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While Faye and Knots moved away, Kiama took her surroundings in once more. Trying to take in everything she could see, hear and smell, while also reaching out with her other senses. Not that she was really expecting to sense anything, but it would feel negligent to her not to try. After all, while something was wrong with the plants, it didn’t look like the cause for it was natural. And even though she hadn’t seen anyone else in the area, it never hurt to use all your senses.

~Lt.j.g. Naim, aCSO

The smell was the greatest difference. Rather than a earthy scent mixed with the grain field like scent that she picked up from the ‘good’ side, the affected area was simply .. nothing. When there was anything it held a faint compost like smell. The wind rustling in the affected area was like a fall field of corn - leaves scraping against one another but scraping, not brushing.
- Wookiee

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A deep frown appeared on her face as Kiama paid attention to her senses. For a couple of moments she just stood there, pondering what it could mean and why the crops were affected the way they were. She would have expected a circular spread. After putting her bag down in the door way of the glider, she extracted a couple of air sealed containers. She filled the first one with a soil sample from the surface in the affected area, the second one with surface soil from an unaffected area and labeled both accordingly. She also gathered plant samples from both areas. She then got a small folding shovel out of her bag and started to dig a hole in the affected area. As she dug, she paid close attention to the soil, trying to ensure that she wouldn’t miss any visible changes.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

The earth in the affected area was dry, though that could be a factor of the season than a part of the problem. Or not. The earth was lighter color than something that might be rich and loamy. At one point her shovel connected with something hard as it bit into the dirt in the hole .. probably a rock ..

As her shovel hit something solid, Kiama paused for a moment. Of course in all likelihood it was just a random rock as could be found in fields all across the galaxy. But it also could be something more. So she carefully continued to move earth aside till she could hopefully see what was down there. For an instant she was tempted to reach into the whole with her bare hand, but thought better of it and instead scanned the object with her tricorder.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

Digging around, what Kiama found was not so much a small stone but something larger. It was distinctly a shard of something, about 3cm thick, metallic, that was considerably corroded. All told the shard was perhaps 20cm long by half that in its longest width. Kiama had it the tip of it and had to dig deeper to reveal more of it. The tricorder reading showed it to be a composite metal, layered with the fibres of one layer woven. It was an advanced composite, similar to duranium though with different metal alloys.
- Wookiee

“Fascinating,” Kiama muttered under her breath as she continued to dig, making sure that the hole was slightly larger than the piece of metal. After putting both the tricorder and the shovel aside, she then reached into the whole after all. Moving her fingers along the edge of the piece of metal, she searched for the best place to try and get her fingers underneath and then pull the thing out of the hole.

~Lt.jg. Naim, aCSO

It was not a light hunk of metal. And had been there quite some time. The dirt around it did not yield up its prize easily, and only then grudgingly. When Kiama dragged it out of the hole she could see along the edges the different layering of the metal and, while the outside was pitted from age it was still intact. Kiama could also see at this time that it had a slight twist to it that did not look natural.
- Wookiee

Once she had pulled the piece of metal out of the ground, Kiama sat down cross-legged and closely inspected whatever it was that she was holding in her hands; especially the edges where she could see the different layering of metal and of course the slightly twisted part. She the placed it in her lap for a moment and reached for her tricorder. Once she had flipped the tricorder open, she picked up the piece of metal once more and ran the tricorder over it. She hoped to find out what it was made of and get a clue what it might be. At the same time she was looking for traces of radiation.

~Ensign Naim, Science

Materials were an advanced composite, though they were constructed of metal alloys that did correspond metals native to the Graven system.

There was a radiation signature on the metal. It was low grade radiation. Naim’s science knowledge would suggest it was more of something affected by radiation than a source of it. It suggested as well that the nature of the radiation was not unlike that of radiation released from a singularity. The ‘match’ that it was 81% closest to was that of a detonation from an early war bird.
- Wookiee

Faye nodded. “Well then, let’s find, shall we? But first…” She tapped her commbadge. =/\Calloway to Naim. Anything so far?=/\=

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist (cross-posted)

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