SIM Intro - The Lost Latinum Mine of Terra Nova

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Long range scans didn’t show anything that was surprising. Any ‘hits’ were locals with identifiers. Thermal scans on the Red Dwarf would indicate that it was the temperature of ambient space around. It had been that way for some time. Years perhaps. Any residues or additional forensics would need to be done on site for more clarity.

Shedda scanned the information, “There is no known final flight plan filed. He had stakes along the rim and was known to frequent the frontier planet ‘Chance’. Maybe there is credence to his treasure hunting? Maybe he got caught in a similar way as Voyager and ended up out here?” As an archeologist, Shedda knew that even the most fantastic stories usually had some basis in perceived truth. Or at least enough clues to point the way.

Mal’athar, XO

Once the XO was done giving report Sovrk spoke up. “Sir, there seems to be no suspicious warp signatures, no traces of heat or any indications of what may have initaially hit them… the Red Dwarf has been here a while maybe months.... potentially even years.” He said as he scowled slightly at the sensor readings.

“Well, alright then. Helm, get us to the Red Dwarf. We’ll see what we can find once we get there. Oh, and see if you can find ‘Chance’ on the star charts. We may be paying them a visit.” Cochrane said. He then tapped the comms. =/\= Chief Engineer to the bridge, please. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Lt.J.G. Sovrk, CSO

The turbolift doors opened, and a brown haired lieutenant walked out on to the bridge.

“Well, I’ve got sickbay ready. Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Ben asked, a hint of frustration showing through his British accent.

Lt Hudson

“Dr. Hudson. Have a seat,” the Commander pointed to an empty station. “Long range scans have picked up an old ship, the Red Dwarf, and it has been heavily damaged.” She tapped her console and sent the information they had on the ship to co sole near him. “Thermal scans show it is the same ambient temperature of the space around it. Been like that for awhile.”

Mal’athar, XO

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The Library computer would note that ‘Chance’ was a name that lasted until 2377 at which time it was determined that the name was bad luck by some but generally it was more likely that the council didn’t like it as it seemed to attract ‘bad characters of ill repute’. The system, and primary planet aka Chance, was renamed and classified in the Starfleet system as Brock, ostensibly after the ancestor of one of the founders, that being a famous General Brock. That, however, was not so popular and sprouted a number of rebellion names of towns and places such as the town of Serendipity, Opportunity and Providence with many a lodging by the name of the Last Chance Saloon or Chance Casino and the like .. but it definitely was on the star charts.

Brock World was governed by a loose assembly of representatives from five planetary settled regions. Presently the Chair of the Assembly was one William (Bill) Wyatt. It was 12.8 light years away. Once ‘frontier’ Brock World was firmly in the midst of the Federation mid-core region now.

Soon the Manhattan reached the area of the derelict ‘Red Dwarf’, its slow tumble through space was uninhibited by anything.
- Wookiee

“All right…” Cochrane said, “… let’s see what we are dealing with. Full sensor sweep and let’s send a probe for a closer look. Engineering. Science. Work together to see if we can tell how long she has been out here and what happened to cause her to be out here all by herself.”

Cochrane, CO

An area sensor sweep showed all quiet. Had there been disturbances related to the Red Dwarf it was not from the present area where it was drifting. It was tumbling slowly in space but carrying a momentum of less than 1/10 impulse along its vector.
- wookiee

Shedda asked at karge to science, ops, helm, “Can we speculate on its possible course? Try and backtrack exactly where it came from?”

Mal’athar, XO

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The heading to ‘where’ he was going, or potentially fleeing from before whatever happened to the Red Dwarf was roughly in the direction of Alpha Centauri which is where Jake Moran held some property. Unfortunately where he came from could have been from anywhere. Tracing back it didn’t hold any easy prospects for where Jake had come from. Computer analysis would spit back that given there was damage to the ship and assuming either a run for it or even possible battle that the probability of any origin was .. unlikely. The nav computer on board would, if it was able to be accessed, better than their guesses.

“Alright then… I think it’s time for the crew of the Manhattan to stretch their legs a bit.” Cochrane said. “I want a Security team on the Dwarf to do a full sweep, followed by an Engineering and Science detail. Let’s find out everything we can about Mr. Moran, the ship, and the situation surrounding this ship.” He looked at Mal’athar and said “Let’s get a complete download of the computer core and nav systems, as well as a full scan of the interior of the ship. This has the feeling of a smuggler’s vessel, so let’s account for every square inch of interior space.”

Cochrane, CO

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Shedda nodded and stood up, “Cmdr Fayth. Assemble your team in Transporter Room 1. EVA suits for everyone. Even if the power can be restored and there are no hull breaches, at ambient space temperature it will be too cold to operate otherwise.”

Sovrk nodded and stood up. He stepped away from the console and another science crewman took his spot at the science station. He then looked to the Captain. “I will go get my tricoder and meet the team in Transporter room 1 if that is alright with you captain.”
lt. J.G. Sovrk (CSO)

“Of course. Get to it, Lieutenant.” Cochrane said with a grin.

“Bring a forensic kit as well Lt.” Shedda said to Sovrk. =/\=Mal’athar to Kaia. Report for away team duty. EVA suit, power transfer units, database download drives, as well as basic kit.=/\= Shedda looked at Alex, “We will maintain open comms, Captain.” Then she stepped into turbolift for deck 3.

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Mal’athar, XO

“Get us a live feed form the EV suits on the Main Screen when the team deploys.” Cochrane said. “And I want full monitoring of vitals at all times. Any sign of trouble, beam them out.”

Cochrane, CO

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