A Day With Koro

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Shedda grinned. “Yes, serious.” She emphasized the r slightly while confirming he had remembered the eight word. “All adults can be like that sometimes. “Well we have quite the list of things to do after. Let’s focus on the kitchen magic and then we can see how much time we have, okay?”


Koro nodded enthusiastically and turned to Harv. “What are we going to make, Harv?” he said, bouncing on his toes a couple of times. The chance to do something else for Mirane and maybe play with bubbles? It was turning out to be a great day!


Shedda watched with amusement as Koro bounced with excitement. She had to admit she was curious what magic Harv had that would help make Sair’s mother feel better. Though having met Kel, Shedda was sure that anything Koro did for her would bring joy to her day. Koro was pretty independent and usually would ask for help when he needed it, so Shedda stood back and just watched.


Harv smiled and said “Well… when someone doesn’t feel too good, it affects their appetite. So we try to make something they can eat without too much effort on their part. Soup is the go-to magic for such times.” He pointed at the pot and said “And that is where we do the magic, so get it really clean, okay? Let me know if you need help, and I’m going to go get us all that we need for the spell.” He smiled at Koro and then walked to the back of the kitchen.


Reaching for the scrubber, Koro nodded eagerly and scrubbed at the spots he could see. His concentration was so intense that the tip of his tongue stuck out. After a couple minutes, he scrunched his eyes and then looked at Harv. “is it clean enough for magic?”


Harv looked at the pot and smiled. “I think so. Ok. Let’s begin.” He knelt down and looked at Koro, placing his hands on the boy’s shoulders. “Now listen, this is important. When we are doing the magic, the food will take in whatever you are feeling. Joy, sadness, anger… whatever you feel will go into the food. So you want to think of happy times. Good times. Make sure all your happiness goes into the food. Then, when your grandmother eats it, she will feel that happiness. And it will help her feel better. Ok?”

Chef Harv

It was true. Shedda had seen it time and time again during digs and reconstructions. The feelings and intents came through clearly in the remains of what was left behind. Those were physical permanent, or semi permanent, things. She saw no reason why it would not apply to food. The smell and taste of food certainly could trigger strong emotional responses and memory. Shebgave Koro an encouraging smile. If today’s conversations were any indication he had plenty of happiness to pour into it.


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