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Cochrane reviewed the scene and gritted his teeth. Tapping his badge, he said =^= Cochrane to Transporter room. We need Lieutenant Wynter here now. Transport her and the Gravian doctor aboard directly to Sickbay. Compensate for… whatever… the issue may be as best you can, but get them here now. =^=

Cochrane, CO

Rollo continued her position near the Minister. She was not medical personnel so she kept herself out of their way, but near enough to the goings on to lend a hand if needed. Cochrane seemed to be doing a fine job of coordinating and reassuring without her, so Zef held her tongue.

—Rollo, CNS (just trying to get back into this thread)

OOC: I actually thought you had all left except for Kaia and me, but I must have been skimming too quick to catch up lol.


It didn’t take long before the shapes of Wynter and Hone formed nearby in Sickbay. Apart from a small burst of energy in the transporter pattern it looked to be normal, and Wynter would not feel any ill effects from it. Hone looked about him, his crumpled pork pie like hat shifting like a crow had sat on his head. “Remarkable.” Then, “We haven’t much time. Where is Aeric Tov?”

Maree, who had been nervous to this point, but quiet, looked at Hone. “Hone! You must help him!” Then she collapsed to her knees, shaking.

Rollo, who had been standing near, caught the Minister on the way down, providing her with a soft landing instead of one that would jar her teeth. “Everything is in order now, Minister. I’m sure you can relax a little while Mr Hone takes over.”

—Rollo, CNS

“Sit rep,” Jasmine said instantly moving to the biobeds. Her eyes drift across the bay spotting Kai, Max, and Tov. After years of treating individuals, Jasmine had storage down to an art The only hard part was disconnecting her martial feelings from her professional ones. At least seeing Max laying on the bed, appearing conscious and without tubes or apparatus attached to him was a good sign. As her eyes met Max’s, Jasmine felt a wave of relief surge through her body. Kaia appeared to have the same superficial injuries as Max only she was nursing a probable broken arm instead of a nasty bump on his head. As much as Jasmine wanted to check on Max, a fleeting smile and a brief nod was all she could administer now.

“What happened to Mr. Tov and what have we done to treat him,” Jasmine grabbed the PaDD off the table glancing at the notes but waiting for one of the nurses or other doctors to fill her and Hone in on Tov.

Gravenite anatomy and physiology was turning out to be more challenging. The mysteries of Ka Verde’s patients were not far from her mind of possible infectious contagion or something less understandable.

At that auspicious moment, the sickbay doors parted and a tall Vulcan the word ‘lean’ could have been devised to describe slid forth, protruding chin first. A hint of grey in her dark hair and the gentle creases on her brow betrayed her years. She had lagged behind Lieutenant Oberon, picking the brains of the shuttle pilot that delivered them on technical details of the ship. Surprised to find Oberon still hovering near the entrance, she gave her a polite nod before looking past her. Scanning the room, she laid eyes on a plethora of unfamiliar faces and one that was very familiar indeed. The captain’s image was well known to her from her prior, probably overly thorough research. Observing the apparent active medical situation, she elected to announce herself without delay. She attempted to straighten up even further, only to find it physically impossible, then broadcast flatly: “Lieutenant Che’lak reporting for duty. How may I be of assistance?”

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

“Welcome to Sick bay lieutenant,” she greeted the newest member of her staff. “Follow up on the chief and then make sure Kaia’s arm is set,” Jasmine said before pulling her attention away from Tov and Hone for the briefest second. Moving over to Che’lak, Jasmine tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and lowered her voice.

Che’lak’s gaze fixed on Wynter as she was addressed. “Thank you ma’am. Aye.” She quickly glanced again around the room, noting the patients the CMO had referenced. As she began to turn in search of a tricorder, however, her attention rapidly rebounded as Wynter continued.

“There maybe a security issue. Tell the Captain to bring his new CRIT officer up here. We may have a situation and with the sec chief dirtside its better to be safe than sorry,” she said quietly before moving back to help Hone with Tov.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The physiologist nodded quickly in acknowledgment, wishing to allow her new department head to get back to her own work. Nonetheless, she took a moment to observe the woman as she strode away, an eyebrow firmly raised. Being a messenger for ship’s security wasn’t how she hoped to spend her time on this ship but she couldn’t pretend she didn’t know what she had been getting herself into by entering service in the field.

She began sidling towards the captain, only to stop herself when she made the connection to Lieutenant Oberon. She snapped around, hoping she would find the CRIT officer still standing behind her.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

OOC: What does CRIT stand for, btw? :D

=^= Walker to sickbay. Did everyone make it in one piece?=^=

WO Darach - COO

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