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A few days after the trip to Graven, the Engineering section was bustling as usual, engineers running around doing their jobs.

NE Radcliffe knocked on the doorway into the CE’s Office, poking his head in. “Hey, Commander, Ensign Kaia’s shift started ‘bout an hour ago, but she hasn’t showed up. No one’s seen her.”

  • Engineer NE

“What?” Max asked, half listening as he looked over a schematic he was reading. Half a second later he registered what Radcliffe had said and looked around quickly.

“Have you tried calling her?” Max asked the man and raised an eyebrow in thought. “Hmmph,” was the only noise Max made in acknowledgement as he tapped his comm badge.

=/\= Ensign Kaia this is Max, where are you? You are late for your shift. =/\=

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

There was no response from the comms.

  • Kaia

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IC: Max waited for a few more moments and when no response came, tried a different tactic.

=/\= Computer, locate Ensign Kaia =/\=

Lt Cmdr Wynter

There was a moment’s pause, then the computer beeped. =^=Ensign Kaia is in her quarters=^=

  • Kaia

“Pffffttt,” Max blew out a raspberry as he thought, wiping his hand over his jaw. “Carry on here,” he told Radcliffe, “I’ll go and check on her.”

Leaving Main Engineering it took only a few minutes to traverse the distance to her Quarters via turbo lift and corridor, coming to a stop outside, he pressed the chime.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

There wasn’t an answer at first. Then, after several long moments, the door slid open. Kaia wasn’t immediately visible, meaning she was probably in the bathroom ensuite.

Stepping inside the room, Max looked around. It was the first time he had been in her quarters and he realized that he had vaguely wondered if the furniture and such was, all smaller, to match her size. “Kaia!” He called out, waiting for an answer. “It’s Max, are you here?”

Only a few moments after Max entered, the small Engineer emerged from the bathroom. Looking rather ill. She’d be green if she were human. It was hard to tell, but her hair had lost it’s natural shine and was duller than usual, along with her posture being exhausted and her eyes seeming dazed. “Chief…?”

  • Kaia

“Ensign,” Max replied and looked at her with a little concern. “You know we Humans call this a hangover,” he said with a smile. He had no idea what was wrong but she didn’t look ok, and he was trying at least to put her at ease. She was a diligent Officer, so something must have been wrong. “You missed your shift and nobody heard from you, what’s wrong?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Didn’t drink any alcohol,” Kaia muttered, holding her stomach and sitting against the wall. She looked like she was just about ready to lose her lunch. “I… Tried to comm but…” She covered her mouth and grimaced, beginning to shiver slightly. “I… don’t feel good, Chief…”

  • Ensign Kaia, Eng.

“Alrighty,” Max said and looked around for the nearest bowl of some sort. Dish, plant pot, trash can, anything. “Are you.....” he let that question trail of, morning sickness he was sure was a mainly human thing.

“We should get you to sickbay, do you think you can walk?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter

Kaia didn’t catch the reference, but if she had she would have commented something about it being impossible, she didn’t even have the parts for that.

“Maybe?” Kaia looked around, then grabbed a small bucket that looked like it had contained ice cream at some point in the past - probably several weeks or months ago - and was now serving as a container for fish-bowl decorations. She dumped it out, then retched over the rim. Nothing came out.

  • Kaia

He waited for her to stop dry heaving, and knelt down beside her. “Have you eaten anything non-replicated in the last couple of days?” He asked her, and looked to see if there was a dressing gown or similar that he could put over her shoulders as they walked to sickbay. “Taken any medication?” At least if she was dry heaving, it reduced the risk of spontaneous uniform splatter.

Lt Cmdr Wynter

If Max touched her, he’d feel that she was hot. Way hotter than her skin usually was. Kaia thought carefully, and shrugged. Then shook her head. “Dunno. Fine yesterday. Woke up like this…”

Kaia. Eng.

“Okay, in that case let’s head to sick bay and let one of the doctors look you over.” Max took her by the arm to help her up, and noted the heat. If her species could, she had a huge fever.

Lt Cmdr Wynter

Kaia was light. Light as a small child. Even a human who wasn’t particularly strong could easily lift the small alien. So helping her up without just lifting her was an exercise in balanced force.

Kaia briefly looked pretty unhappy at the idea of going to sickbay, but there was clearly nothing to stop it. She had to see the doctor.

Kaia, Eng

“Right, come along,” Max said as he made sure the bucket was securely in her grasp. Sick bay wasn’t far away, and in moments the doors to the Manhattans medical area swished open and Max and Kaia made there way through.

Steering Kaia towards one of the Bio-beds automatically, Max looked around to see who was available. “How you holding up there?” He asked her.

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Still not good,” Kaia muttered, clutching tightly to the bucket. She felt horrible. Like there was something in her stomach that just wanted out. Hot and achy, then shivering like she was freezing a few minutes later. She felt weak, and it was hard to speak, let alone the walk they’d just managed in order to get to Sickbay. It was all she could do to stand up, and there was no way she could get up onto a biobed right now. Just as she was about to ask, a wave of nausea ran over her and the bucket got a proper use.

Kaia, Eng

“And that answers my first question,” Jasmine said looking at the ensign heaving into the bucket. “Bit of help here,” Jasmine signaled over a nurse as she pulled out a tricorder scanning Kaia. “So when did the symptoms come on,” she asked waiting for the scans to give her back some information.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

“This morning when I woke up,” Kaia almost whispered, coughing a little, but it was clear the coughing was because of the heaving. Great. Now her throat hurt from stomach acid. At least her stomach hurt a little less after emptying it. “C… Can someone help me onto the biobed?” She asked, looking up at the bed with a weak smile.

The tricorder mostly confirmed what was physically obvious. The Ensign had a high fever, along with stomach pain, nausea, and what looked like a rather unhappy intestine. The tricorder scan picked up a viral infection similar to viral gastroenteritis.

The nurse helped the ensign into the biobed as Jasmine read off the list of symptoms showing up on the display of the tricorder. “Have you eaten anything raw or not from the ship’s replicator,” she asked Kaia. “It seems you picked up what we refer to as the stomach bug. You can pick it up from anywhere but it most often comes from having a weakened immune system for various reasons or eating something raw like shellfish or oysters. You don’t seem to have a parasite or bacterium we can see so it is probably viral.” Lowering the tricorder, she gave the ensign a weak smile. “The bad part of it being a viral infection is it just has to run its course. That means plenty of fluids, rest and trying to get the fever down.”

There wasn’t anything going around the ship, so the likelihood was either that Kaia had picked it up from her recent shore leave, or that something that didn’t bother humans had gotten into her body and taken advantage of her weaker immune system.

Kaia, Ens.

“Get me 200 mg of acetaminophen,” she ordered a nurse and then looked back at Kaia. “I want you to rest here for an hour but you probably will feel better in your quarters?” The statement was more of a question. The last thing she wanted was for Kaia to feel like she was being thrown out of sick but she also didn’t want the ensign to think she had to ride it out here with all the hustle, bustle and noise.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Kaia was a little overwhelmed by all the hustle and bustle, her eyes wide and watching everything going on - and finding it difficult to focus on everything the Doctor was telling her. She didn’t seem so scary as Kaia remembered her to be… She realized all her fears were probably just be general dislike of doctors being lumped onto this one woman. The Engineer felt bad. Kaia blinked a couple times, then shook her head slightly. “I don’t think I’ve had anything raw. No shellfish…”

“That’s a common way to get gastroenteritis. Not the only way but a common one.” Signaling for a nurse to bring her a hypo of polynutrient solution, Jasmine pressed the hypo to her arm causing a large but not painful bump to rise on what would be her bicep. “That,” she set the hypo down,” is just some subcutaneous fluids. It’s ninetly percent of the reason you feel so crap. With all the vomiting you lost a lot of fluids. This bolus will catch you up to speed in a few hours but you need to keep drinking. Water tends to be heavy so I am going to have the nurse bring you a flat ginger ale. It’s easier on the stomach. I am also going to have them bring you a popsicle to suck on. The sugar is good for you right now also. Any flavor choice you prefer?”

“Later you can try some bland broth and crackers and if you can tolerate that you can eat whatever you feel up to by morning but I would suggest bland things like eggs, oatmeal,” Jasmine rattled off as she made some notations on the PaDD.

“Um, I know I don’t have as strong an immune system as humans,” she said softly, then stopped talking as her stomach churned and made her put her hand to her mouth. Uuugh. She was still shivering too. Why was it so frigid on this ship?

Fluids would be nice. A nice hot soup. Or just water. Water that didn’t end up in the bucket a few minutes later would be nice. She vaguely heard the Doctor talking about resting and going back to her quarters and nodded absently, more interested in curling up and trying not to barf again. “H-h-having a fever s-s-sucks,” she muttered.

Kaia, Eng.

“Yeah they do,” Max agreed. He had stepped back and let Jasmine and the nurses do their thing when they had arrived in sick bay. “Doesn’t help being covered in fur either I bet,” Max offered, trying to be supportive at least. “Jaz, you don’t think this thing is catching do you?”

Lt Cmdr Wynter, CE

“Well, it’s definitely viral so it has to run it’s course so just handwashing should be fine however,” Jasmine walked over to a sensor and punched a few buttons on the console. A large shimmering shield encircled the bed and the three of them. “I am going to activate the isolation feature. It will dull the noise in here and cut some of the harsh light to let you get some rest. If you need anything just tap, ” she pointed to a pad on the side of the bed. “We can check on you in a few hours but try to get some sleep,” she suggested to Kaia.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

Kaia nodded tiredly. “Thank you, Doctor Wynter,” she muttered, pulling her blanket around her shoulders. She was glad she’d brought it from her quarters. “Um, could the popsicle be strawberry?” She asked with a tired smile, happy when the noise of the room was dulled by the isolation shield. Her posture immediately fell to a much more relaxed one, some of the tenseness she had been holding being released. She shivered again, closing her eyes and trying to follow directions and sleep. She was sleepy. And her arm was sore. But hopefully she’d be better soon.

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