A Day With Koro

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Posted by Civilian Sair Songz (Counselor) in A Day With Koro
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“You try again. Kitchen magic, like anything worth doing, takes practice. Sometimes you might not get it just right, but you keep working on it,” Shedda told him. Not that she thought this particular day was going to get messed up. Harv would not let any food that wasn’t perfect out of his kitchen. Unless he was tormenting her.

Cmdr. Shedda Mal’athar, Executive Officer

“Exactly. You cook it again until you get it right.” Harv said. “And soon you learn to trust your other senses. Smell… sight… hearing… all of these come into play, Koro. A good chef can tell you when a roast is done to the desired temp just by the smell coming out of the oven. Or when bread is done just by the color of it.’

Harv, Chef

“Wow!” Koro said, his eyes wide. He reached out cautiously and touched the fish again and it was much less squishy. “I think it’s done?” he said to Harv.


Harv touched it and said “Good, Koro. Well done. It’s not quite finished, but you always want to pull it off the heat a little early. Thing will continue to cook a little while they cool.” He took a spatula and, with Koro’s help, lifted the fish out and set it on a cutting board. He then pointed to the pan. “See all that stuff on the bottom of the pan? That’s a whole lot of flavor. So how do we get all that flavor out without using water, do you think?”

Harv, Chef

The preschooler screwed up his face as he lifted his gaze towards the ceiling, briefly lost in thought. Finally, he looked back at Harv. “We scrape it off?” he said,


“Pretty close, actually. But you don’t want to just scrape it off… you might damage your pan. So we do something called ‘deglaze’ the pan. We use a liquid to kind of loosen it up so it comes off and then we add that liquid to our dish. Here, watch.” Harv grabbed a large green bottle from nearby and poured a generous amount of white wine into the pan. After a few moments, the brown remnants of the seared fish began to come off the bottom of the pan. Harv whisked and stirred for several moments. “Okay. Now those veggies we cooked earlier? Let’s dump them in here, shall we?” he asked. He helped Koro move the vegetables over and pour them into the steaming wine. “Now we let this simmer for a bit. Simmer means very low heat for a while. And while that goes, we will make some bread. Sound good?”

Harv, Chef

Koro nodded eagerly. “How do we make bread? And why can’t you use water to degaz… deglaze the pan?”

~Sair Songz, CNS

Harv said “You can, but water does something called ‘diluting’. That means it makes everything weaker… like the flavors. And since we all like for our food to have flavor, we use things like wine or stock or things like that to add flavor.”

While Koro and Harv were deglazing the pan, Shedda’s com went off. She stepped out of the kitchen to handle whatever was needing her attention.

Cmdr. Mal’athar, XO

Harv watched her leave out of the corner of his eye, and the turned his full attention to Koro. “Now then… a lot of people don’t like wine because it has alcohol in it. Alcohol is an adult drink, not for kids. But when you heat up liquids that have alcohol, the heat cooks it off so there isn’t any left in the liquid. That is called ‘chemistry’. And if you are going to be a chef, you need to know chemistry. How things work with and against each other.”

Chef Harv

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