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Posted Sept. 29, 2023, 7:21 p.m. by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) (Cassa D)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Side Sim-Mind Time (TAG CNS)

Posted by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) in Side Sim-Mind Time (TAG CNS)

Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in Side Sim-Mind Time (TAG CNS)
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Devin paused outside the counselor’s suite. It wasn’t she didn’t like counselors. She didn’t mind talking about most of her problems but spiders where one thing that she went orbits around if at all possible. She hated arachnids. They were just so creepy and so many legs. The eyes didn’t bother her much and getting tangled in webs as a kid was not an experience she enjoyed or wanted to repeat ever. During the academy she had been extremely lucky none of her room mates had pet spiders. Other folks did but not her group thank goodness. She ran the chime and waited for a response. Once this is done I can tour the ship before my shift. she thought to herself.


Devin Kindle SO (weakness peppermint, chocolate and gorgeous eyes)

“Enter,” a lyrical voice sounded through the door comm.

Inside, Sair was sitting in one of the armchairs, reading a PADD. She stood when her visitor entered, not expecting anyone just now. Standing fairly tall for many humanoid species, the Kobliad had straight pink coloured hair that fell to her chin. Her light brown eyes were deeply set amongst the prominent vertical facial ridges that split her hairline, intersected by thinner horizontal ridges. As she looked up, her base expression gave her something of a stern look. Most definitely on the lean side, the counsellor worse simple black trousers and a dark blue tunic that she had adopted in her previous stint on a Starfleet facility: her version of a uniform. She did have a standard combadge though.

What a pretty pink never seen that shade of hair before. Devin thought softly to herself as the looked up at the tall person before her, she did not know the species on sight but would ask when it was polite to do so, the eyes looked a warm brown from her point of view. She did not immediately sit, “Good morning I know I don’t have an appointment but I was hoping to get my boarding eval done if you have the time? If not I can come back when you are available.”

Once she was certain that she not interrupting then Devin took a seat smoothly regarding the counselor curiously, she was intrigued by the appearance and the pretty pink hair.

Kindle, SO

A large area rug in muted blues, greys and greens spanned half of the therapy area in front of her desk and she had set a small round coffee table in front of a small sofa and two arm chairs, all in a blue-grey colour. Behind that was a simple desk, with two basic chairs in front and a pale wooden shelving unit to the left by the replicator.

Next to the door was a stone sculpture that was half the height of the door. Carved out of white dolomite, it was a miniature replica of the giant tree that was in the lobby of the Assembly Complex in Kobliad’s capital. The tree had a wide trunk with the appearance of a thick bark and was easily deciduous with sweeping branches with teardrop shaped leaves. Carved around the trunk of the tree were arms with hands seeming to hold the tree and they wound themselves up the trunk.

“Hello, please come on in. What I can do for you?” Sair asked, gesturing to the seats near her.

~Sair Songz, CNS

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