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He tapped his badge and said =^= Cochrane to Darach. Get that shuttle moving, Chief. Pick up the CMO and a to be determined physician for the planet. I want them on board ten minutes ago. Acknowledge? =^=

Cochrane, CO

Ens. Kaia

“Our doctors are very good, Minister. They will take care of Tov until Dr Hone arrives and we will have someone speak with Ens Kaia about what happened. As soon as we know something, we’ll relay it to you.” Zef placed a calming hand on Maree’s arm. “Our goal is to see that everyone is safe and makes a full recovery so please try not to worry too much.” Telling someone not to worry at all was pointless, but asking them to worry less oftentimes had the desired effect.

—Rollo, CNS

Maree looked like she was going to snap out a less than polite response. However, with effort she swallowed whatever she was going to say and gave a slight nod. Her eyes were fixed on the situation unfolding, darting now and again at the displays and technology of the sick bay. Even though she looked to be trying to relax her hands wrung with the tension she was feeling inside. “How .. how long until they arrive?” she inquired.

=/\=Sick Bay what is the condition of the patients and relay a message to the Captain that I am returning to sickbay,=/\= Jasmine spoke in a clear, calm, but urgent voice.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter

Cochrane tapped his commbadge and said =/\= Lieutenant, this is the Captain. Do you have Doctor Hone with you? His presence has been requested by the Second Minister. =/\= and then he looked at the attending medical staff to respond to her question.

Cochrane, CO

=^=Shuttle is on the way Captain. I’m headed for the transporter room right now. =^=

WO Darach - COO

=/\=Understood. I will meet you outside the Ka Verde medical complex=/\= she informed Darach.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Once the nurse had finished getting Kaia’s arm immobilized and under the bone regenerator, the ensign was left alone for a bit. She named a mild pain medication that was safe for her to take, and the nurse nodded and went to grab some.

Kaia, Eng


OOC: Sorry for the absence people, that thing called life happened. Forgive me if I have forgotten anything.

IC: Pushing himself off the bio-bed and waving away the nurse for a moment, Max stood up and rubbed his neck, eyes closed briefly before opening again and looking at Kaia. “Tell me you saw her right before the crash as well? Did they find her?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Me seeing the girl was the reason we crashed,” Kaia said softly.

  • Kaia

“No.” Max’s tone was firm. “We crashed because the design of the Gravinian systems is based more on looking nice than being safe and stable. They spend far too much time on frivolous pursuits instead of focusing on the issues at hand. We crashed because the car couldn’t detect a living person on the road, and it’s stability control couldn’t handle the adjustments Tov made. It was no fault of yours. If you hadn’t of turned our attention to the girl when you knew she was there, you wouldn’t be fit for the uniform.”

Max paused then and his smile was tired and pained. “You did good.”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“I don’t think she was actually there…” Kaia looked up at her Department Head. “You said she wasn’t there when you went to look for her … Not even a sign of her?”

Max raised his eyebrow as she spoke, he wasn’t catching on to what she was saying at all.

She reached over with her unbroken arm - the broken one would be in the osteo regenerator for a while - and tried to touch Max’s shoulder. “How’s your head?”

Kaia, Eng

“My head is fine, painful and it’s going to take a few days for the headaches to go away, they can treat the concussion but I’ll live. Did you hit your head? We all saw her. You, me and Tov, she was there for sure and the only thing that didn’t see her was the pretty Gravinian computer. I couldn’t find her when I went back but I wasn’t exactly in the best condition to be a search party. She was probably hiding somewhere, I think we left the road before the car ever got to her position and she must have been terrified she was going to be in trouble for causing an accident.”

Max paused and sighed, then looked down at Kaia again. “Hows the arm? Anything else get you?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“I just had a feeling…” Kaia muttered under her breath. There was something odd going on the planet. But she was too tired right now to think about it. “Just the wrist and some scrapes. I got off pretty light. I’m small and got caught by a bush. Just wish Tov had been so lucky…”

Ensign Kaia, Eng

“He will be fine,” Max said with confidence. He had absolute faith in his wifes ability in what she did.

Lt Cmdr Wynter

Cochrane came over to Wynter and said “Enough, Mr. Wynter. Lay back and try to relax. Jasmine and and one of the Gravinian doctors are on their way.” He looked at the Engineer and said in a low voice while putting his back to the visitors so they couldn’t see his face. “By shuttle. There was a… slight issue with the transporter-” and he gave the CE a look that conveyed both concern and suspicion, “and I wanted to make sure everyone was safe.” He then glanced from the CE to the visitors and back, indicating that further discussion wasn’t necessary… right now.

Cochrane, CO

(Her approach is in thread… “Incoming… a new chapter. Pretha’s arrival”)

A few moment after disembarking the runabout, the young woman walked into Medical. She looked a little tired but was in fair spirits and her uniform was as good looking as traveling all day could make it. She tapped out the first nurse she saw and smiled. “I’m Lieutenant Oberon. Here for my boarding physical.” She glanced around the room to see who all was there.

Lt Pretha Oberon
Security/CRIT Leader

Cochrane looked over and then walked over to her. “Lieutenant. Captain Alexander Cochrane, Commanding Officer. We are, as you can see, a bit encumbered at the moment. Please drop your things in your quarters and meet me in my office in thirty minutes. Dismissed.” and he nodded once and went back to Max’s side.

Cochrane, CO

She straightened up as the rank approached. As he spoke up and then summarily dismissed her, it didn’t happen so fast she forgot her ingrained training. “Yes, Sir. Thirty minutes.” She watched him return to the others and was already impressed. She knew plenty of COs who would have been in their cushy Bridge Chair asking for periodic updates, or simply an update if something drastic changed. The fact he was down here, and distracted enough to not mess with her right now, put him higher on her check list than she had anticipated this early in meeting.

CRIT Leader/Security

Cochrane reviewed the scene and gritted his teeth. Tapping his badge, he said =^= Cochrane to Transporter room. We need Lieutenant Wynter here now. Transport her and the Gravian doctor aboard directly to Sickbay. Compensate for… whatever… the issue may be as best you can, but get them here now. =^=

Cochrane, CO

Rollo continued her position near the Minister. She was not medical personnel so she kept herself out of their way, but near enough to the goings on to lend a hand if needed. Cochrane seemed to be doing a fine job of coordinating and reassuring without her, so Zef held her tongue.

—Rollo, CNS (just trying to get back into this thread)

OOC: I actually thought you had all left except for Kaia and me, but I must have been skimming too quick to catch up lol.


It didn’t take long before the shapes of Wynter and Hone formed nearby in Sickbay. Apart from a small burst of energy in the transporter pattern it looked to be normal, and Wynter would not feel any ill effects from it. Hone looked about him, his crumpled pork pie like hat shifting like a crow had sat on his head. “Remarkable.” Then, “We haven’t much time. Where is Aeric Tov?”

Maree, who had been nervous to this point, but quiet, looked at Hone. “Hone! You must help him!” Then she collapsed to her knees, shaking.

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