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Kaia nodded slightly. The offer to hug made Kaia smile, and she immediately stepped forward and wrapped her arms around Kiama’s neck, hugging her friend tightly. “I’ll always take a hug,” she said with a small giggle.

Kaia, Eng.

Kiama smiled and wrapped her arms around her friend as well, holding her close for till Kaia would let go. “I’m glad. I like hugs,” she replied with a soft laugh.

~Ensign Naim, Science

After holding the hug for a while, Kaia squirmed out of Kiama’s grip. “Okay, on to dinner?” She suggested with a small smile.

Kaia, Eng

“Sure,” Kiama replied with a smile as she stood up again and started walking. It wasn’t long till they arrived at their destination. As they crossed the threshold, she asked, “Where would you like to sit?”

~Ensign Naim, Science

Kaia looked around and spotted an empty table. “That one looks free,” the Engineer pointed with a small smile.

  • Kaia, Eng

“Perfect,” Kiama smiled and led the way towards the table. Once there she slipped gracefully onto the chair and because it was so deeply ingrained in her, she sat with her back perfectly straight and immediately crossed her legs at the ankle and angled in such a way that her feet were placed underneath and and slightly to the right of her chair. Picking up the menu and skimming through it, she asked, “Any idea yet what you’ll have?”

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

Kaia jumped up onto the chair and sat back on her haunches for a moment. It was a little too low for her, so she just stood up and leaned against the table slightly. “I’m feeling a little adventurous. I’m going to get some fried chicken, with a bit of that hot stuff Wynter mentioned. I don’t have spices usually, but it’s worth a try, right?”

“I’m not a big fan of spicy food, but it’s definitely worth a try, I’d say. If you never try new things, you might miss out on a lot of things you may actually like,” Kiama mused.

Kaia got off her chair and went over to one specific replicator. “Fried chicken with hot sauce. Dietary restriction, Kaia 13.” The replicator beeped, and the food was created. Then, something interesting happened. The tray upon which the replicator created its contents extended out of the recessed area, then lowered down on a system of rails to where Kaia could reach it. She took the plate off, then returned to Kiama with a small grin on her face. “I had it customized.”

Kaia, Eng.

“That is really neat,” Kiama smiled and then rose gracefully to her feet as well. Walking over to one of the replicators, she ordered a large salad with baby spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers, crumbled goat cheese, corn, some chicken breast and a vinaigrette. She also ordered a piece of garlic bread and a bit of rhubarb juice mixed with sparkling water. Taking the try from the replicator, she headed straight back to the table and slid back onto her chair. “I hope you’ll like your spicy fried chicken,” she said with a smile.

~Ensign Naim, Scientist

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