Lounge- A Musical Performance (Open to All)

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Cochrane applauded and smiled broadly. The song had brought the memory of that night into full focus in his mind, and he felt the same swell of pride for his crew and their remarkable gesture that he had that night.

Sal bowed his head again. It was not simple humility or an expected reaction. It was recognition that there was a conversation happening between him and the audience, one that he always hoped for but never once assumed was inevitable.

“Thank you,” Sal said with a beaming smile as he rose to his feet, holding the prizar with careful reverence. “Now, I, or rather we have a little surprise. On Kobliad, we have songs called eesos, which are old folks songs that become standard songs we sing to our children. These what my daughter told me is called a lullaby.” The word sounded off in his translated speech, slightly uncertain. “And so I’d like to share one of those with you, but it seems a shame to just play the music when it’s the words that our children hear too. So, I might have used a bit of coercion in order to give you the full experience.” There was a distinct gleam in his eyes as he shifted his gaze to Sair.

Sair rose and held out her hand, Koro leaping up out of his chair to take it with a grin. The preschooler all but dragged his mother up to join Sal and Sair couldn’t help but laugh. She sat down cross-legged on the carpeted floor, a position she had spent a great deal of time with since she had Koro, though rarely was she dressed up as she was. Koro clambered into her lap, she turned him slightly away from the audience so he could see his mother’s face. This had two effects one, she could help me keep time and place in the song, and two, if he was focused on her, he wouldn’t be as aware of the audience focused on them.

She looked to her father ad smiled before addressing the audience. She was nervous, but channelling the same calm she exuded in counselling sessions. “So this is children’s song where alternative lyrics were paired with an old melody that dates back over 600 years. I remember being sung this song when I was a small girl and it was the first one I sang to Koro when he was an infant. I’ve done my best to translate it into Federation Standard, but it might not always be perfectly smooth.”

Sair looked down at Koro, their brown eyes meeting. “You ready?” she said softly. He nodded with vigor. Sair smiled and tapped out a marching beat on her leg for a few moments before looking over at her father. they had practiced this start numerous times and her looking up was the signal for both of the to start counting. Sal began to play at the same time as Sair looked back at Koro and nodded, the pair beginning to sing, Koro singing the melody with Sair breaking into harmony at the end of each line. They weren’t projecting tons, but they were just loud enough for everyone to make out the words clearly.

I went walking in the grove,
with the trees all standing high,
And I watched how they
so proudly touched the sky.

Along the path the birds sang out,
a cheery song that filled my heart,
and I knew that this day
would be so fine.

The sun beat down from high,
touched my face, lips and eyes,
and I never wanted
this day to find an end.

But the days are not all the same.
And these love-ly days we find
must carry us through,
Because tomorrow it might rain.

Then the drops began to fall
but the clouds were not in sight
And I could not help
but feel so sad.

The rain appeared to steal my fun
So I guess I’ll just go home
Though I wish I
Could stay with trees.

But then a funny thing occurred,
Amongst the giants and the sun,
Soft colours swept
across the sky.

So maybe my day is good
Even with a bit of rain
For you never know when
rainbows shine.

But the days are not all the same.
And these love-ly days we find
must carry us through,
Because tomorrow it might rain.

Tomorrow it might rain.

But maybe there’ll be sunshine too.

Koro grinned as they ended and Sair burst into laughter and clapped for him, awash with pride.

~Sair Songz, CNS

The Captain stood and applauded, his gaze squarely on the child. “Bravo! Bravo!” he said loudly and then he smiled at Sair and inclined his head slightly. The rest of the audience followed his lead and stood and applauded. He looked at Sal and nodded in appreciation.

Cochrane, CO

Shedda watched and laughed softly at Koro’s enthusiasm. Watching Sair and Koro and Sal, Shedda’s arms felt empty without Mava. The loss was still raw for her. She longed for what Sair had, but she wasn’t jealous. When they were done singing, Shedda stood and clapped loudly. “Well done!” She smiled at Sair and winked at Koro, then she bowed her head to Sal. They were all quite musical, it was a delight to see them all together.

Cmdr. Mal’athar, XO

The trio stood up and Sair led Koro in a bow, the preschooler’s grin taking over his whole face. “You were so good,” she whispered into his ear. Sair kissed her father on the cheek before leading Koro back to their seats. Kel had remained seated but she wore unmistakable pride on her face as she opened her arms to envelop her grandson in a hug. Sair smiled, but in truth she was mildly embarrassed by the whole thing even as she was so very proud of her son and father. She knew it was one thing to have someone tell you about a great musician, but it was quite another to experience the absolute genius of someone like Sal Songz.

Sair smiled shyly at both Shedda and Alex before she took her seat again.

Sal was lit up with nothing short of joy. “I’ve been waiting awhile to be able to do that and I’m so glad you all were able to experience this bit of our culture.” He moved his hands back to the prizar and removed the plectra from his hands. “Kobliad culture is a curious thing. On the surface our world and our people seem harsh, and it’s easy to understand the hows and whys, but if you dig a little deeper you’ll understand that family is our highest calling. It is because families can be so hard to form and maintain that we don’t take them for granted. It’s why being on this ship with my wife and daughter and grandson is so very special. So thank you all for welcoming us, and for allowing me to express my thanks in the way I know best.”

He set about playing a gentle song that was bright and merry. One could imagine a night sky of twinkling stars, and every once in a while there was a flourish, as if a shooting star had passed over the sky.

After that song, he replaced the plectra and played three more songs, each with its own rhythm and passion. Sal was undoubtedly a quiet man, but something raw and full and fierce came out when he played. Kel, Sair and Koro listened and turned to each other often, and Sair felt closer to her mother than she had in awhile. But she was also aware of the tiny shifts, the warning signs, and it was hard to ignore, even on such a magical evening.

When he was finally done, Sal placed his hands on either side of the prizar and bowed his head deeply to audience, thus signalling that the performance was now over.

Cochrane stood and applauded and inclined his head to Sal. He then looked around the room and waited while the applause went on.

He rose and carefully set the prizar back in the case, but left the lid open in case people had questions. Then he moved over to his family and those gathered there, offering his hands to his wife.

“Brilliant as always,” Kel said, rare adoration on her face. Sair knew her parents loved each other, but it was rare to see it so reciprocal in public. It was this moment between them that she wished for for herself. One day. Maybe.

~Sair Songz, CNS

Shedda thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the concert. The music was unique and beautiful and full of emotion. When it was over. She stood with the rest to applaud. The Sairs were swarmed with people and so Shedda waited before going over to speak with them. She turn toward Cmdr. Fayth. “Did you enjoy it, Cmdr?”

Cmdr. Mal’athar, XO

Eilah stood and applauded as well. The music was beautiful and moving. A truly wonderful concert. He smiled at Shedda and nodded. “Of course. It was wonderful. And everyone else seems to have enjoyed it too.”

~ Fayth, COS

“They did. It was a rare treat. I enjoy getting to experience cultures in a more authentic setting, but this is just as wonderful.” The Commander sighed with delight. She had a real passion for people and their differences. She joined the haphazard queue to express her gratitude. “How are you find the Manhattan so far Cmdr?”

As the applause faded, Cochrane tapped his commbadge and the comms went live all over the ship. =/\= This is the Captain. I wanted to take a moment to thank the Songz for all that they have brought to this ship in their time here. A moment like this, I think we can all agree, are far too few and far between in lives like those that we live. Out here, in the vast blackness of space, we can feel… alone. But it is moments like this one, with the gift Master Songz has given us, that we can feel connected again. The music may not have been from your home world. But it reminds us that even though we are far, far away from those places that we call home; we are still surrounded by the family that is this crew. So… if you find yourself in the position to do so, make sure you thank Master Songz for his rare gift to us. Cochrane out. =/\= He turned and looked at the Songz and said “And allow me to be the first, sir. Thank you. This was an amazing evening.”

Cochrane, CO

Sal beamed. “You are very welcome, Captain. It’s been my honour.” He turned as gazed at his wife, who had managed to stand, but was holding on to Sal’s arm for stability. “And I’m also so very happy to have Kel in the audience. She’s always been my biggest supporter.”

“You music is important,” Kel said matter-of-factly.

“Agreed,” Sair said, as Koro slipped out of her hand and headed off. She watched him and saw the direction he was going in and as fine with him venturing off. “But just so we’re clear, my participation was a one-off,” she told Alex with a smirk.

Koro bounced over to Ma’athar. “Shedda! Shedda! Did you like our surprise?!

~Sair Songz, CNS

Shedde knelt down, resisting the urge to pick up the independent child and swing him around. She hugged him tightly though. “You were wonderful Koro. Such a delightful surprise. I’m so proud of you! You sing wonderfully. And you kept it a secret too. Now you will have to sing me more eesos. I want to hear more.” She looked up at Cmdr Fayth, “Koro, this is Lt Cmdr Eilah Fayth. He’s in charge of security and only arrived a few days ago. Cmdr Fayth, this talented young man is Koro Songz. Counselor Songz’ son.”

Cmdr. Mal’athar, XO


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