Side Sim: Meeting Captain Cochrane (Att CO)

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Tapping his com badge Davenport addressed the computer, running down the corridor as he did =^= Computer Time? =^=.

=^= The time is 0808hrs =^= the computer responded in a monotone voice. “not good, last thing I want is to be late on my first date” the young doctor spoke aloud racing down the deck, reaching the turbolift he tapped the call button. Standing still Harvey straightened his freshly pressed blue uniform and awaited the arrive of the lift. The eager Lt had 7 minutes to report to the ready room for his first meeting with his new commanding officer.

Although Lt Davenport had served on several ships previously his last posting, at Starfleet medical, had been a lot more relaxed then that of one on a ship.

Stepping into the turbolift, upon its arrival. Dr Davenport stood central and directed the lift to take him to the bridge. Recalling one of his fathers favorite proverbs “to be on time is to be late” he spoke aloud, a wide grin present on his face.

Stepping out of the turbolift, the doctor walked along the back of the bridge exchanging friendly nods with the officers he passed. Reaching the doors to the captains ready room Harvey came to a halt, tapped the call button and awaited permission to enter.

Lieutenant Harvey Davenport.
Chief Medical Officer

“Come in.” a voice said from inside. The door silently slid open to reveal the office beyond. The office was organized, but had the feel of both authority… and peace. Two bookcases on one wall stood with shelves lined with actual books behind their glass doors. Pictures had been mounted around the room showing both places and people, many of them featuring the same person. Various odds and ends graced places here and there.

Displayed prominently, however, alone on a shelf high up on the wall directly behind the desk that sat opposite the door, was the lone figure of a gold Ox. Lighting had been directed so that it drew the eye of anyone who came through the door almost immediately. Below that hung a… coat, for lack of a better word… that seemed to originate from a vid from Earth circa the mid twentieth century. Specifically those years many referred to as ‘the 70’s’.

Seated behind the desk was the Captain. He looked up as the doors opened. His hair was black, making the ice-blue eyes beneath the well-groomed hair even more intense. He had a youthful appearance, somewhat more so than the Fleet Captain’s pips at his collar would seem to indicate. He smiled and stood up and, holding out his hand, he said with a slight British accent “Lieutenant Davenport, I presume?”

Cochrane, CO

Entering the ready room the young doctor, of similar age to the Fleet Captain, looked around the office observing the decor, the young lieutenants eyes were drawn to a figure of a gold ox.

“I am indeed, Lieutenant Harvey Davenport, reporting for duty sir” spoke the doctor in a stern manner, now standing adjacent to the desk, moving cleanly into the position of attention.

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

Cochrane looked at Davenport, then his own outstretched hand, and back to Davenport. “Let’s try this again. First, at ease. Second, take the hand, Lieutenant. I’m not much of a stickler for all the formalities.” and he chuckled.

Cochrane, CO

Easing up, so not to strain something, Davenport took the captains hand and shook it firmly. “understood sir” he responded in a less formal manner.

“May I take a seat” Harvey asked pointing to the vacant chair adjacent to the captains desk.

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

Cochrane smiled and shook his head and said “Yes. Please do. Would you care for a drink? How was your trip through the wormhole?”

Cochrane, CO


Davenport straightened his uniform approached the chair, sitting in it he spoke, “I’ll have a large cranberry juice with ice please” he went on to say.

Cochrane grabbed the drinks and set the juice in front of Davenport and took a seat.

“It was certainly an experience” he began by saying in response to the captains latter question. “sitting in the lounge, looking out of the window it reminded me of a quote spoken by Albert Einstein a 20th century physicist”. Davenport paused taking a moment to breath and refill his lungs before continuing. “The quote went something along the lines of Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere” he concluded in a calm and diplomatic manner.

“Few truer words have ever been spoken.” Cochrane said with a slight smile.

“isn’t it amazing, how far we have come in a matter of years, it seems like only yesterday when aged 12 I had learnt of Voyagers return to the Alpha quadrant. A matter of years later were back” he went on to say. “The crew of Voyager fought to come home and here we are eager to explore”

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

“We are nothing if not curious.” Cochrane said. “So Doctor, tell me about yourself. How did you manage to find d yourself on the short list for the Manhattan?”

Cochrane, CO

Harvey was all ears as the commanding officer spoke. After he finished speaking, Davenport picked up his drink from the table, took a big gulp, relished the flavor, and set the glass back down.

Harvey took a moment to compose himself before speaking. As he straightened his uniform, he began to speak. “Well sir I am but a simple physician” spoke Harvey in a kind manner.

“Sir, as you can imagine, working in the medical field offers both an intriguing and competitive outlook on things” the young physician began by saying with a slight grin on his face.

Composing himself once more he continued to speak “Now in my career I’ve served on big ships, little ships and research bases, all of which have come with there own quirks, you could say I’m here because I long to be in the best posting. That it correct to some respect, however I also like to go were I am needed” Harvey paused for a moment as the room fell silent taking a sip of his drink he went on to speak once more.

“Now the Manhattan is in the great unknown, a place so few have explored our mission not only excites me, it scares me and intrigues me” Harvey said peering out of the window.

“This is were history will be made, this is were I should be” he concluded by saying.

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

Cochrane inclined his head at the man slightly and said “Fair enough. And well said, Doctor. Now.. tell me what you wish to accomplish here in your time aboard. Tell me what you will be like as you take that last step off this ship to your next rotation somewhere. What do you want to be able to look back on your time here and see?”

Cochrane, CO


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