Side Sim: Counsellor's Office - Psych Check in (Att Counsellor)

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Both as a physician and a counsellor Sair had developed a great mask. It was useful and right now she employed it as much to preserve this session that was not about her, but to also not go where she could not right now. “I miss aspects of it at times, but I do not go back, no.” She gestured to the sitting area. “Please, let’s sit and have a chat. And would you like a beverage? I know it’s quite customary for many and I enjoy something warm my hands myself.”

~Sair Songz, CNS

“I see” responded the doctor giving a simple nod. Moving over to the seating area Harvey took a seat in one of the vacant chairs. “I’ll have a cranberry juice with ice please” he asked in a soft manner. “I love how you have decorated your office, it gives off feeling of safety and comfort” he went on to say.

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

She gave him a warm smile. “Thank you. I’m glad for that since that was my hope,” Songz said as she moved to the replicator. “Many people dislike visiting therapists for fear of what might happen. But this is meant to be a safe space for all who enter, so it’s important that it reflects that feeling.”

Their drinks materialized and the Kobliad moved to the other armchair adjacent to him and set their drinks on the coffee table before taking a seat. She held a mug of hot chocolate (something she had learned about in her first stint in the Exchange) and sipped before leaning back and gazing at Davenport. “So, here you are out in the Delta Quadrant, a place of mystery and unknowns. Danger and possibility. What do you think of it all?”

~Sair Songz, CNS

Davenport paused and took a moment to formulate his response. “I believe the easiest way to describe this next chapter is daunting” he began by saying stopping to collect his drink from the table, taking a sip, Harvey held the glass in his hand and spoke once more. “This placement certainly means, I cant take a transport home for tea” he went on to say laughing. “It does however remind me of one of my favorite’s quotes by Einstein a 21st century physicist from Earth” taking a breath Davenport returned his glass to the table before continuing to speak. “The quote read Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere, I find the quote quite a fitting tribute to our mission” He concluded by saying “Its amazing how far we have come in so little time”.

Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

“By ‘we’, who do you mean?” Sair asked. This wasn’t about semantics or anything like that, but about understanding his perspective. Different people saw themselves differently in relation to the galaxy, and understanding his view point would inform her navigation of this conversation.

~Sair Songz, CNS

Harvey listening intently waiting for the councilor to finish. Retrieving his glass from the adjacent table Davenport took a sip returned the glass to the table and spoke. “I guess by ‘we’ I mean the federation” responded the young doctor.

  • Dr (Lt) H Davenport, CMO

“I don’t know that I would classify two hundred and thirty some off years as a short period of time, but I understand your point. I think it depends on your perspective, yes? When your life span is much longer than it used to be, it can definitely shift how you see time,” Songz said.

~Sair Songz, CNS


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