De'ja Vu... Dinner and a chat... This seems familiar! (CO)

Posted June 30, 2020, 12:21 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

Posted by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) in De’ja Vu… Dinner and a chat… This seems familiar! (CO)

Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in De’ja Vu… Dinner and a chat… This seems familiar! (CO)

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Raye smiled. “Thanks… let me know if I can ever get or do anything for you. And I mean that sincerely,” she laughed, “not as a passing offhand comment.” She nodded respectfully and headed for her room.

At 2000 Raye headed for the mess. She knew she was early, but she figured if he got off sooner, she didn’t want to leave him hanging. She was in a soft blue, sleeveless, tunic top and well fitting black jeans. The boots were ankle high and a darker blue than her shirt and her jewelry was simple. A brass colored set of bangles on her wrist and a matching colored thick band around her neck that half rested on her collarbone. Her hair was down, but pulled back with a matching color barrette. And she wore little makeup except for a lip tint just barely darker than natural.

She came in and looked around to see if he was here yet. Even poking her head around the corner to see if he was at the table. Though she half expected that if he was, he’d have a PaDD in his hand and still be working.


He wasn’t there yet, and indeed arrived a few minutes late, in uniform, PaDD in hand. As he approached the table, the Chef pulled him aside and put an arm around his shoulder and spoke confidentially to Cochrane in a manner that suggested not only a familiarity between the two, but perhaps a friendship. Harv cast a glance at Raye as he spoke, and then released Cochrane. Cochrane responded with a smile and an obvious ‘Thank you.’ and a pat on the man’s shoulder.

He walked over to the table and took a seat, setting the PaDD on the window sill. “Sorry if I kept you waiting, Ms. Anders. No rest for the wicked. But you will be proud of me… I actually ate breakfast and lunch today. So make sure your reports to the Federation reflect my gold star for the day.” and he smiled and chuckled.

Cochrane, CO

She noted the exchange between the men and considered she may want to look a bit more into the Chef’s background. With a friendship like that with the Captain, surely someone had vetted him properly… hadn’t they.

She smiled as the Captain arrived, not surprised by the PaDD or the uniform. “No worries at all. And please, call me Raye. At least in such an informal setting. I think you would get tired of the ‘Ms’ ‘Ma’am’ and ‘Sir’s you have to give all day.” She smiled and settled a bit more comfortably into her seat. “As to the gold stars, I will make sure you have them forthwith and they are entered into the record.” She laughed and winked teasing him. “I am glad you ate, though. I asked your Chef to keep it simple. I hope that was all right. I didn’t see in a bunch of pomp and circumstance we wouldn’t have if we ate off trays in your office. Don’t you agree?”


He smiled and said “Absolutely agree. Simple sounds… well… very good right now.” and he cast a scathing glance at the PaDD. “And I do appreciate the invitation. Although I do find it a bit odd that I recieved two dinner invites in two consecutive days. If this keeps up, I will have to off more time for the gym.” and he laughed. “So M-, Raye, what shall we discuss this evening? Anything new or exciting from the Diplomats?”

Cochrane, CO

She smiled teasing slightly. “Two dinners in two nights? That solves the mystery of why you weren’t in your Ready Room at dinner last night when I came. I should have queried where you were. If this is inconvenient I am sure you can take it to go.” She shrugged at the question about exciting things.

“I don’t think anything exciting from the Diplomats,” she laughed. “Though the young woman I left on the station is doing well. She had gotten everyone to the table and they are at least being civil. So it seems she will be ok after all. At least, in as much as her job is concerned. Other than that, nothing of note.” She took a sip of her water and smiled, cocking her head slightly. “So you said second dinner in as many nights. May I ask how the last one went? I won’t ask who with, that would be rude. If you have plans coming up with them again, I can cease my dinner forays if you prefer.” She grinned. “Perhaps relegate myself to lunches?”


Cochrane smiled and at that moment Harv arrived with the wine. He opened and poured two glasses and said “Appetizers are on their way.” and walked off. Cochrane took a sip and said “No, no… nothing like that. The Counselor and I had a nice evening. Good conversation, good food, and cleared the air on a few things. And no, no definitive plans on a social basis. As I said to her, my time available for such activities is very limited. And that precludes most from attempting to monopolize said time.” and he raised his glass to her in a wordless toast and took a drink.

Cochrane, CO

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