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The perk of being a senior officer was larger quarters, but not everyone wanted or needed the space, so she too was curious what Kaia would choose to do.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“I don’t think I will, to be honest,” Kaia answered, smiling. “I don’t really need all that space, and I think I’d find it overwhelming and a little, ah… what’s the opposite of claustrophobic? I’m accustomed to small spaces, and I think trying to sleep in such a huge area would not work out well.” She remembered her childhood bed, a hole that had been carved into the heartwood of the home tree, just large enough for her (and a ton of blankets and stuffed animals) to squeeze into. She always wiggled around so that her head was peeking out the opening, the rest of her body encased in a cocoon of warmth. The memory made her smile. “I’m quite small as well, I really don’t need such a large space.”

Kaia, CE

Sair nodded, feeling she had guessed correctly.

Ben chuckled. “Yes, I guess it would feel a bit empty with too large a room. And it saves you the hassle of moving quarters.” He replied. He never enjoyed the hassle of assignment changes and having to pack and unpack everything.

Turning to the Counsellor, he offered out his hand. “Forgive me, I don’t think we have meet. Is it Sair?” He asked, recalling Kaia’s greeting.

Lt Hudson

The pink-haired Kobliad smiled and shook his hand, though it was not her custom. She had been around Humans enough that she didn’t mind it. It was more a cultural thing than a personal issue and as she was reminding herself all the time, thing son her world were changing and they were capable of being open-minded. “Sair Songz, ship’s counsellor,” she said, notably not listing any rank. “I started out in emergency medicine, so if you ever need an extra set of hands, don’t hesitate to call.”

“Why, thank you.” he said, gratefully, although noticing that Sair had correctly assumed who he was. He figured that she must have read his profile since he joined, and knew that it was only a matter of time before he was hunted down by the Counsellor to spill all of his darkest secrets. Alas, he didn’t really have any.

She looked at Kaia. “So, how do Galdori celebrate special events, or does it matter between species?” Sair asked curiously.

~Sair Songz, CNS

“Celebrations vary quite a bit between cultures within a single species, let alone different species,” Kaia said with a small smile, “Although firstly globalization and more recently the Age of Migration have caused some practices to mix. Homeworld Raka don’t normally do rank earrings, but on Oba, we do.” She pointed at the two golden rings on her right ear.

“On Galdor, it’s only Laleri who do this. My ancestors and the ancestors of the Oban Laleri kinda mixed their practices together. Raka plant trees. Or at least, the ones who my family is descended from. I think my ancestors, the ones who migrated to Oba, were from the Rothi region? Anyways, when litter is born, a grove of Baslu trees are planted in their honour. Significant days are celebrated by adding things onto the tree. The first five birthdays are celebrated by grafting a twig of the parents’ trees onto the child tree. Achievements made by the individual are celebrated with appropriate tokens. For example, my acceptance into Starfleet was celebrated by carving down to the cambium and implanting a piece of iron in the shape of a commbadge. My promotion to Department Head will be celebrated with copper. If I become an Executive Officer, they’ll put silver in there. If I ever become a Captain, it’ll be gold. Matings, oh, I guess the word in your culture is probably Marriage. Well, those are celebrated by transplanting the Baslu trees of the spouses into a new grove, placing them close enough to one another that they can pollinate each-other and create the next generation of trees for their children.”

Kaia, CE
-OOC, I just made this up as I wrote, thanks for prompting me to create a new tradition!!!

“Sounds… intricate!” Ben said, having listened to Kaia. “Is there a sense that the trees are somehow linked to those individuals, or is it purely symbolic?” he asked, curious to know whether there was any medical elements of the tradition.

Lt Hudson

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