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Posted by Lieutenant Logan Drake (Chief of Security) in Graven XII - Security

Posted by Gamemaster Wookius Furrius (Senior Gamemaster) in Graven XII - Security
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The ‘fleet’ was breaking up leaving the enigmatic looking Hayson Koryne there. With the others having moved off Koryne unclasped his hands that he had in front and approached. He held his hands out in front of him, palms out. “This is our traditional greeting, however this is the more formal. Most people have something in their hands in passing. One hand is the norm.”

Logan shook his hands in response. “Normally, we’ve found the single hand to be sufficient,” he said.

His hands went down to his sides. Looking about at the others a smile crossed his features for the first time. “Any of you saints drink?”
- Koryne

“Drink?” Logan repeated. “I hadn’t considered that. We should evaluate all aspects of your society. And it’s considered rude to refuse a drink from a host. So. What do you have?”


Koryne tipped his head just slightly as though assessing what Logan was saying. “There is a place by the wharf called the ‘Dry Dock’. I think you will find it charming. The closest term that I could see from the world brief I saw was that you call them ‘Pubs’.” Koryne smiled and looked around. “It’s a nice day. Are you up for a walk? It isn’t far.”

“From the coastal areas the elevation rises from there until the mid latitudes where the planet becomes more mountainous. In some regions the climate is right for fruits that are used to create what we call ‘gis’. I believe you call it wine. Your other more grain based victual, beer, is uncommon here.” Logan would find his tone very precise as though he were choosing his words carefully, not out of hesitation but of intent.
- Wookiee

“Interesting,” Logan said. “Of course we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of adult beverages to select from at any given time. And pairing those of with the appropriate foods.”


Koryne glanced at Logan as they walked. “You sound like you moonlight as a food critic.” The afternoon was pleasant and as they exited under the arch to the Visitor’s center they came to a wide green space. He angled toward a path that meandered through the trees toward a collection of distant buildings, though the sea smell was still evident. “The greenspace bumps up against the shoreline wharves and warehouses and businesses.

Logan replied, ” it’s just that I like to eat.”

“The presumed bureaucratic mission I am told was to help with inter department communications and better response to crises.” His tone was neutral. “I have something more interesting if you are not so mission focused.”
- Koryne

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“I’m game,” Logan said.


They walked along through the park and into the wharf area. It was an active area with ships loading and unloading and both men and machinery shifting bales and large containers off of principally concrete and wooden peninsulas. The scent of fish was strong as they kept to a walkway that hugged buildings and warehouses. Next to them was a broad street that ended at the waterline. Waves lapped against the stone shore and the sounds of ships bumping against dock and people shouting and the Graven equivalent of gulls sounding off above were heard.

Koryne led them to a fairly nondescript building with a wooden face, 2 large windows separated into 16 smaller panes and a sign overhanging the door. It was a simple sign showing a notched out canyon with the words Dry Dock in dark paint inside it. “Here we are.” Koryne entered first into the not unfamiliar atmosphere of a bar that could be found almost anywhere in the galaxy. Wooden floors, a long scarred bar at one end, a multitude of souveniers over the bar that looked to be city insignias or perhaps ships names, and tables with a variety of people around them completed the picture. The clientele was mixed. Dock workers, seamen, warehouse staff marked the most though with others salted about that could be office workers and administrators.

Choosing a table by the window Koryne held up two fingers to the bar. “House special. Makes it easy,” he said. “Food here is not bad. They do a very good pinion fish filet with local vegetables.” He picked up a well used menu from the side of the table and gave it a cursory glance. “What kind of security issues do you deal with on your vessel?” he inquired.
- Koryne

Logan read his menu. “We’re a heavy research class of vessel, Mr. Koryne,” he said. “So we tend to get research related missions. I spend a lot of time on the bridge at the security station. I tend to the weapons, defense systems. That sort of thing. The crew behaves well enough.”

“In fact, you must see all sorts of action on your world.”


“You may think it strange,” Koryne began, “but not that much. Mostly minor things. Occasionally more interesting. Like now.” The drinks arrived and Koryne nodded at the pretty waitress who was paying more attention to Logan. “Pinion special for me,” he said, then paused to allow Logan to say what he might like.

“I’ll have the same, please,” Logan said almost automatically. He tried not to stare at the pretty waitress.

When she was gone Koryne leaned forward on the table. He lifted it and said, “Sheval. That’s a kind of toast we say,” then took a drink. It was a fruity wine, though with a spicy undertone. “For instance,” he said, fixing his gaze on Koryne. “Do you see anything out of sorts with the clientele here?”

“Nothing that’s obvious,” Logan said. “They all seem to be enjoying themselves.”

After letting Logan come to some opinion, he said, “You’d not know that it has changed over the past year and it’s not simply that the Pinion is that good. Normally you have a more of a separation of classes. What is more ..” he leaned in. “Tonight, one of these people will die.”

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“What?” Logan asked as he tried the drink. “What makes you say that?”


Koryne took a long sip of his drink. “Because for the last twenty moons one person has died from this group who seem to find this particular establishment in common even though they have before then never been here. What is more, apart from the owners and myself, all of these are .. Blanks. They have bodies but no spirit. No soul. We are a two spirit people, Mr Logan.” He gestured with his drink in the direction of the patrons. “This should not be. And before now we would have gone so far as to say this could not be.”
- Koryne

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“So these… Blanks,” Logan started to say. It was just then that his comm badge chirped to alert him of an upcoming call.

=/\= “Ensign Olde to Lt. Drake. I have an urgent and sensitive medical report from the Chief” =/= The doctor hoped his mild inflection on ‘sensitive’ would be enough of a hint to have the security chief move to a private location.

Logan said, “Excuse me.” He moved to where he could take the call in private. Then, he tapped his commbadge to reply.

=/\=Drake here. Go ahead. =/\=

When given the go ahead, Olde would continue.

=/\= “We’ve been assisting in conducting a medical investigation of several locals who have died from mysterious causes - likely murdered. They appear medically unrelated except that they are what the the doctor here calls “blanks”. They say they are a two-spirited people - it sounds medically like during their sleep cycle they have a secondary consciousness. It is… unclear. But “blanks” are missing this condition. The victims, who have all been blank, have died in several different ways. Please be advised that the locals claim that those who are non-blank are completely unable to act at night. So the killer - or killers - are likely blanks themselves or other alien life. So far we have no further medical information. =/\=

-Ens Olde

Logan replied,
=/\=Send the pertinent information to my tricorder, Ensign. I’ll investigate the matter from here. I already have a few leads that I’m checking out.=/\=

Logan waited for the response to come back.

Then he returned to his table. “Sorry about that,” he apologized. “So how do these Blanks know that they have no souls? Furthermore, how do I know, that I do? Or two souls.”


While Logan was on the call the food arrived. Koryne nodded a thanks and sprinkled some seasoning on it. As invested in this as he was he was carefully listening as well to what was going on around him and watching Logan in his return. “As far as we can tell, they don’t know.” He took a bite and scratched his upper lip with a knuckle. “I can’t tell that I have the spirit with me. I feel that I am ‘me’. But I also know that over the milleniums that we have come to know how we are made up.” He glanced around at the others. “What we don’t know is how this originated and, for all intents and purposes, where is their spirit?” He waved his hand in the direction of the others. “We sleep and the spirit part of us is free. How do they even operate without the spirit? This is new. But what I know is that people are dying and one of these will die tonight with the new moon. It is implausible that they are killing each other, and impossible that it could be one of us.”
- Kornye

“Perhaps a third party alien?” Logan wondered aloud. “We can look into this. I’d sequester everyone in this building until we come up with some answers.”


Koryne looked appreciatively at Logan. “And I have just the reason for it.” He stretched out a hand and exposed a watch like device. Tapping it he spoke into it. “Koryne to Daviz. We have a problem. It seems that the Blanks at the Dry Dock have been exposed to a possible alien pathogen. We need them in a quarantine by sleepfall.”
“On it,” said a woman’s voice. “That is .. unfortunate. You will be self-quarantining yourself?”
“I may need to, but for the moment I need to ensure that I have my eye on our alien visitor to ensure no others are affected.”
“Smart,” came the reply after a pause.
When Koryne looked up again he lifted his glass and then gave a kind of salute with it. “Daviz will be here soon. We can leave then.”
- Koryne

“My last call was confirming some of what you were saying,” Logan said. He explained the earlier communique.

“I’ll need to inform my Captain of what’s going on. He can direct more resources to help us figure this out. With any luck, no one will be expiring tonight.”


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