Side Sim - Engineering - Welcoming the new CE

Posted June 2, 2023, 8:17 a.m. by Lieutenant Kara Iliana (Chief Engineer) (Emily S.)

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Posted by Lieutenant Kara Iliana (Chief Engineer) in Side Sim - Engineering - Welcoming the new CE

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She slid behind the nearest console and took a look at the readouts. “So, what’s our warp efficiency at the moment?” She asked casually, flicking through various screens.

Lt Kara (CE)

Kaia smiled slightly at the reply, then jumped back onto her special step-stool. It was attached to the floor so it wouldn’t become a projectile if the ship turned suddenly. She even had a little buckle so she wouldn’t become a projectile. She looked over to NE Nohl, who had that kind of info up on their display.

Nohl glanced up, then spoke. “We’re up to 82%, which is better than we were yesterday. Still could get some improvements. There’s an irregular fluctuation in the Port Nacelle conduits but I haven’t been able to diagnose the issue yet. Doesn’t match any of the potential catastrophe scenarios in the handbook so I hadn’t brought it up.”

Kaia, Engineer. Makin up some trecknobabble?

Iliana peered at the schematic and nodded. “Hmm, not catastrophic but if we need to get anywhere fast it’s going to be a problem. I’d like to at least try and isolate the problem, do we have anyone who specialises in warp physics?” She asked curiously. It was one of her specialities but she was keen to see the team in action.

Lt Kara (CE)

“My focus at the Academy was mostly mechanics and comp-sci,” Kaia said with a small apologetic shrug.

Johnson raised a hand briefly. “I worked a bit on Warp Physics, but I spent a lot more time in Propulsion.”

T’raath also nodded. “I am quite interested in Warp Physics. I spent a few decades in Stellar Cartography, which led me indirectly through Warp Physics to becoming an engineer.”

Grant just gave a noncommittal shrug. “Electrical Engineering. I know conduits work like the back of my hand, but I only got the intro courses on Warp stuff.”

Nohl shook their head. “I majored in Programming.”

  • Kaia and the engineer NEs.

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IC: Iliana nodded as each gave a bit of their background. “Ok, well until we know where the issue lies, it could well be mechanical so Kaia and T’raath, would you care to join me crawling through some conduits?” She asked with a wink, hinting at how much she loved to get her hands dirty.

Lt Kara (CE)

T’raath looked as disappointed as a Vulcan was capable of looking. He raised an eyebrow.

Kaia gave a small grin, mouth full of sharp teeth that made NE Grant shudder for a moment, then she nodded. “Time to climb around a warp nacelle!”

Kaia, Engineer

Iliana smiled back, excited to get her first up close peak at the heart of engineering but also to see her new team at work. She grabbed an engineering kit and gestured for Kaia to lead the way. “After you Ensign,” she added with a wink, glad to see someone as passionate about engineering as she was.

Lt Kara (CE)

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