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The XO entered Transporter Room 1 wearing her EVA suit, carrying the helmet under her arm. She had a trocorder and phaser attached to her belt. Nodding to the transporter chief, Shedda slipped the helmet on and clicked it into place. She waited for the rest of the away team to arrive.

Mal’athar, XO

Kaia rushed into the Transporter room soon after Shedda, still carrying a few parts of her EVA suit in their carrying case under one arm, and the helmet under the other. “If someone could help me out with attaching these components, I’d appreciate it,” she lifted the case, which contained the tail portion of her suit as well as the part of it that connected to her Prosthetic arm. Those portions were particularly finicky, especially the tail part, and she struggled to attach them without assistance. “I didn’t catch whether we’re dealing with vacuum, toxic atmo, or a different environmental hazard, that changes how I deal with the right arm.” In simple vacuum, Kaia had an attachment that would create a vacuum-sealed connection with her prosthetic just above the wrist, allowing normal operation of the prosthetic without a suit in the way. It made life easier on space walks, maintaining her dexterity when interacting with tools. If they were going into a corrosive or biohazardous environment, it was safer to contain the arm in a full sleeve.

Kaia, Eng

“That is because we don’t know, Ensign. The ship we are going over to has taken damage, is powered down, and at the ambient temperature of space. We know nothing else. Better to be extra cautious,” the XO replied. “Here, I will help you.” Following Kaia’s instructions they were soon done.

Mal’athar, XO

Sovrk entered a bit later after. He had along with his scientific tricoder, he also seem to be equiped with a medical one as well as the requested forensics kit. His blue EVA suit fit him like any other standard issue suit. “I know… it may seem odd… but I have my reasons.” He said as he stepped up on to the transporter pad.
Lt. (J.G.) Sovrk, CSO

With the XO’s help attaching the tail protection and arm parts to her suit, Kaia put on the extra layer (safety first after all), then picked up her EVA engineering tools from a cubby near the Pad. “Okay, ready to go.”

Kaia, Engineer

“Security will take point until we know the ship is clear. Then we’ll work on restoring power and life support. Every inch of the ship should be checked, even something that seems unimportant. Cpt Cochrane said this sounds like a smugglers ship. So leave nothing to assumption.” Mal’athar set her phaser to stun and took a place on the pad letting security take their positions around the rest.

Mal’athar, XO

“Good thing I’m familiar with smuggler’s ships.” Eilah said casually as he headed in. “Ensign Kindle! We’re heading in first. Get your EVA suit ready.”

~ Fayth, COS

Smuggler’s ships. Yeap those are fun to investigate. Some had nasty surprises for the uninvited. She figured between them the security team would keep it simple and everyone should be back on the ship without too much trouble. She finished getting her suit sealed up and followed Eilah and she gave Kaia a thumps up seeing her as she followed to the transporter pad.

Kindle, SO

Kaia gave her new friend a Thumbs-up in return and wrapped her tail around her leg so no one would accidentally step on it. She readied herself for the transporter, a slight chill running through her fur. Kaia wasn’t superstitious, but going through Transporters always made her just a little nervous.

Shedda nodded as Fayth and his team got into position. “Alright everyone. Captain wants open comms and linked video feed. Go ahead and turn them on.”

When she got the nod from everyone that they were ready, she looked at the transporter Chief. “Energize chief.”

Mal’athar, XO

Kaia, Eng

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The team transported into darkness. According to the beam in they were in the central portion of the Dwarf where there was a branching corridor. Two curved off left and right toward aft. One was straight toward the fore bridge. The design of the corridor was not smooth but sectional with utilitarian floor plates, a single lighting strip following the central peak of the rounded corridor that itself was bordered with thick cabling. The corridor sections were each rounded making it feel as though the away team was moving about through the insides of a gigantic caterpillar.

From downloaded schematics the away team could see that they were close to the lounge and quarters if they followed the corridor left or right and beyond that were engineering and the storage bays.

All this would be seen through the lighting of the EVA suits and lamps. Dust motes floated about in the air along with stray, small items .. a napkin, a fork, a data chip, along with general debris. It was not ‘thick’ but present.
- Wookiee

The comms came to life and the Captain’s voice came through. =/\= Manhattan to Away Team. =/\= Cochrane said. =/\= First up, grab that data chip. Next, secure the Bridge and Engineering. Security, do a full sweep of all spaces. Science and Engineering, see what you can do about getting power on to any systems you can. Be careful. Go slow. =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Shedda’s hand appeared in the feed as she grabbed the data chip out of the air. She flipped her tricorder open, taking scans of the area as the passed. Looking for damage, secret holds, dangerous materials, life… most likely deceased life. =/\=Aye, Cpt.=/\= She wondered how much Cochrane wished he was over here.

“Cmdr Fayth, start your sweep towards engineering, then move on from there.”

Mal’athar, XO

Once in hand the data chip was more of an old style library tape used a century earlier, this one with a glazed surface but still of that old type which was a precursor to the isolinear chip. Within this portion of the ship there was no overt damage seen, though in one place opposite two living quarters, on the right side, was looked to be a blown out power relay that left a blackened stain along the bulkhead wall. On the left side of the corridor were the two doors. One was open - the second one.

It was quickly evident that there was no ‘science’ area. Scans indicated engineering corridor was accessible by a small side corridor that ended in a jeffries tube. Ladders went up and down. Beyond on the main corridor it led to storage bays. No life readings were found. Yet.
- Wookiee

Sovrk kepted close to the others. He had his own tricoder out and was taking in similar scans as the XO. He looked and his frown deepend as he stuck with Cmdr Faith. “I will help with securing and possibly restoring Engineering if you don’t mind Commander. Then we may be able to pull something from the ships computer.”
Lt. (J.G.) Sovrk, CSO

The Jeffries Tube heading up went to a chamber controlling the warp drive.

The Jeffries Tube heading down went to a somewhat more cramped chamber controlling the impulse engines, life support, inertial dampers and the like.

Both were a shambles. Burnt out consoles and control boards were flame swept and blackened from blowing out from the insides through an overload. The Impulse Drives were a molten ruin, the deuterium fuel long having leaked out of a rupture in its tank. Life support and inertial dampers too were damaged beyond repair. The warp drive portion of engineering was in no better shape. The small matter-antimatter chamber had apparently auto ejected and was missing entirely. One side of the chamber had experienced a burst plasma conduit that sprayed, splattered and in part melted consoles and bulkhead portions where it had touched it.

The one small hope lay in that the engineer would find that with a critical hit that damaged engineering the power couplings to the battery backup had been severed and, on first glance looked intact. How good they might be if at all after all this time was uncertain.

All this checking done in the dark and by torches made the scene eerie and ghostlike and quiet, and each space where flames, plasma or explosion touched was like looking at old images of the Titanic far underwater.
- Wookiee

Shedda looked around. She kind of loved it. Reminded her of digs in caves and caverns. “Lt Kaia, Lt. Sovrk and I will help you down here. We don’t need warp or impulse. Just life support and get the computer running. Cmdr Fayth, take your team and check the rest of the ship, then report back.”

Mal’athar, XO

“We’ll get to it,” Kaia said with a determined expression on her face, examining everything with an overview.

Sovrk looked around himself as they entered the room. His face as unreadable as ever. “At first glance.... lots of this looks melted, it will be a long shot in the dark.” He said as he moved over to one of the largest consoles with the least amount of damage and tried to look for any salvagable parts or pecies.
Lt. J.G. Sovrk, CSO

The ship had a feeling of cramped. It was built for cargo or prospecting and everything else was there for that purpose without a lot of room to spare. Engineering exhibited that well. Sovrk would find that consoles were at a premium; most of the machinery here was to make the ship move and principal controls looked to be from the bridge. That said, there was a solitary sorry looking console that had seen better days. It had been spared much of the damage but for a crack running diagonally across the screen. Nearby a metal crate had been welded to the deck and opened by three hasps. In that Sovrk would find a random scattering of parts piled in there like so many golden doubloons.

After a moment or two of Sovrk digging around in the chest welded to the floor he called out. “There are a number of spare parts here, maybe not much for the state the rest of the ship is in.... but we may be able to jerryrig something if need be to help restore the power.” He said as he stood up looking thoughtful.

Eilah nodded to Shedda and exited the room to check the ship with a team, heading towards the bridge.

~ Fayth, COS

Forward the bridge had seating for two. One seat was smaller than the other and looked worn, cracked and well used. The other, by the odds and ends floating about the bridge, probably held the now floating flotsam. One of the viewports was starred with cracks and fractures. Damage here looked more limited to some localized power overloads on a panel or three. This bridge had been heavily modified where virtually everything was within reach of the small command seat making it look more like the image of an old airplane cockpit.

“I’ll start on the batteries, they look like they might be… salvageable.” Kaia shuddered slightly, then started to go through the various parts and pieces around the backups. “Maybe there’s even power in there.”

Kaia, CE

Kaia would hit a victory in that a scan of the batteries showed that with them severed from the rest of the ship that they still had power to them, registering at about 70%, at least according to his HER scan and engineering savvy given that there was no gauges or anything that could tell him her accurately. But there was power there.
- Wookiee

“Looks like there’s power in the batteries!” Kaia informed the team, hoping to bring some smiles to their faces at the hopeful news. “I’m going to prioritise getting power to the computer Core. Sovrk, if you could work on the connections between here and life support, I’m going to trace the main power conduits between here and the computer core and see if anything needs replacing or fixing before we can actually start the power up. Don’t want to get life support up just to start an electrical fire because of some bad power conduits. I won’t be more than ten, fifteen minutes. Comm me before you try to turn anything on.”

As the minutes passed and the Away Team worked to find and fix what they could, the comms activated and the Skipper’s voice came through. =/\= XO. Status report. What does it look like over there? =/\=

Cochrane, CO

Sovrk, CSO

Shedda activated her comms. =/\=It’s pretty bad, Captain. Warp and impulse are gone. Anti-matter was ejected. There have been explosions. Cursory glance looks like a power surge cascaded, but not confirmed. Lt Kaia found some batteries that have a bit of power, and is trying to use those to restore power. The computer consoles are broken, hull damage. It’s like an Akvellian tomb over here. Cmdr Fayth’s team is sweeping the rest of the ship. We won’t know if the memory core survived until we get power back on.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

=^= Are there any casualties, Commander? =^= Ben piped up, curious as to why there was no comment about any life forms, despite the apparent extensive damage.

Lt Hudson

=/\=Not that we have found so far. The ship is not huge, but we haven’t searched it all yet.=/\=

Mal’athar, XO

“Do we know where the core should be on this ship?” Kaia looked at her data PaDD, not sure if there were specs for the wreck. Or even a scan?

Kaia, CE
“It can’t be too far… this is a small ship.” Sovrk said before he turned and shook his head.

According to general specs for that class of ship - even modified heavily the computer ‘core’ would be in the same region. That was accessible through an engineering station just off the main corridor that was in itself a nook. The computer core was noted as being behind an access panel to the right of the nook - that being a not so huge Jeffries Tube like hatch. A small ship like this didn’t have a particularly voluminous computer core.

Kaia opened up the access panels with a little bit of work and started hooking up the best-looking cables between the battery and the computer core. “Commander, we should have the computer core running in just a few moments.”

“Thank you, Lt. Once you do, let’s get it downloaded so we can examine the files back on Manhattan.” Shedda moved out of the area they were in to give Kaia and Sovrk’s way. She peeked into areas she could see and try to determine where the cargo hold and any hidden areas might be. They would be concealed, but she’d spent enough time in archeological ruins to know when dimensions didn’t line up.

Further work at the life support would deem that that was going to be a hopeless cause. There was just too much damage to it. They may be able to piece something together from replicated parts from the Manhattan and a separate power supply but really, chances are logistically you’ll not be aboard long enough to put that much effort into it - that of course being pending what the Captain has to say about it.

Battery power would take some of the spare cabling from the box to run a length to the main power distribution system node. That in itself was a bit of a mess from overloads but Kaia could see tinkering possibility to rob from Peter there to pay Paul here to jury rig power for a time.

“The life support is unsalvagable without a lot of work. I don’t think it would be worth fixing at this time. Unless it was deemed absolutly necessary. While you’re checking the connections to the core, I’m going to check the other parts of the EPS grid for the same reason… we don’t want to accidently explode when flipping the switch as it were.” He said completely serious in his usual Vulcan way.

If the commander didn’t object then Sovrk would see if there was a spanner in any of the small storage compartments before going off to check the EPS grid.

“Then let’s skip life support, we have our suits. Check the EPS grid and coordinate with Lt. Kaia,” Mal’athar agreed.

Meanwhile Fayth, following a short corridor off of the bridge that had been labeled in a rather faded plate ‘Auxiliary Control’ .. she turned and was face to face with something only seen vaguely from the flashlight which in itself was pointing forward and not up - a ghostly visage with empty eye sockets and mouth in an open silent scream .. that looked like it was coming straight for her ..
- Wookiee
Lt.J.G.)Sorvk, CSO

Devin blinked at the corpse, she couldn’t tell if it was human or something else the decay was enough that it was up to medical science to figure it out at least from her perspective. She wasn’t thrilled at seeing the dead but she wasn’t unused to it either. It was a startling sight but not enough to upset her stomach or anything. If it had been arachnid or something close she might have said a word or two that wasn’t quite professional but she would have recovered quickly enough in most cases. “Sir found a corpse. Not certain but it looks likes it’s been a while since it’s been here.”

Kindle, SO

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Eilah stopped with a jump as he came upon the body himself. “Ah, that’s… not what I expected.” He gave the corpse a disgusted look, but didn’t seem too disturbed. “Any ideas why they died?” He asked, shining his flashlight at it.

~ Fayth, COS

Kaia, CE

Mal’athar, XO

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