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Tyv entered back into the room shortly after the Lieutenant had arrived and tilted his head curious about the new face, but recognized the rank almost immediately. He nodded in greeting as his antennae instinctively pointed her way to understand ‘who’ she was in essence with his senses. “Welcome Lieutenant.” He was short and curious with his inflection, but it could be easily seen that he took his duty seriously and remained somewhat cautious to the new presence that had never seen before.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

Pretha glanced at the other security guard as he returned to the room. She nodded, glad she didn’t have to chase him down. “You must be Ch’qirross. Pretha Oberon, new Security Officer. The Captain sent me down to give you a hand.” She stepped back a bit to give those who had been talking, more privacy.

Once they had moved across the room to where they could whisper and not be heard, she nodded once more to him. “The Captain wanted you to have someone else down here to help with them,” she nodded to the Diplomat and XO, “in case anything happened. So, I just got here today.” Pretha laughed softly, “What can you tell me about what is going on here? I understand it’s a First Contact with a bit of a snag?” She smiled and kept half an eye on the others as they spoke.


Tyv followed silently , but still kept watch over everyone. “Ah, understood. I am Ensign Ch’qirross, it’s good to have you down here. I was proud to be guarding the XO and dignitaries though, I’d have admin it is a a lot to do by one’s self.” He swiveled his antennae around for a quick moment to ensure their surroundings before just talking low enough to make sure his voice didn’t carry to any unneeded ears, which wasn’t by too much. “To be honest Lieutenant, your guess is just about as good as mine. I’ve primarily just been focused on guarding everyone here, but from the few bits that I’ve overheard, it seems that there’s been some sort of incident involving both parties. It seemed to involve a senior official and some of our crew. Anything past that, I’m not too certain.. I apologize if I can’t be of much more assistance at the moment ..

Ardashir stood with his PaDD in hand as he looked over at Tyv as he heard the phrase guarding the XO. He couldn’t help but shake his head slightly. He seldom had anyone think they needed to guard him but he guessed it was apt for the moment all the same as he put the PaDD down as he smiled at the dignitary he was talking to and walked over.

Ensign Tyv (Security)

Pretha smiled and patted his arm. “You’ve done great. It speaks a lot to your abilities that you were sent here alone, or left, as an Ensign. Take pride in that. Remind me later, and I think I have an assignment for you once we are done here.” She smiled and winked at him.

“As to what happened, let’s leave it to them,” she nodded to the XO and the Diplomat. “So being new, I need you to bring me up to speed.” She smiled. “Tell me how you like the XO and how’s the Diplomat? Anything I need to be aware of?”


“I am fairly certain you can ask me Pretha… ” Ardashir said in a stern voice as he took a deep breath. He couldn’t deny he felt a little annoyed the Captain sent anyone over. With the Ensign and himself, there was more than enough protection. Ardashir was the ship’s XO as well as CIO, who had gotten into more firefights than he liked to admit. It seemed a little overkill to have so many people with tactical/security backgrounds in what was a smooth operation.

Leema Dane spoke up. “Necessity often proves to be a motivating factor. I see that for your Federation. For us it is curiosity on what can be done.” She glanced at Acosta who was looking speculatively at Pretha. “What you just did there.” She waved a finger at Pretha. “That is new.” Her tone had some wonder in it.

Meanwhile Herrik returned. He looked nervous being in the presence of more people. By appearance he was even younger than Leema. “My attempts at reaching RegCom Koryne has not been successful. Have you been able to reach your own people who are with him?” He leaned in to speak softly. “Those who report the findings publicly have caught wind of the accident. They will soon be looking for something to report. It is my .. suggestion that yourselves and they unite and seek some answers. I can accompany you; typically I am a spokesman.”
- Herrik

“Ensign, see if you can make any contact with our people… see if we can help out our new friends here,” Ardashir suggested as he wondered what was going on with the blackout, if that was normal or if they should worry more.

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