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Walker finally made it to the transporter room at a jog. As he came through the open doors, he came to a skidding stop.

He looked over at the transporter chief, “Chief, we’ve got a problem. The last two transports, they said something felt off. And it took longer then normal. Pull up the logs and run a diagnostic on the transporter systems.”

WO Darach - COO

Hans Porter, a strapping tall blond Scandinavian fellow, turned toward the slightly red faced Warrant Officer. “Ve did,” he replied in lilting tone. “It vas a surge in the memory buffer as though it were suddenly adding mass to the transport in the middle of the transport. The buffer held all in stasis until it vas sorted. Here, see,” he said, moving over to one side for the WO to see.

The transport looked fine and all in green until one point .. in two of the transports and focused on the Gravinians where there was a sudden surge of mass, then it just lessened until it was gone and all was aligned. It was much more significant in the first transport with the injured than with the second where the Captain was part.
- Wookiee for Hans

“Hmmmm…” Walker said as he tapped his chin. “Have you ever seen anything like it before? Was the transporters grabbing more material around the Gravinians? Or is there something we are missing about them?”

WO Darah - COO

“All bio-scans read no change throughout the transport, Chief.” Hans scratched at his wavy blonde hair. “I’ve seen ionic interruption and malfunctions in the buffers, and mechanical issues that required a bump to another transporter pad. Most issues are in transit if there vas anything arresting the beam. In this case, it was like there vas a lock, then something .. else, a mass .. then it vas gone again. But how do you have mass vithout body?”
- Hans

“That is the question, that is the question,” Walker said as he started pacing back and forth.

=/\=Darach I am outside Ka Verde. Can you beam me up instead of a shuttle or what is the ETA on the shuttle,=/\= Jasmine stated pacing slightly waiting to see what the answer was. Sickbay had commed her and they would not have if it wasn’t an emergency.

Jasmine Wynter CMO

“You think it would be clear to transport just the Doc up? You said the issue seemed to be with the Gravinians. In theory it should be okay for our team then, right?”

WO Darach - COO

=/\=Manhattan=/\= Jasmine’s voice began to take on an impatient tone. =/\=Is there a problem. Hone and I are ready to transport,=/\= she repeated again looking up at the sky as it somehow that would speed things up.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

The Captain’s voice came through to the transporter room. =^= We need Lieutenant Wynter here now. Transport her and the Gravian doctor aboard directly to Sickbay. Compensate for… whatever… the issue may be as best you can, but get them here now. =^=

Cochrane, CO

Hans prepared the controls. “I do have a lock on them. Looks fine from here Chief,” he said, awaiting the order.
- Hans

“Well you heard the Captain.”

=^= Standby Doc. This might be a bit bumpy. =^=

“Compensate for the extra weight, and try to isolate it from the system before the transporters even engage,” Walker said as he stepped up next to the transporter chief at the console. “And when it comes up in the buffer, let’s try to see what is causing the increase in mass. Let’s do this. Energize.”

WO Darach - COO

Hans nodded. Though he was considered a big boy with the height and bulk behind him having the COO watching him did make him feel much smaller. “I’ll do my best. This extra mass snuck up on me both times there.” His hand shifted on the controls and initiated the transport. “Transporting. And there! No, wait, it’s gone. I have him. There. Complete. I have him in sickbay.” Turning to Darach, he said. “I don’t know what the difference is. I registered a mass - here you can see it on the log, then almost as fast it disappeared.”
- Hans

=/\=It’s going to be fine. Just like blinking=/\= Jasmine said to Hone over her comm. She wasn’t sure if Hone had ever transported before yet it didn’t hurt to make sure he understood it was going to be fine. Hearing Darach Jasmine felt some relief knowing she would be able to check up on the crew.

Lt. Jasmine Wynter CMO

=^= Walker to sickbay. Did everyone make it in one piece?=^=

Walker looked over at the log. “Let’s pull the transporter scan data as it started the dematerialization process. And run it back a millisecond at a time, I want to try and catch it before the extra mass disappears. There has to be a way to separate it from the other biosigns.”

WO Darach - COO

“Roger, Chief,” Hans said. He closed down the main LCARS display for the transporter and brought up on the screen a larger display wherein he loaded the logs in a screen size large enough for them to easily view them. Shifting to make more room for Darach, he initiated the review.

The logs showed:
2:305 - standard expected mass of Hone dematerializing
2:511 - a sudden spike and addition of mass that was equal to Hone plus 58%
2:588 - spike disappeared

Bio signs: Nil.
“Mass but not biological?” Hans asked Darach.
- Hans

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