Conference Room - CRIT... And So It Begins (Tag XO, ALL DH's, MANDATORY)

Posted July 3, 2020, 8:35 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade K'sang Duras (Chief Science Officer) (Dustin Smith)

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Cochrane reviewed the final approval and the last communication from Commander Mardusk. It was all in order and had the blessings of several Commanding Officers and higher up Brass. He grinned and activated the comms.

=^= Attention all Department Heads and Executive Officer. Mandatory meeting. Conference room. Thirty minutes. Cochrane out.=^= and he stood and left his office and made his way to the meeting.

Cochrane, CO

OOC: Do we count Rollo as a DH?

K’sang could be heard down the corridor on his way to the board room, “Hu’tegh, that was a bumpy ride. Spitting me out like baktag half way across the galaxy, wejpuH. NuqDaq ‘oH puchpa”e’? YlDoghQo’, you’re already here!” He continued to grumble, “Nuqneh, K’sang? A hot meal?” Abruptly K’sang stopped in his tracks to an audiable thunk as he walked head first into the doorway. Pausing for a moment he frantically started poking the access pad, “Lojmlt ylpoSmoH De’ wI? … I said open the..” The door slid open revealing a Klingon with an intense expression worthy of Gowron himself.
LTJG. K’sang (Oncoming CSO)

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