Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)

Posted Sept. 29, 2023, 7:30 p.m. by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) (Cassa D)

Posted by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) in Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)

Posted by Lieutenant Ben Hudson (Chief Medical Officer) in Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)

Posted by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) in Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)
Devin didn’t mind Sickbay on down time. When it was hopping/busy filled with more than three folks wounded, nope she really preferred to be anywhere else at all. It wasn’t the blood or guts that bothered her. It was the sometimes random loud thoughts of different folks in pain that bothered her. Not that she ever complained out loud about it. She knew better. Still it was pretty quiet when she walked in and gave a cheeky grin at the first person to look like a medical officer. “Hello, Devin Kindle reporting for my physical eval if the Doctor isn’t busy currently?”


Devin Kindle SO (major weakness for pretty eyes, peppermint, and chocolate)

The Nurse looked up at Devin as she walked into sickbay, and tapped on a console. =^= Doctor Hudson, you have another one. =^= the Nurse said.

Devin had a split second of hesitation narrowly stating if he was being swamped with evals and such she could come back later but the Nurses next words got her to pause her response.

“Please, take a seat.” she indicated toward a spare chair. “The Chief Medical Officer will be out shortly. We’re still waiting for some more crew from Starfleet, so he’s having to do a fair chunk of the medicals.” she explained. “Feel free to get a drink from the replicator whilst you wait.”

Nurse Ryder

Devin took a seat in a smooth motion, she didn’t need a drink. “I’m fine thank you.” she said lightly. No need to be more of a presence than needed. Devin wasn’t great at medical stuff but she knew a few that were, after more information she might send off a letter or two to see if her more medically-inclined friends might want to join the Manny.

Kindle, SO


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