Lieutenant Calloway is Summoned to Sickbay

Posted July 4, 2020, 3:51 p.m. by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che'lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) (Jamie Moore)

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Posted by Lieutenant Junior Grade Che’lak (Medical Officer / Non-Native Physiology Specialist) in Lieutenant Calloway is Summoned to Sickbay

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Che’lak had barely sat herself down at her work station in the back corner of sickbay, having finally cleared her list of duties and able to return to her research (her real work as she viewed it), when a notification buzzed across her computer terminal. She breathed in deeply in response to being informed that a crew member’s physical was long overdue and that they had failed to volunteer themself to the medical staff. The lieutenant pivoted her head, scanning for any subordinate doctors or nurses in hopes of offloading the task. Unfortunately for the physiologist, the only staff in sickbay were all otherwise occupied, so the task of chasing down the rogue patient fell to her. A few taps later, the computer provided her with the patient’s file and the knowledge that they were currently off duty. She allowed herself a few moments of respite to collect her thoughts before gently pressing her combadge and ringing out flatly but clearly. =^=Sickbay to Lieutenant Calloway. Your regular physical is outstanding.=^= She was conscious that she was addressing an officer of higher rank, even if that was of relatively low concern for Che’lek, doubly so as she was a doctor. She chose her words carefully nonetheless. =^=Could you please report to sickbay post-haste?=^=

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

From her little hideaway in Computer Science Lab 2, Faye frowned. Was she overdue? Probably. Despite being treated after the incident in the jefferies tube, she hadn’t actually had a check-up in awhile and her meds always needed assessment. With a sigh she tapped her commbadge. =/\=Acknowledged. I’ll be there in ten minutes.=/\= Post-haste was different than ten minutes, but she didn’t want to leave this one process running without monitoring and a physical wasn’t exactly as urgent as the doctor was making it out to be.

Twelve minutes later, Calloway strode into Sickbay and looked about for someone expecting her.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

As urgent as Che’lak’s summons had sounded, she was surprised by the promptness of the lieutenant’s arrival. Rising from her workstation, where she had been studying Faye’s file, and pacing over to meet Calloway, she greeted her… warmly? “Lieutenant Calloway, you have my gratitude for your promptness. I have important research I am keen to progress with and I am sure you have activities you value as well. I suggest we… how do you say? ‘Get this over and done with’, so we may both move on with our evenings.”

“Sounds like a plan,” Faye said simply, rather relieved that Che’lak valued efficiency. She, as a scientist, could greatly appreciate that point, not to mention less small talk.

The doctor gestured to a nearby biobed. “Please make yourself comfortable.” Che’lak briefly strayed in the opposite direction as she collected a tricorder, before finally arriving at the bedside.

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

“Sickbays are supposed to be comfortable?” Faye said with mock surprise as she hopped up onto the biobed. “Huh, that’s a new one.” Ahhh, sarcasm- so comfortable and familiar.

~Faye Calloway, Data Specialist

Che’lak tipped her head in acknowledgement of the retort and began configuring the tricorder. “So I am told. I knew full well that I was leaving ‘comfort’ behind when I came into the field. I do not know why we spend so much time thinking about it in this department.” The doctor looked Faye in the eyes. “I have always found psychology, especially that of non-Vulcans… distastefully incomprehensible.”

The tricorder began seeking a patient. “If you would please recline, it allows this device to work more rapidly. Before I go any further, is there anything you should announce that is not noted in your medical record? Any recent issues or oddities you may have experienced or expose to alien environments, for example.”

Lt. J.G. Che’lak - Medical

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