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“One location appears to be the .. problem. But which one?” Reauna mused.

“It’s like a pond. If you drop multiple pebbles in at different spots, the center will ripple more, in an attempt to stop the others.” Zakene said, nodding. “Stop the outside, the inside eventually stabilizes as well.”

Sozi Zakene, Diplomatic Attache

Shedda listened to the back and forth. “Zoon, can you tell us what your world did to try and jump forward on the line? If we can add that information to what we know, we might understand better what to do.” She looked back at the temple building and then the screen again. “Reauna you said that people have gone through the portal but can not return. You didn’t say their movement caused any disruption before, so why has the arrival of Zoon’s group done so?” They may not know now but it was an important point to consider. Or maybe Shedda had misunderstood when they said that people had traveled to the other cities.

Mal’athar, XO

Zoon frowned in thought. “What we did was a brute force attempt in gathering sufficient energy to bend the power stream,” he said, pointing to the linked power cable between the cities. “We thought that if we had enough energy applied into our Machine we could bend the stream to bring us ahead of this one. Would it work? We didn’t know. It failed. The power link to our sun was strained and caused an instability resulting in many solar flares. What happened was that instead of bending over and leap over this it moved the city along the line of the power. What we didn’t know was that there was a temporal aspect to this and we were moving along the stream and, at one point, intersected with this city. It overloaded our power.”

Iliana had so far remained quiet, taking stock of their options but a question occurred to her. “What exactly did your readings indicate had changed? As Commander Mal’athar has suggested, this doesn’t seem to have been a problem before but if we are to try and fix it now, we need to know exactly what has changed this time?”

Lt Kara (CE)

Reauna answered. “From my understanding the energy should simply be flowing from each city source to the ones closest to maintain the link like a conduit. I am working on what I have been told. I’ve never had need to look closer. But now the stone that has been dropped into the water as you said is causing a feedback ripple oscillating from one end to the other and back and drawing more power from wherever it can. If it continues it could simply .. erupt.”

Sovrk had remained quiet for a moment as he continued to think. “That is the question… what is the difference? The only thing that I can think of right now is the rapid succession of pings… one group traveling through so close to the other… it is possible that it could have set off a rapid chain of events… one ripple causing the other to cascade.” He turned to look between Zoon and Reauna. “With your permission I would also like to take scans of the both of you, maybe if time permitted a blood draw as well to see if there is a different composition between your bloods… as you both come from two different realities right?” Sovrk for once looked troubled, some worry leaked through that very carefully put together mask of emotionlessness.
Lt.J.G Sovrk, CSO

Zoon thought the last request odd, but shrugged. With the existence of reality at stake a sample was of little matter. Reauna, too, wordlessly assented.
- Reauna and Zoon

Cochrane thought for a long moment and then said “So we have a few options, it seems. We can either one: try and move Zoon’s city back to it’s original location in space-time. Two, we move the other cities away from the moved one to reestablish the balance. Or three… we cut the link between all the cities and allow them to exist in their own timelines free from the others. Does that sound about right?” he asked the assembled individuals.

Cochrane, CO

Juliet wasn’t sure how whole cities could be moved, but she understood severing power. Without thinking, a thought slipped from her lips loud enough for those closest to hear. “If you draw power from your sun and the overdraw possibly harmed it, is there a way to boost that power? Perhaps something on our ship could hitch up the power a notch or two to put things back to right. You all keep speaking of stones thrown in water, now rippling back and forth. How about, instead a stone, we toss an entire bolder? One large shunt of power that ceases the ripples and maybe stabilizes it?”

She wasn’t sure what made her think of it. As she stopped talking a small part of her brain finished the thought. Or it could just blow everything up down the whole line and destroy it all. But if they were considering severing them all, wouldn’t it be the same thing?

(Obviously not a scientist)
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The two blanched at the suggestions, each one seemingly fearing that at least one of the three would destroy it all. “This is an anchor city,” Zoon said at last. “This is the other end here. Power cycles to the end and then reflects back. What if it would be possible to do that? The energy would cycle nowhere and the feedback loop would end. That would be like that,” he glanced at Juliet, “big rock. With no end what are the chances of these energy streams fading?”

“We would have to try to travel there,” Reauna said in a tone that suggested she was dubious of that.
“I did it. It is possible.”
“I can access the machine, but I do not know how to change it.”
“I may know that, but I cannot do it alone.”
“Our city has not the power to do it,” Reauna said. “To open such a bridge we would need more power .. ” she glanced at Cochrane.
- reauna and Zoon

Iliana nodded as she pulled up a quick schematic. “If we use a focussed energy beam from the deflector array I think we can provide enough power to reestablish the link with a few tweaks to the system. That said, we would need some further scans to calculate the exact power required, I wouldn’t want to overdo it and leave you in a worse position. “ she added.

Lt Kara (CE)

Sovrk had set about getting scans of the each of them while he digested the information he had recieved. He had managed to scan one of the two.

“It is likely we may need all the energy we can get… if we had more information on the technology then we could use the data to make simulations. It may not be a bad idea to supply energy with both methods.” Sovrk added as he finished up the first scan.

Cochrane looked at Sovrk. “Get us a detailed scan of the system’s sun. Let’s see if we can use it to supplement the power to the machine.” He looked at Zoon and said “You said something about your link to your sun being unstable. What if we were able to stabilize that link and reset you to your correct temporal position? That would balance out the draw… correct?” He looked at Anders and Sovrk. “That’s what we are talking about, right?”

Cochrane, CO

“Yes Captain.” The Vulcan put away the tricoder and stood. He looked thoughtful. “If we were able to reconnect them as they should be it should help to fix the situation. The other thing I could think of to help do so would be to be to sever the connections and then reestablish them… I will get into contact with the ship.” The man then walked around teying to get a com link estabilshed with the ship.
Lt.J.G Sovrk, CSO

OOC: If I remember right, it is hard to make com contact right?
D Inman

OOC: Nope, comms work normally. At least for now. glares at Wookie


Sovrk tapped the combadge on his chest. =^=Sovrk to the Bridge=^=

He gave a pause and waited on a response.

=^=Do what you must to obtain a full detail analysis of the sun. Look for the potential energy output we may be able to achieve by using it as a source.=^=
Lt. J.G. Sovrk, CSO

They were taking her seriously!

It had surprised Juliet that her suggestion had merit. To be honest, she thought they would shake their heads at the least, or laugh at the most. Once they started discussing possibilities, she started thinking of ramifications. “Sir,” she turned slightly and lowered her voice to Cochrane. “Should we get more security? If this works I’m sure celebrations will erupt. And if it fails, this could get ugly, very fast.”


Cochrane shrugged. “Either way, we cannot interfere. All we can do is what we can to keep the issues this conflict has created from spilling out further. The temporal waves have ro be stopped. That is the mission. Other than that? These two cities are on their own. We cannot interfere unless we are in danger.”

Cochrane, CO



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