Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted June 30, 2020, 10:24 a.m. by Commander Ardashir "Jack" Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) (Steven Sigle)

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V

Posted by Commander Ardashir “Jack” Creed (Executive Officer / CIO) in Shuttle on route to Deltana V
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“Dwynwen,” the guide nodded his head towards the handsome man now sitting on the edge of the bed in the tent.

“Dwynwen? Now you are just slurring words together, that’s not a real word… is that a real word?” Jack asked as he looked over at Celina wondering if he was just hearing things. What have they given him, this wasn’t turning out how he expected. “I’m gunnna keehl Cesar… that حرامزاده موی موش.” Ardashir said as he began slipping into his native Farsi as he looked at the woman entering as he sat up.

“Your blood sugar is just low,” a sultry voice purred as a bronze skinned hand took the apple. Dwynwen was everything Jack admired in a woman. She moved with a slippery grace gliding over the floor with each step. Her movements were graceful and fluid which accented every curve of her body like water over a stone in a river. Sitting on the bed she slowly pulled a knife from a side pocket of her flowing robe. Placing it on the red skin, she pressed. The slight popping sound of the blade breaking the skin of the fruit seemed to fill the room. The juice dripped down her hand as she sectioned off a piece of the fruit. “Take a bite for when you eat from it your eyes will be opened,” Dwynwen silky voice spoke close to Jack’s ear as she lifted the fruit towards Jack’s lips.

“I don… I don’t… من نمی دانم نامزد من این را دوست دارد یا نه.” Ardashir answered with a feeling of guilt mixed with lust as he stared down the bronze Goddesses in front of him. This had to be a hallucination, Celina hadn’t killed this girl yet so that meant it couldn’t be real. Celina would never let someone that looked like this just offer him the fruit.

The site of the apple and the woman’s words made Celina’s mind slid into a different fantasy. No longer was Jack standing on the open sand of the beach in a white shirt with the wind rippling the fabric over his tight pectoral muscles. It slid to Jack in a lush garden under a large tree wearing only a fig leaf. “Don’t eat the ah puh ellllllll,” Celina said as her eyes rolled in the back of there head.

Celina Rodrguiez CTO

“You see her too عشق من؟” Ardashir asked in a confused tone as he couldn’t quite grasp what was going on. This place felt like one long trip but he had just had water… the water. Jack tried with his whole might to focus on what might have been in that sweet water, it wasn’t berries that was for sure, or maybe it was. There were berries that could cause this.

“We shouldn’t eat anything else, the زن شیطان ماسه و دریا ما را می خورد.” Ardashir said, still mixing Farsi and English as he tried to keep his mind from just slipping away.

Creed, XO

Three hours later

The sound of the surf breaking on the sand echoed in Celina’s ear. The more the fog in her mind cleared, the more she noticed her surroundings. The soft breeze, the sunlight warming her skin, and the feel of water on her toes. Slowly closing her hand she found a fist full of cool sand in it. “Jack,” she said slowly pushing herself up blinking her eyes. The sun was as blinding as the ache in her each. “Why did you not remind me not to drink the Kool-Aide,” she rolled off her stomach and to a sitting position. Looking around she could not see the tents or the small village they had arrived in. All she could see was sand, surf, and Jack ten yards to the left on the sand next to her. He was no longer wearing his uniform but one of the tan robes with the turtle emblems embroidered on it. While he would look freakishly handsome in anything, this combo was not what Celina would ask to see him in again. “Jack,” she said softly now noticing that he was sitting up looking out at the water like he was on vacation. The problem was he was not on vacation and probably not as relaxed either.

Celina Rodriguez


“What!” grumbled Jack as he pulled the blanket over his head, clearly not feeling whatever she was feeling. “Just five more minutes mom… I will be up soon.” he said with a umpf to his voice as he tried to block the sun from his eyes as he clearly began to snore once more.

“Stop it…” he said as the covers came flying off of him as he looked and blinked as he saw Celina standing over him. “Give it back…” he demanded as he felt his mind begin to awaken, memories of the night before seeming to resurface as he started to look around at his sounding. “I don’t remember this room…” he said softly to her as he moved to the edge of the bed.

Creed, XO


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