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“Not directly,” Ben replied, as he started waving the tricorder around Bezre, “however it would be good to get your views on what the most important things are about both your medical history and how you would describe your current medical condition.” Ben paused for a moment as he read the scan results. “I find that the patient, whether they are conscious of it or not, tend to be better at explaining what’s most important to them than any length of medical report would.”

Lt Hudson

“It won’t be a simple answer,” Bezre warned, “So I suggest you find a chair to sit in and take notes if you need to.” They took a moment to collect their thoughts and compose and outline to at least keep the answer as simple and organized as possible. “I suppose I should begin with ‘the big one’ being my autoimmune disease or Grelen’s Disease. This disease affects roughly 0.7% of Trills and those affected on average live 30-40 years less than a healthy Trill. It is often attributed to the decreased immune response and frequent development of cancerous skin growths. For most of my life I managed my symptoms through aggressive preventative care and multiple medications though the best method of managing symptoms is to become joined with a Symbiont. Once I became Joined I no longer needed all my previous medications. Now all I am required to manage my skin condition through protection and preventative care.”

Once Joined, the Symbiont takes over the body’s immune response and reduces the rate of inflammation and other chronic symptoms of the disease. Being Joined also boosted Bezre’s predicted life expectancy to that of a normal, healthy Trill. Bezre was one of ten Trill with Grelen’s Disease that became Joined. The data was limited but what was there was exceptionally clear and undeniable. Myrh improved Bezre’s quality of life and freed her from a cycle of one hospital visit after another. Bezre continued, “Currently I am dealing with adjusting to a new environment. My skin is sensitive even to artificial light which is why I wear my veils or covering to reduce the amount of light that makes contact with my skin. I expect to deal with eczema for the next few weeks as I adjust but I know how to handle that. My quarters have been modified to my exact comfortable conditions which will help as well.”

Bezre pursed their lips for a moment together in thought, “I will need frequent skin checks. As you can tell I’m more ‘spotted’ than a normal Trill and about 2% of these spots develop cancer each year.” They motioned with their hand, “Which is rather significant when you consider just how many spots I have. I also have a very sensitive digestion system. I cannot eat anything with dairy, gluten, amines, sulfites or artificial coloring. If I eat any of those then I get bloated with cramping and constipation. Not fun at all. Oh and my menstrual cycle is very irregular but it doesn’t bother me so much though I have been told that it would be exceptionally difficult for me to get pregnant. Infertility often goes along with Grelen’s Disease though the two are not directly linked. There’s still on-going research regarding that. Some of my doctors on Trill suggested that the Symbiont would improve my chances but who knows.” Bezre shrugged. Though being a parent was a wonderful experience they knew that joy through the previous hosts and knew that there would be more chances in the future.

Bezre Myrh, Diplomatic Attaché

Ben was nodding along supportively as Bezre spoke, allowing them to speak rather than interrupt them. He tapped out some notes on the PADD as she spoke, pulling together a plan to manage Bezre’s condition.

“Well, I can prescribe some antihistamines that will ease the eczema, which should get you over the next few weeks as you settle to the new environment.” Ben said, making a few more notes. “We should also get you booked in for routine screenings for your spots; probably about once every three months,” he stated. “Of course, any symptoms such as irritation or itchiness, come in for a quick check.” he said with a smile.

“Other than that, it sounds like you have everything else under control.” he commented with a smile. “If only everyone else was as efficient with their medical needs.”

Lt Hudson

“Antihistamines would do quite well. I have my own topical ointments for milder cases after this initial bout of eczema.” A shot would go a long way in helping them adjust. Bezre smiled, “I assure you, you’ll be the first to know. I’m not one of those patients that put off seeing a doctor or receiving treatment.” A screening every three months would be simple to add to her schedule, “Not everyone had to manage a complex disease all their life,” They said, a touch of sadness crossing into their otherwise calm and confident countenance.

Bezre Myrh, Diplomatic Attaché

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