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At this point footsteps could be heard running down the hall and burst through the doors. A young orderly whose hair had fallen down over one eye came to a skidding halt, blinked and brushed the hair back. “Doctor,” he panted, winded from the run. “I just got word from the First Minister’s office. Engineer Tov has been in an accident with the ..” he glanced at Wynter and Baht. “.. aliens. There are injuries.”

Hearing the news Jasmine froze. She knew Max had been with the science team. At least she was not going to have to wait long to find out the condition of the patients first hand.

“What? When?” Hone said, pushing off from the bed.
“Not long ago. The engineer team and Second Minister are aboard the .. alien ship now.”
“Excuse me,” Hone said to the two doctors. “I must get some things ready. Hommer, look after our guests until I return. I’ll only be moments.”

Immediately Jasmine’s hand activated the comm badge on her shirt. =/\=Sick Bay what is the condition of the patients and relay a message to the Captain that I am returning to sickbay,=/\= she spoke in a clear, calm, but urgent voice. With the transporters, she did not need to wait for Hone to return. The Manhattan could beam him up after he was done doing whatever he had suggested. Her heart raced a bit knowing something had to be off for the no technology under any circumstance stance to have been broken.

“Baht contact the Manhattan when Hone returns and get him to the ship. Olde stay dirt side but contact the security chief and relay the info we know about the possible issues with the night time…population.” Her voice was slightly increasing in pitch as she tried to find the right word to describe the earlier hunch; however, not telling security there could be a murdering entity that roams at night was hard to find words for anyway.

Hone rushed past Hommer who stared wide eyed at the two. “Hello?” he said, wide eyed.
- Hone

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

=^= Doc? This is Darach. I’ve got a shuttle incoming to you. We are having some hiccups with our transporters, and we haven’t gotten them sorted out yet. =^=

WO Darach - COO

=/\=Understood. I will meet you outside the Ka Verde medical complex=/\= she informed Darach looking around for Hone. “Comm me if you guys find out or need anything,” Jasmine said to Olde and Baht before heading to the door of Ka Verde. If Hone wasn’t there in time she would leave him. He could take the next one. It was not like the Manhattan couldn’t run a shuttle service.

Jasmine Wynter

Jasmine was out and going in one direction when Hone returned from another direction. He had changed out of a lab coat to something more travel suited that looked like a sport jacket that had been rumpled and slept in. He also had donned a hat that looked like an old top hat but the ‘top’ was half the height of the classic top hat. This too looked .. crumpled. In his hand he had a wide brief case like medical bag that had seen better days. It had two buckled straps at the top sealing it. “I’m ready,” he said, looking around seeing Olde and Baht. “Where is Dr Wynter?”

Olde gave his department head a heavy nod, categorizing the information from the comms somewhere in his mind. “Hello, Mr. Hommer.” He approached the alien, nodding a welcome. The Dr would wait for a more private time before contacting security - perhaps after Baht left with Hone. “What a day,” he added, dryly.
–Ens. Olde

Hone looked about the room with the many bodies there. “What a season,” he said in agreement. “There are arrangements?” He asked. Despite being a seasoned doctor with many years behind him Hone looked agitated. “We must get to Tov. Time is running out.”

Ensign Baht frowned involuntarily, having understood by now that the way these people talked, they were often saying more than it sounded like at first. “‘Time is running out’? To do what?” Dr. Wynter’s quick departure without Hone had thrown him off. Was Ensign Baht supposed to escort Dr. Hone to the shuttle pad? Would bringing him to the ship be violating their technology interference rules? “Your fellow is in great hands on the Manhattan, our doctors well equipped. Perhaps we should stay here and work together to look for more hints into the cause of this aliment.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Hone glanced around the large rectangular room as though looking for something. “If an operation is required, and they can take time ..” he began, then sighed. “Remember Mr Baht, when it is time for our sleep it comes upon us. It is not something that one wants to be in the middle of an operation when it comes. I only have some knowledge of your physiology. Ours, like many races, differs. If we need a blood transfusion it is specific. Some of our organs, compared to yours, multitask. I need to see Tov.”
- Hone

Olde cleared his throat, taking the moment himself to help organize his thoughts. A lot had happened over the last few moments. “Ensign Baht, perhaps you should escort Hone to the ship - call an additional shuttle if the Chief’s is already gone?” He posed it as a question.

“I can stay here; continue to lend support to the local investigators.” He still needed to contact security, per Wynter’s orders, but needed a private moment to do so.

(ooc: what is the role of Mr. Hommer?)

-Ens Olde

Hone is a noted physician and chosen delegate to represent the Graven people in the medical field. The Ka Verde medical complex is his charge as well.

Ensign Baht nodded. “Alright, let’s see if we can catch up to Lieutenant Wynter, Dr. Hone. What’s the quickest way to the shuttles?” He strode towards the door of the morgue, ready to leave.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

As if being able to read his mind, Jasmine’s voice came over the comm on Baht’s uniform. =/\=Shon is Hone ready. I am in front of Ka Verde. If I am not here when you get topside contact the transporter room for Hone to beam out but try to hurry. Cochrane said something about a shuttle,=/\= She left the message vague not sure of anything more than that to be honest.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“I’m ready, Doctor,s” Hone said. One thick hand rose up to adjust his battered hat.

Shon hurried to lead (or probably follow) Dr. Hone out of the hospital to rendezvous with Dr. Wynter at the front. He looked around for this shuttle she had mentioned, eager to get back to the Manhattan now that Dr. Hone had communicated that time was of the essence.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

Hone traveled out with Baht, his gait more of an exaggerated waddle than a walk. “I don’t understand what happened. There are considerable controls in vehicles to avoid accidents. I am concerned for your people too. How did they fare? Have you heard Dr Baht?” He squinted. A light rain had begun to fall now. At the moment it was just enough to dampen the ground and make one blink against the small drops. “There,” Hone said, pointing toward it. “That must be it.”
- Hone

Jasmine turned hearing Baht and Hone’s voices behind her. Why this was taking so long was making her crazy. =/\=Manhattan=/\= Jasmine’s voice began to take on an impatient tone. =/\=Is there a problem. Hone and I are ready to transport,=/\= she repeated again looking up at the sky as it somehow that would speed things up. “Are you ready,” she nodded at Hone.

Lt Jasmine Wynter CMO

“Yes, of course,” he said, gripping his battered bag to him.

Having escorted Dr. Hone to Lt. Wynter, and with a nod of acknowledgment to his superior, Ensign Baht turned and headed back into the hospital, hopefully eventually finding his way back to where he had left Dr. Hommer. Wasting no time, Shon spoke as he entered the room. “Excuse me for being so up-front, but is there a coroner’s report for the deceased here? The Manhattan’s Chief of Security has requested all medical data related to the deaths for use in the potential murder investigation.”

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

“What? Oh,” he said. “You’ll need to ask my assistant. Intern Drrue. He will be able to access that information for you.”
- Wookiee

OOC: I looked back and .. did I miss entering a Hommer? I thought it was a misspelled Hone. That’s how I was taking it. .. Gene

=^= Standby Doc. This might be a bit bumpy. =^=

WO Darach - COO

Shon nodded. “It’s best that I speak with Intern Drrue immediately then.” Shon could only hope that the security department had better leads than he did at this point.

(Ensign Baht, Medical)

OOC: You introduced Hommer as another doctor that would stay on the surface to interact with Olde, before he left. If you crtl+f for Hommer you’ll see the post where you introduce him.

OOC: Hoy, my bad. Where was I in names?! Lets go with Drrue .. it’s different from the others as it should be.

The transporter signal locked on to Hone. It looked normal for the most part but flared brightly but only for a moment then settled back to what was a normal transporter signal that slowly faded as Hone was carried away. In the silence that followed the rain could be heard to patter about them as it picked up. Lightning in the distance showed up as a small ball rather than anything like forks, the thunder low in the distance.

After a small search, an orderly was able to guide Baht to an office that felt like was in the bowels of the building. The door frame was wooden and scarred, as was the door that sported a round semi-opaque glass window. It’s violet color had writing on it: Records Office. The door was partially open. “This is it,” the orderly said before quickly departing, his soft soled shoes making a light clop clop on the stone flooring.
- Wookiee

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