Post-Sim: A Request for an Audience in the CMO's Office

Posted July 3, 2020, 1:59 a.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che'lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) (Jamie Moore)

OOC: Okay, so I thought about how an encounter with the three medics could begin and I realised that this is an interaction that probably needs to happen sooner rather than later for Che’lak, so we can see where this goes and it might evolve into something else. For Shon to be present, maybe Jasmine summoned him to help address Che’lak’s concerns… or maybe he just shows up for another reason. Or whatever! :D

IC: A couple of nurses buzzed around the Manhattan’s sickbay, attending to minor injuries and check-ups for perfectly healthy officers. There must be some method whereby the ship’s internal scanners could perform these tiresome measurements on the crew as a whole as they rest in their quarters, Lieutenant Che’lak considered as she stood inertly against a nearby partition. The doctor had requested an audience with the CMO, specifying that she had certain concerns regarding her duties as she settled into life on the ship. Seventeen hundred hours was the time she had been given in response and, ever prompt, the physiologist had arrived fifteen minutes early. She had stationed herself outside the waiting room which connected sickbay to the staff offices, supposing she might as well make herself accessible in the meantime should a nurse require her more… sophisticated expertise.

As the hour approached, Che’lak gradually stepped into the waiting room and spent the final minutes of waiting better familiarising herself with the geography of the sickbay. A watchful eye monitored a nearby display until the time hit seventeen hundred hours exactly, at which point she lifted a hand to the door chime for Wynter’s office. Waiting a few seconds, she closed the final inch and sounded the alert.

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