A Day With Koro

Posted June 2, 2023, 3:17 p.m. by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) (Lindsay B)

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in A Day With Koro

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in A Day With Koro

Posted by Commander Shedda Mal’athar (Executive Officer) in A Day With Koro


Harv nodded once and went to work. In a slightly longer time than it took to make Koro’s sandwich, he had another sandwich made up. A different bread,slightly more firm than Koro’s, held some kind of cold deli salad with various vegetables on top; all held together with two large toothpicks.


“This looks delightful. Thank you Harv,” apparently Shedda was on her very best, exceptional behavior with her young friend around, or perhaps she was simply relaxed. “Come on Koro let’s sit at a table. After you can come learn more of Harv’s magic.” She led the way back out of the kitchen. She sat at the table and tried bot to be dubious about the sandwich. It looked complicated. She was however pleasantly surprised that it had a strong flavor but not too many of them. The bread also reminded her of home.


Koro set his sandwich on the table, clambered back into a chair, and continued munching on his lunch. He looked out the windows every so once in awhile between bites, but mostly he was just focused on eating. About three-quarters through, Koro looked up at Shedda with a curious look. “Shedda, I got Mirane a present. Could I do something for Mira too? And maybe Surane when he gets here?”


Shedda finished her bite before answering. “I think that would be a lovely idea. Let’s see how much time we have left after you help Chef Harv with his kitchen magic. If not, I will take you my next day off, okay?”

“Okay!” Koro, his usual amiable self accepting the answer.

Shedda finished her food and waited for Koro. Then she grabbed their plates to return. “Ready to go help?”


With an eager nod, Koro slipped off the chair and grabbed his plate, rushing to the kitchen, though he paused to step in carefully so he wouldn’t run into anyone. Mira had warned him about that often enough.

“Harv! Can we do magic now?” he said, slipping his plate up onto the counter.


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