Dead Man Cooking

Posted July 1, 2020, 11:13 p.m. by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) (James Sinclair)

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Posted by Captain Alexander Cochrane (Commanding Officer) in Dead Man Cooking

Posted by Civilian Vorraye Anders (Diplomatic Attache) in Dead Man Cooking
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(Takes place after “Deja Vu… Dinner and a Chat” with Raye and Cochrane)
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Raye had headed back to her room after dinner with Cochrane. It had gone particularly well and she was glad they had done it. She changed and took a shower and was soon sitting on her couch relaxing. She hadn’t been settled in her room for more than an hour before she couldn’t resist it anymore. “I gotta know..” she whispered to herself and moved to her desk.

Five minutes later she was typing in an query as to who and what the cook calling himself ‘Harv’ was all about. He was far too close to the Captain to not be someone who had followed the CO around a while. She was a Diplomat… that meant curious.

(Curiosity killed the… ummmmm)

As she did a search of the name, the computer beeped and said =^= One entry matching that name. Harv, Char’les. Bajoran. Occupation: Chef. Born: Bajor. Died: Denev VI, star ship destruction. Details follow. =^= What came next read like something out of a holovid. Gangsters. Innocence lost. Revenge. Murder. And all of it surrounding a dead man named Harv. The picture on her view screen was not the same man; and a quick search did show the name, while not at all common, was not necessarily unique.


Raye frowned. Everything ‘fit’ what she knew of the man in the galley. That is, except the pic. That wasn’t the Harv she and the Manny knew as the Captain’s Chef. She made several more inquiries and all she got was more of the same. The man in the Mess was Harv in all ways but his looks. It made Raye extremely unease. If it hadn’t been so late, she would have sought out the Captain then and there. Instead, she transferred all the info she had to a personal and private file and turned off her console. “Lights to ten percent,” she called out. The lights dimmed to nearly off. It was about as much light as a couple candles would have tossed on the walls.

She turned in her chair and gazed out the window across the room and stared into space. The Harv on the Manhattan was entirely too close to the Captain. If he wasn’t who he had said he was, it was the Captain who needed to know. To be informed and safe.

Half an hour later, she sighed, killed the lights completely and went to bed. It troubled her a bit more than she had planned and her sleep was restless.

  • * The next morning she got a comm about the update on the young diplomat she had station oriented on the station a couple weeks prior. It was nearly lunch before she had a chance to seek the whereabouts of the Captain. She took off from her room, PaDD in hand with the files on it to show him.


The Captain was on the bridge, and when she arrived he was standing and speaking with a humanoid serpent-looking being on the main veiwer. “Chancellor, it was our pleasure to assist. On behalf of the Manhattan and her viewer., we were happy the brood-ship was unharmed by the nebula expansion and we were nearby to assist. Our best to your people.” and the serpent head bowed and the screen went blank. Cochrane turned to sit and saw Raye and said “Ms. Anders. Nice of you to stop by.” and he sat down and said “To what do we owe the pleasure today?”in a friendly manner.

Cochrane, CO

She remained silent just inside the lift, her hands clasped before her holding the PaDD. As the comm was completed, she stepped towards Cochrane and smiled. “I… I merely came to see how you were. And I have some information I thought you would like to see.” She remained smiling and cordial, bordering on professional, as she handed him the PaDD as if handing him a diplomatic pouch.


He nodded and waved her over and took the PaDD and began reading. Inside of two seconds he stopped reading and said “Actually, I was just about to have lunch. Let me peruse this in the Ready Room, shall we. Lieutenant Bar’x, you have the conn.” and a tall Vulxan stepped forward. “Aye, Captain.” Cochrane walked over and entered the Ready Room and went behind the desk and sat. He waited for the door to close and then looked at Raye. =^= Computer. Erase all search history pertaining to Char’les Harv from the main core and all backup files. Authorization Cochrane Gamma Phi Delta Seven Seven Eight Three.=^= and there was a pause and then a chirp. “Ms. Anders. Never dig, never ask, and never search for that name again. That’s an order. Do you understand me?” His face was stern and unflinching, and his voice brook no argument.

Cochrane, CO

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