De'ja Vu... Dinner and a chat... This seems familiar! (CO)

Posted July 1, 2020, 2:16 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)


He looked at her and then said in a most serious fashion “Raye… “

“What is for dessert?” and a grin slowly spread across his face

Cochrane, CO

She had been nervous and, unfortunately, it had shown. But when he asked her, she smiled and leaned over as her smile broadened slightly. “Well, my dear, Alex… if your Mr Harv is worth his weight in platinum, which I believe he is.” She grinned and glanced past him to see if the man was coming. Looking back into the Captain’s eyes, she tilted her head slightly. “My guess is bread pudding in Whiskey Sauce.”


Harv arrived at that moment and said “You dont serve bread pudding with fish and chips. Stick with diplomacy.” and he removed the plates and set another two plates in fron of them. “Sticky Toffee Pudding, you barbarian.” he said to Raye and he turned to the cart and then set two more Guinness in front of them and walked away.

Harv, Chef

Raye bit her lip as she was corrected. When Harv glanced at her, she nodded her head. “I shall forever remain out of your kitchen, kind Sir.” She bit her lip and stifled a laugh at his back as he departed. “Oh dear. I do believe the man isn’t fond of me.” She looked at her plate a then at the Captain. “Did I fail the test? Am I to be relegated a barbarian and not bring you dinner anymore?” She gave a small fake pout, but it only lasted a second as she smiled once more.


“Oh, I’m sure everyone fails his tests when it comes to food. And I dont care if a barbarian brings me a meal. As long as they aren’t leading a horde to annihilate my city.”

Cochrane, CO

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