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“Really?” Koro said, his brown eyes wide with curiosity.

Kaia nodded. “You’ll have to ask someone else for advice, I couldn’t tell you what the best sweet things are.”

Sovrk fell silent. He continued to watch the others as he sipped on his drink.
Lt. J.G. Sovrk, CSO

Shedda looked around, there was a fairly decent crowd now. She caught Sair’s eye and nodded. “Alright, if everyone will grab a spot, drinks, or snacks we’re going to start the movie.” The ambient light lowered and after giving everyone a couple minutes to get settled the large screen brightened as colors and images began to play across it. The Croods began to play. “Would you like anything to eat, Sovrk?”

Mal’athar, XO

Sair grabbed some food and took her drink back over to where her mother was wrapped in a blanket in a chair. Koro came racing behind her and snuggled in to Sair, making her smile. She kissed the top of his head and exchanged a look with her mother, who beamed back at her. She didn’t look well tonight, but as always Kel put on a brave mask.

~Sair Songz & family

Kaia didn’t follow Sair or her family, instead making her way over to a tree with low branches and clambering up like a monkey into the tree, her tail wrapping around one of the branches for stability while her hands gripped the plate of goodies - mostly little bits of meat and cheeses, with a fruit or two. There she sat as the film began. A small purr escaped her when the Macawnivore appeared, and she paid closer attention after that.

Kaia, Engineer

Sovrk decided to grab a bag of popcorn. He seperated off giving the others an nod before he himself found a different tree. The Vulcan setteled beneath the tree, using the trunk as a backrest of sorts. He settled in and watched mostly quietly except for the small sounds of him munching on popcorn.
Lt.J.G. Sovrk, CSO
OOC: I’ve actually never seen the movie lol.
D. Inman

Shedda settled on a lounge chair with a hot spiced fruit drink and a slice of so.e ki d of pound cake. The movie was amusing and a d fanciful and the children seemed to enjoy it. That was the goal so Shedda couldn6co.plain about the outcome.

Mal’athar, XO

OOC: Neither have I! lol. Yay for plot summaries.
Koro watched the movie with deep fascination and Sair couldn’t help but smile. The themes of the show ran deep and were probably more obvious to the adults than the kids, and there was something about Eep that resonated with her. In her own ways Sair had been rebelling and chafing against the rules, the dictated order of things, for a long time. Being on the Manhattan so far seemed to be the biggest act of rebellion she could have executed, even if it was wrapped up in the properness of a medical exchange program.

~The Songz family

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