Post-Sim: Lt. Oberon's Boarding Physical

Posted July 1, 2020, 6:15 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che'lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) (Jamie Moore)

The faint hum of the Manhattan’s engines was the most prominant sign of life in the ship’s sickbay. The hour was late and even in deep space that held some meaning. Third shift was quiet at present, especially in sickbay where only Lieutenant Che’lak was on duty. Her movements were silent as she arranged items into their prescribed storage locations after the disruption the day had brought. After running some routine scans and treating a tedious couple of burns from an incident in engineering, there was only one outstanding scheduled appointment requiring her attention and it was rapidly approaching: Lieutenant Oberon was to arrive soon for her belated boarding physical. Having shared a shuttle with Oberon, she was the crew member the Vulcan was most familiar with and despite having doubts as to their social compatibility, she was keen to further develop any and all professional relationships. Taking a glance at the time displayed on a nearby terminal, she found the alloted time of the Lieutenant’s appointment only a minute removed. Prompted to take heed, she positioned herself in the centre of the room, stood taut with hands folded against the small of her back and facing the doors to the corridor, lying in wait.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

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