Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)

Posted Nov. 27, 2023, 4:49 p.m. by Lieutenant Ben Hudson (Chief Medical Officer) (Jack Dipper)

Posted by Ensign Devin Kindle (Security Officer) in Side Sim-Medical Eval (tag CMO)


“Please, take a seat.” she indicated toward a spare chair. “The Chief Medical Officer will be out shortly. We’re still waiting for some more crew from Starfleet, so he’s having to do a fair chunk of the medicals.” she explained. “Feel free to get a drink from the replicator whilst you wait.”

Nurse Ryder

Devin took a seat in a smooth motion, she didn’t need a drink. “I’m fine thank you.” she said lightly. No need to be more of a presence than needed. Devin wasn’t great at medical stuff but she knew a few that were, after more information she might send off a letter or two to see if her more medically-inclined friends might want to join the Manny.

Kindle, SO

A young man wearing the blue-teal collar of the sciences walked into the bay, placing a used cup in one of the replicator slots; within seconds it had dematerialised.

“Good morning Doctor,” the nurse started, handing a PADD over to him. “Ensign Devin Kindle is here for her medical.”

“Ahh, perfect.” Ben said with a smile toward the Ensign. “Devin, if you would like to hop up on to a bed, I’ll start to do some readings. Are there any complaints you have that you would like to discuss?” He asked, with a cursory glance at the PADD.

Lt Hudson

Devin quite literally hopped up on the bed (it was more of a jump for her since she was only 4‘11”) not that she ever complained about that. “I might have sprained my left ankle doing some parkour yesterday but I haven’t had trouble with it or anything but I know better than to not mention it.” she said with a cheeky grin at the doctor.

Kindle, SO

“Quite right!” replied Ben, returning the grin. “And, of course, you should have come into sickbay when you injured yourself in the first place.” he said, scanning Devin.

“Ahh yes, a slight overextension of the anterior talofibular ligament.” he said, talking to himself as much as he was talking to Devin. He took one of the tissue regenerators from the medical equipment trolleys and ran it over Devin’s ankle. “There, how does that feel?” he asked.

Lt Hudson

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