with one arm lifted the woman up and half carried her to cover.

Shedda was limp, eyes wide and in pain as she tried to find life in her injured leg. Thera was unconscious. Phaser whines mixed with groo groo sounds of the invaders but the latter became less as quickly the targets disappeared.

=^=Yes, Sir=^= was the response from a female on the comm.

A moment later the new Chief of Security materialized and took cover with the Captain. The other security officers spread out help protect the others.

“Captain…” a voice at his left elbow called to be heard above the din. “What’s the situation?”

She popped her head up a moment to fire at the closest combatant. It was obvious, to those who knew what to look for, that her training background was more than merely Security Academy training.

Lt JG Juliet Anders

The phaser targeted one of the invaders. The Bakkalian halted as though affected by the strike, though the armor that it possessed reflected most of the beam away. It reflected up to a side wall and, with the crystal nature of the make up reflected twice more off the walls before losing definition. In response, the Bakkalians tapped at a disc at their forearms. They blossomed out into shields.

They did not, however, fire at any of the Tramelorians who had exited, or Starfleet outside of the temple. At least not yet, but looked to take up a position inside the temple and consolidate their position.

Shedda looked over at Creed. “Lt Creed, I want you to get back to the Manhattan. If these invaders managed to bring a ship through I want you at the controls. Also get a target on that door/gateway. We’ll destroy it if we have to.”

Mal’athar, XO

“Understood,” Celina tapped her comm badge and waited to be beamed back to the Manny.

Celina Creed CTO

The transports were quick, depositing Celina back onto the ship, as well as the doctor. As they stepped down, other security groups were coming in to be transported down, their visages professional - and concerned, moves adrenal as they slapped at their weapons to ensure they had everything.

Shedda tapped her combadge, =/\=Mal’athar to Cmdr Wynter and Lt Valharra. Find a way to shut that gate way down. We don’t want them bringing reinforcements.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO


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A swirl of lights and the Tactical officer vanished. Cochrane looked at Anders and said “Get the injured to cover!” and then he leaned towards the door, staying vover but making sure his voice carried into the temple. “Cease fire! Cease fire! I am a representative of the United Federation of Planets! We are here to assist, not fight! There is a solution here that doesn’t require bloodshed! We can help, but you have to stop attacking!”

Cochrane, CO

The initial response was two of the Bakkalians taking their staves and ‘posting’ them on the floor of the temple, some 10 meters apart. An energy barrier, reddish blue and rippling semi-transparent, about two meters in height - barely at their heads - flared into existence. As well, with that, their firing stopped.

“Why do you interfere?” came a reply. The tone had a similarity to that of the Tramelorians, if more gravely and hollow, coming from behind the helmet.

“We aren’t interfering! We are here to help!” Cochrane said. “Whatever is going on is causing ripples of destruction across multiple realities! It has killed members of my crew! We are here to help ensure that destruction doesn’t spread!” He took a breath and stood up and stepped into the doorway, hands raised. “My name is Alexander Cochrane. I am a Fleet Captain in Star Fleet, the space contingent of the United Federation of Planets; a government made up of thousands of planets and systems, and even more species. I command the USS Manhattan, a science and exploration vessel currently above this very spot. Now.. we can help ensure that this situation doesn’t devolve into destruction for anyone and everyone gains from working together.. but we can’t do that if we are trying to kill one another first.”

Cochrane, CO

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