Deck 5, Faye's Quarters- Pizza Night

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“Well, like I said, I did owe you. We had an agreement after all. I don’t make promises I can’t keep,” Faye said lightly, though she was being utterly serious.

Cochrane smiled and nodded a thanks for the beer. “We aren’t on duty… you can call me Alex, if you like. Same goes for all.” he said to Max with a slight chuckle. He looked at Jasmine and said “Good job getting him here. Did you use a heavy sedative? Or was it threats of violence?” and he smiled at her.

Cochrane, CO

“More the use of a first- when scenario,” Jasmine laughed taking the beer from Max’s hand and taking a swig. “I promised that if we came here tonight he would be happy when we returned home or the fact you were serving pizza and beer,” she handed it back to her husband. “Nothing convinces a man to do something faster than offering him pizza and beer.” Turning her attention to Faye she directed the conversation to more feminine topics. “Can I help you in the kitchen,” she asked?

Jasmine Wynter CMO

Faye moved over to her little prep and cook tables and smirked slightly. “Kitchen is pushing the definition slightly, I think, but sure. I was just slicing vegetables and organizing toppings. If you want to do that and add anything you guys want that I don’t have, feel free. I should get the dough rolled out so we actually have something to make our pizza with,” she said with a grin. So far, so good. She was generally okay in smaller groups, but it was almost a given that she’d put her foot in her mouth at some point. The variable was how bad it turned out to be. That wasn’t something she could predict.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Jasmine picked up a knife and began to slice more of the vegetables as her thoughts tumbled about in her head. It was more plans and machinations but in the end it was all the same wasn’t it. “So the question is not what we like to eat but what does Cochrane want on his pizza,” she asked Faye pausing in her vegetable slicing endeavor. Holding up the knife, Jasmine twiddled it back and forth slightly as she looked at the men in the next room. “All men love it when women take an interest in the little things. For Max,” she tipped the knife in the direction of her husband, “it was chocolate sauced pudding. The guy loves it. So I learned to make it. It’s far easier for us because of the questionnaire but trust me it took a lot of reading to find that out. When I did Max was very appreciative,” she waggled her eyebrows giving deeper meaning to her words. So what does Cochrane like?”

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“I asked and he said he trusted me to surprise him with his pizza,” Faye said quietly with a grin as she leaned in subtly to Jasmine as she reached for the dough to start rolling out their crusts. “This was right before he danced with me. Trust me, I’m still shocked. Alex has moves too.”

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“Ooooh dancing is a good sign,” she bit into a green pepper with a loud snap. “Men don’t dance unless they are looking to impress,” she pointed the uneaten pepper piece at Faye. “I mean maybe if they really like to but what man wants to bust out in a dance count except for people like Derek Huffster or Gene Telly. So what was the song speed? I will hazard to guess no one was twerking in a nonchurch way…or was it the,” Jasmine lowered her voice and whispered, “the dance o’ love,” she let the tone of her voice get lower as she gently hip-checked her friend. With men, it was called kissing and telling. With women, it was just making sure the man was right for their friend. As with most things in like, it was all about the wording.

Jasmine Wynter

“Hush,” Faye said in a low tone as she gently worked the dough into a personal pizza sized crust. “Nothing like that. He was teaching me swing dancing,” she said, unable to fully restrain herself from smirking. “And we made a deal that he would teach me to dance and I would teach him to cook.” Setting the dough to the side, she grabbed another ball and began to stretch it out. She was gone. Done for. this crush she had had morphed in the matter of an hour of actual time spent together off the clock. And it made her anxious. She knew it wasn’t all that likely that he felt the same. He was, after all, just a really nice person. But… Faye wasn’t ready to discount the whole thing entirely. Not just yet. Not until he outright said he wasn’t interested. But did he even know she was interested? Faye had never done this before. Not like this anyway.

Stuck in her head and spiralling, Faye forgot about Jasmine cutting the vegetables and that she was working with dough. Her fingers worked with muscle memory alone.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

“So they managed to get you along as well,” Max grinned at Cochrane as he began to look around the room, then raised his beer in an impromptu toast before taking a swig. “The promise of Faye’s Pizza must have been enticing, but tell me, Alex, are you a pineapple guy, a spaghetti guy or a meat and peppers guy?”

Max Wynter

“Pineapple on pizza is a walk the plank offense on my ship. Meat and peppers all the way. Although I do like some good pasta. And while the pizza added to the invitation, I was actually just looking forward to nice dinner with people. And a beer, of course.” and he mirrored the toast and took a drink.



“I knew I liked you for a reason,” Jasmine laughed. “I am not a particular fan of the sweet and savory concept. Sweet is sweet: salads, desserts, maybe ham but that is only the glaze. Savory is sausage, meats,and maybe a vegetable that is wrapped in a meat. Brown sugar and garlic pork chops,” Jasmine made a gagging motion looking at Max. “That almost cost us my marriage.” Wagging her fingers for a beer she waited for Max to reply. He had not been a fan of that meal and it still made Jasmine laugh thinking about the slow way he chewed every bite before washing it down with half a glass of liquid.

Taking two beers from the box he opened one and walked to Jasmine, handing her the beer but shaking his head in memory of the evils that had been committed that night. “You know I might have been able to handle the sugar except for the way it was cooked, last time I was subjected to that was as a kid and my Grandmother on Mintara Prime showed us the way they used to cook things when she was a kid and food was scarce. She thought if you chewed it enough times you felt fullerer.”

“He hadn’t said a word though except for ‘this isn’t like some family favorite dish right baby.’ When I told him no the relief on his face was darn close to when he avoids an engineering disaster.” Taking a swig if her drink she saw the slowly lopsided grin appear on Max’s face

Lt. Jasmine. Wynter. CMO

“Pork should be grilled or roasted, not, that,” Max shrugged. “Flag that I wouldn’t have been able to handle the sugar, sugar is not a condiment you put on meat. Coffee, yes, Self saucing chocolate pudding, heck yeah, fudge, yeap. Meat, just no.” Holding up the beer, he looked at Faye. “Beer? Something to relax with before the Pizza and wine arrives?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

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