Incoming... a new chapter. Pretha's arrival

Posted July 1, 2020, 6:25 a.m. by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) (Melissa Aragon)

Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che’lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) in Incoming… a new chapter. Pretha’s arrival

Posted by Lieutenant Pretha Oberon (Security Officer / CRIT Leader) in Incoming… a new chapter. Pretha’s arrival

Pretha sat in the copilot seat of the runabout, laughing with the pilot. “Really, Fredricks? You are telling me that you had no idea it was a Klingon? Seriously? I mean, I’ve heard of blind drunk, but you give new meaning to the word ‘stupid’. I sincerely hope you have given up the hard stuff, man.” She laughed again and had been laughing for so long she had tears in the edges of her eyes.

Fredricks was laughing as well, given himself the hiccups even. “Half Klingon, I’ll have you know. And I couldn’t tell which half.”

They were laughing so hard it took Johnson two tries to get his comm thru to the Manhattan.

Quietly sat behind the guffawing pair was Lieutenant Junior Grade Che’lak. As the laughter rolled on, the Vulcan woman rolled her head judgmentally, her long chin slicing through the well-filtered air. Her two companions had long since given up on engaging her in their banter. She seemed insistent on trying to redirect the conversation towards matters more dry. Ignored, she had seemed quite content to sit in silence.

The voice was on the verge of hysterical laughter as it came thru. =^= Manhattan, Runabout Brooklyn seeking permission to dock. I’ve got company on board.=^= He looked at her and smiled. =^=Lieutenant Pretha Oberon reporting for duty, orders check.=^=

While they waited for clearance, Fredricks smiled. “Welcome to the Manny. Craziest ship I ever served on, but one of the best crews to boot. My suggestion, get your check ins quick as you can. I’ll get the crate to your quarters. Your bag, too, if you want.”

Che’lak had been glancing at the ship as it came into sight. At the word ‘craziest’, her gaze shot down to meet the back of the pilot’s head. Craziest ship? That description didn’t match any of the briefings she had been given. Serious scientists and explorers diligently working to push back at the frontier was what she was anticipating. One officer had gone so far as to describe the Manhattan as boasting “the most professional crew in the fleet”. The stare burning at the back of Johnson’s head intensified as she considered the possibility that she had been the victim of one of said officer’s famous Bolian practical jokes.

Pretha smiled. “I appreciate it, Fredricks. Thanks. I’ll hit up Medical to get cleared then seek out the CO.”

“I shall accompany you, Lieutenant”, Che’lak piped up, her first words in over an hour.

Fredricks smiled. “Good choice.” They sat in silence a moment as they Manhattan drew closer.

A moment later a young man’s voice came over the comm. =^=Welcome back, Fredricks. Tell your companion we said welcome as well. Make sure you park her where she belongs or ‘dad’ will get mad.=^= The voice laughed a moment then comm went silent.

Fredricks looked at her and shrugged. “Only behind his back. never to his face.” He laughed and started the sequence to drop them in the hanger.

Lt Pretha Oberon
Security/CRIT Leader
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Che’lak’s unflinching gaze rested on Fredricks. She appeared deeply unimpressed. They would never tolerate this back at Starfleet Medical, she considered, perhaps this career change was an error of judgement.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical Officer
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Pretha slapped the man on the arm and laughed. “Never to his face. I’ll remember that. Thanks for the ride Fredricks. I have to say you are a great pilot and one helluva travel companion. Keep in touch. I’ll fly with you any time.” She patted his shoulder once more as she got up and came to the back of the shuttle to get her boots where she had shed them next to the bench before she had gotten to caught up in the conversation she had ended in the copilot’s seat.

As she slipped them on, she smiled and nodded to the Vulcan. “I pray you had a trip that wasn’t too terrible. I am sorry we got carried away up there. You could have joined in, you know. Didn’t mean to make you feel ignored. Honest.”

Che’lak glanced silently down at Oberon.

She fastened her boots then leaned towards the Medical Officer and her look and tone were sincere. “I mean that, Ma’am. Honest I do. I’m happy to help you find your place, if you want.” She thought about it and sat up. “Unless there is someplace else you are looking to see before you get settled?” She rummaged thru the bag beside her and, content at what she saw, fastened it up and left it handy to gran once they were heading out.


The Vulcan rose elegantly to her feet, folding her hands behind her back rather deliberately. “Your sentiment is appreciated Lieutenant”, she responded flatly. “Sickbay is the logical destination for both of us right now. Perhaps we shall reconvene later so to familiarise ourselves with our new station.” Silence reigned for several seconds before Che’lak raised an arm in the direction of the newly opened exit to the shuttle. “After you ma’am. There are a few questions I would like to ask our pilot”, she turned inquisitively to the man, “if that is acceptable.”

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

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Pretha inclined her head politely as she smiled. “You are very welcome. And yes, Medical it is. I’ll wait for you at the bay doors. Please don’t rush on my account.” She picked up her bag, shouted a final farewell to Fredricks and stepped out of the shuttle to wait by the door.

Fredricks waved back at Pretha and turned to the Vulcan. His demeanor changed immediately. “Ms Che’lak. As the young lady stated, I apologize if you felt left out. It was certainly not intentional. How may I be of assistance to you?” His hands were clasped politely before him as he stood a bit straighter.


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